Fences & Bridges: Love in Dystopia

It’s tough out there. Relationships between men and women in the modern US are more strained than they’ve ever been, and men and women alike are more miserable than ever.

The relatively healthy societal courtship norms that were once in effect in the West disintegrated long before most of us were born. Many of us are several generations removed from any semblance of a healthy marriage in our family. We have experienced our parents’ divorce(s) and a revolving-door procession of their significant others coming and going throughout our lives. Many of us have had to muddle through becoming adult men or women without the regular presence of our same-sex parent.

We have grown up inundated with images of degeneracy and promiscuity that have been normalized by the (((entertainment))) industry, and endured educational (((propaganda))) intended to undermine the expectations of roles and sexuality for men and women.

As a result of all these influences and experiences, men and women view one another with hostility and suspicion, rather than admiration and affection.

Basically, with regards to romantic relationships in modern United States, it’s as if a tornado has torn through the place. The survivors are wandering around shell-shocked and disoriented, looking at the wreckage with no idea how to begin cleaning it up.

We’ve floundered around the mating game, sometimes with abysmal results. We’ve indulged in the temptations of degeneracy and suffered the consequences. We’ve tried to find true love, only to find ourselves as, alternately, the perpetrators and victims of disappointments and betrayals in our relationships. We’ve become bitter and cynical. We’re carrying emotional baggage into every new encounter with a potential romantic partner. Some of us have decided to give up entirely.

Over time, many of us have come to understand that the increase in degeneracy and breakdown of traditional norms are the root cause of all this damage and its resultant misery.

There is certainly no easy way to bridge the painful divide between men and women that exists today. I think that one thing that can help is realizing societal decay is something that *happened* to us all, and is not completely due to the failures of the people of one gender or the other. This enmity has been sown by design.

I think that those of us who want to restore traditionalism need to approach the opposite sex with a large degree of patience and understanding.

Understand that many women have absorbed the lie that that the traditional roles of wife and mother are degrading and oppressive, rather than a critical pillar of a flourishing civilization. I think it may be helpful to encourage women to understand that they will be cherished, appreciated, and probably much happier fulfilling these vital roles. (It’s certainly a more persuasive approach than “know your place, woman!” which I’m seeing quite a bit of lately. Just saying.)

Understand that men have been constantly and mercilessly blamed not only for their real faults, but a bevy of imagined ones, as well as for their successes. For women, I think simply showing a little bit of respect and sincere appreciation to our blame-weary men can go a long way towards heartening and motivating them.

I’d like to offer a white pill, if I may. The drive to mate and procreate is our strongest natural urge. Despite the pathologies that exist at a societal level, on a primal level, we all want the same thing, and nature is on our side.

We’re all in this together. Don’t give up. We can do it, fam.


  1. I don’t think you could have said it any better. You nailed it. We are suffering from a fifty year plunge into the cesspool of 60s free-love, I’m Okay You’re Okay, if-it-feels-good-do-it bullshit where the values and mores of our parents and grand parents were questioned then discarded and replaced with absolutely NOTHING!

    Bravo! Well said!

  2. Because you’re women, Denise. “The weaker vessel.” With all that that implies.

    What is needed are two things: repentance, and submission. This is the foundational ‘Grund,’ to use a German philosophical term- of all healthy heterosexual relationships- in, and outside of Christendom.

    My parents, and grandparents remained married for their entire lives. My wife and I have remained married, as long as God has given us life. Both I, my wife, and now, our children will hope to continue that covenantal fidelity, God willing.

    But the foundational element of that fidelity, lay in the fact that I mandated that before I married my wife, we would insert the phrase, ‘and obey’ on her part, in our marriage service. It has saved our marriage. More than once.

    The reason for the recurrence, (or the resurrection) of male headship in the wake of Moslem incursions, is that God-as ‘the father from whom all fatherhood is known,’ mandates this hierarchical differentiation. Without it, you have chaos. End of story.

    As much as women find Andrew Anglin vulgar and “beyond the pale,” his analysis of female psychology in ‘the present day,’ is actually quite biblical in many respects. Not all, but many.

    And it is only as we return to those “gender roles,” that we will have normalcy again. And happy, fulfilled, submissive wives and daughters. And a resurrection of culture such as we have not seen, in over 350 years.

    • I meant Whites as a whole, you moron. White men have literally been LOSING to kikes for CENTURIES. So who is weak?

      Anglin is a mystery meat fucktard with loads of psychological issues. He can only get WHORES. Hookers. Prostitutes. He can’t attract of keep any sort of a non-paid woman.

      So craw up his anal tract, idiot.

      • If white men have been losing to The Kikes for centuries, white women were losing to them too. One is only as good as the other.

  3. Great article, Emily! I’m a Gen-X’er and the message I got was “anything goes”. .. Predictably, disastrous.

  4. All fallout from the “sexual revolution” of the’60’s. Wonder no more why our families are in shambles and Boomers are selfish assholes, indifferent to the fate of our race.

  5. My experience as a Gen Xer, has been to see perfectly normal, gainfully employed young men rejected as “ugly,” by young women who were hostile and rejectful as a matter of course. Adding insult to injury, these same young women got “married,” or more precisely, enslaved, to criminal degenerates, unemployable wastrels, or Niggers. All of whom actually were “ugly.” None of whom were capable of being husbands and fathers.

    As a consequence, we have large numbers of single men, who’ve never known the touch and love of a woman. And who are bitter and resentful towards women. Pornography, sexual crimes and degeneracy are rampant in society, too. For the same reasons.

    Feminism© is the root cause of it all.

    • since the page is blocked by wiki,

      search: “List of Jewish Feminists”

      click on same, view results.
      still waiting for equivalent list of “Not Jewish Feminists” …because

      there weren’t any. So-called “feminism” is simply another aspect of the Jews’ war on White family formation and reproduction. Along with: abortion, porn, and faggotry.

  6. These are honestly (((MGTOW))) tactics. Men are leaving their movement to go Alt-Right and they feel the sting. They have been threatened by the Alt-Right for quite some time. This is them lashing out, and yes, we have traitors among us that actually ENJOY the current state of affairs between white men and white women because it gives them something to complain about and someone to blame other than themselves and their ancestors for letting the Jews into our societies to begin with.

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