The Hard Right, Women, Traditionalism

Editor’s Note: In light of the Trad Thots War, I decided that now would be a good time to articulate our position on the women issue, and contrast it with the debate that is playing out online. I think there is more of a consensus in our ranks and that this is less of a problem.

This is our position on women:

Rejection of Equality. We hold this truth to be self-evident, that men and women are not equal, and that there are important biological differences between the sexes. Gender is rooted in our biology. It isn’t an individual choice. We believe in a social order that affirms natural inequality.

Different, But Complementary. We don’t believe that women are “inferior” to men, but that the sexes are different and complementary. It is natural for men and women to live together in harmony. Therefore, we reject false doctrines like feminism and MGTOW.

Traditional Gender Roles. We reject the division of genders that is promoted by the modern West. We support traditional gender roles, with each gender having equally important and respected roles within our society. Inevitably, these roles vary across history though.

This is where we are now:

Liberalism. We don’t live in a traditional society anymore in the modern West. Christianity used to be the basis of our culture in the West, but since the Enlightenment it has been discarded in favor of liberalism. The American Revolution and French Revolution transformed the family and traditional gender roles and the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s destroyed both of them.

Some examples of the horrors unleashed by modern liberalism and the Sexual Revolution in this sphere that I have written about include Ashley Judd’s Unhinged Women’s March Speech, Michael Sonmore, Cuckolded Feminist, Lena Dunham’s Sensual Pantsuit, Lena Dunham’s Halloween Costume, Lena Dunham Celebrates White Genocide, Pussy Riot’s “Straight Outta Vagina” and VICE on MGTOWs. There isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t provide a new example of the toll this has taken on our culture. This radical break with tradition has led to extraordinary levels of unhappiness.

This is where we want to go:

Traditionalism. Basically, we want to discard liberalism and return to a more traditional social order. In order do that, we have created a political movement to bring about change. We cherish women as our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. We want to include women and encourage them to find husbands and start families and reconnect with their traditional roles. These include work, the religious life of the family, maintaining their households and educating children.

Of these four activities, the religious life of the family and educating children have remained pretty much the same, but the work that women perform and how they maintain their households has changed over the centuries. Women don’t have to make clothes for their families anymore. They have stoves, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and countless other time saving devices. They don’t work in the fields or tend to gardens and livestock anymore. Many of the tasks that women used to traditionally perform are obsolete. Keeping women locked up in the household while the children were at school and husbands were at the workplace proved untenable as well. It simply gave them the free time to consume all the poison pumped out by the mainstream media.

There isn’t much of a debate about this in our camp:

Women in the Hard-Right. Generally speaking, the men in the Hard Right are older, more religious and more likely to be married and have children. It seems that families are more common. I have drawn attention to this contrast between Southern Nationalism and White Nationalism before. The Alt-Right has some of the same issues as White Nationalism, but the problem with women is arguably even worse. The only time this comes up in our circles is over the shield maidens issue. As these events have become more violent due to Antifa, women have begun to stay behind in support roles.

This is the current debate:

Women in the Alt-Right. What should be done about women with large social media platforms? Is it #TradLife? The answer is that the internet and social media are revolutionary technological developments. The printing press was one example. The introduction of television and film were another. This technology is here to stay and if Twitter and YouTube can be used to promote #TradLife then so much the better. In the 1930s, Leni Riefenstahl used film to promote the Third Reich.

Young women have lost touch with their traditional roles and could conceivably use these new platforms to get around the Jewish media and learn how to become better wives and mothers. That’s certainly better than what goes on elsewhere on apps like Tinder or the garbage that so many women are watching on television or reading in Cosmopolitan and those who are complaining about it have lost perspective. I keep coming back to how the Third Reich used film and photography.

