Operation Homeland Holds Kate Steinle Rally In Washington, DC

Eli Mosley and about 25 people including Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Matthew Heimbach held a protest outside the White House over the Kate Steinle verdict.

The backstory here:

Why it matters: Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater of the TWP were at this event. The internal tumult within IE has spawned Operation Homeland. This was a bold move which was announced on short notice. It was high energy, looked good, got the message out and was more interesting than the previous flash demonstrations since Charlottesville. The inclusion of Heimbach and Hovater suggests the public infighting is subsiding and this is the beginning of a new direction for the Alt-Right. Notably, this was the first public rally for the Alt-Right since Unite the Right.

Perhaps the result of Tim Heaphy’s independent investigation has changed the negative atmosphere on the Alt-Right. These lawsuits are probably going to go away now.

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  1. I understand the outrage of this on one level and I suppose that it’s a good thing that some normies got at least a low dose red pill out of this, but if the record of Steinle family utterances is examined it indicates that the whole lot of them were really quite on board with the whole open borders, diversity and “immigrant rights” crowd.

    So I’m perplexed by all of this hoopla.

  2. ANOTHER “rally.” ANOTHER “protest.” ANOTHER “march.” Still no BRAND or BRAND IDENTITY. 10 years from now nothing will have changed. You all might as well order a kosher pizza and watch sports. Until someone starts THE CONFEDERATE PARTY … it’s ALL just a bunch of BS.

  3. Today, I rewatched “The Second Civil War.” It’s an H.B.O. film that was made in 1997. The Governor of Idaho decides to close the border to prevent a planeload of Pakistani refugee children from taking up residence in the State. In many ways, this film captures the paradoxes and inconsistencies, and the divisions and conflicts, that currently define the Country, and it pokes at all of the sore spots. It’s a little crude, but there are several scenarios that are very unsettling and present distinct possibilities. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of copies floating around, but if you can find one, I think it is worth watching.

  4. This verdict has pissed off a lot of people all across the right wing spectrum. The message: Our overlords don’t care if 3rd world invaders are “legal” or “illegal”. Whites are expendable because Diversity will go on and keep on chasing you down.

  5. Ms. Steinle was only one of literally tens of thousands of innocent White Americans who are assaulted, raped, robbed and murdered every year by greasy brown illegal alien scum. Hopefully as the power of the conventional jewsmedia begins to weaken the White man will wake up from his electronic trance and recover his BALLS.

  6. >The inclusion of Heimbach and Hovater suggests the public infighting is subsiding
    There never really was any infighting, just a few personalities taking umbrage that an apparent majority of the Alt Right is not ready to give up on the idea of a white *America*. Once those few people see past their stung vanity it is obvious there is no inherent infighting as to goals.

  7. Here’s the problem they’re always going to have: talking about European this and that and National Socialist Workers Party will never sell. They will remain a small, fringe group. It is in fact LARPing because it’s living in a fantasy world that will never work in reality.

    Southern nationalism is the only thing that will work in America because we already have a cultural and historical basis.

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