The big question that has driven feminism and the transformation of sex and gender roles since the late 20th century is how women liberated by technology from menial tasks and unwanted pregnancies should spend their time. In most of these cases (Tara McCarthy, Faith Goldy), there is nothing really problematic about what they are doing. They are doing journalism or hosting talk shows which aren’t really sexual in nature and are often very popular, useful and informative. In Lauren Southern’s case, you could make a plausible argument that she is profiting off of thirsty beta orbiters who masturbate to her without promoting ethnonationalism or traditionalism to a mass audience.

The vast majority of our women aren’t e-celebs with social media platforms and Patreon accounts. Should they be driven out of the movement? I suppose you could argue that women shouldn’t be in politics, but we are a marginalized political movement at the present moment. Where would our men have the chance to meet our women EXCEPT at our own events? It’s not like they are going to meet them in church. The main thing we want to accomplish is for our men and women – who are already interacting on social media – to meet in real life, get married and start families.

I don’t think men or women should be exempt from criticism. We should promote traditionalism for both sexes, not just for one. The ideal should be married couples with large families. Virtually all the criticism of the Trad Thots (there is a problem there) is coming from men who fall short of that ideal as well. There is nothing traditional about MGTOW or sportbanging non-White women in foreign countries either. There is a large number of men in the Alt-Right who are having difficulty starting a family. More than anything else, their resentment of women is driving this online debate.

Final Thoughts

Years ago, I concluded that the Why Women Reject White Nationalism problem was due to it being a largely anonymous, online movement that appeals to a certain type of male. This is even more true of the Alt-Right. Both attract legions of men who spend too much of their time trolling online or in the gym. There aren’t many occasions to meet women with similar views in these spaces. The discussion of women turns toxic online and that further compounds the problem. This is unlikely to change until there is a much broader shift from the internet to IRL activities.

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  1. The problem that I see is that women aren’t able to fail at being women without something interjecting and shouting “MGTOW” or “misogynyist.” What I mean is that men are shamed for failing to abide by masculine norms (“soy boy,” “wimp,” “coward,” “loser) but women are not shamed for failing to abide by feminine norms, because society has basically left the role of women up to the individual woman.

    Women have to be able to fail at something. So what is the role of women in a traditional society? How can men enforce that role without “attacking” women and inciting a storm of beta orbiters?

    • Good point and it’s amazing how many fail to see this glaring bias in their own assessments of the situation. Men get shamed a lot, they get “harassed” all the time. We have tons of different names we call men such as “cuck” “faggot” “incel” “soy boy” ect… We get debates all the time about what “real men” are and how men should behave in order to be considered “men.” All of this but no one ever ask the stupid question “Why is there so much misandry in the alt right?”

      This is why people hate this “white-knighting” because it’s obviously one-sided bullshit. Look, if women want to be online leaders then they are going to have to deal with all the banter the way men do and quit this “poor me” victim-mentality bullshit because there’s no way around it. If you take front and center people are going to attack you. Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. It’s simply unavoidable and no amount of white knighting is going to make it go away.

  2. Some pundit lampooned pro-white with a catchy phrase, ‘agrarian fantasists.’

    Fantasize away, but don’t pretend that constantly looking back (to what was a contrived fantasy to begin with) isn’t the province of degeneracy.

    My dears, women ALWAYS WORKED. Except for the rich, that is.

    You can join the present (post-industrialized society) and forge a future, or you can live in the pretend jew-created escape-scape of ‘hearth and home’ and ‘rapture’ yourselves into genocide and supplication.

    Watching the aryans make asses of themselves has to be Diversity’s best show in town.

    Sometimes, women actually get on top. And men even like it.


    p.s. I’m not a lewd person by nature but you dipshits so ask for it.

    • But you have shown that you are irreligious, and therefore, like Lady Macbeth, wishing to be “unsexed.” Your comment clearly shows this.

      I have presumed that most of the women who comment on this board, at least acknowledge the reality of male headship. But clearly, you find Christianity, and her doctrine of submission of women, to be revolting.

      Which then means…you’re not our ally. Because no traditional movement will ever succeed, until men bend the knee, and women cover their heads. [Phil. 2:10, I Cor. 11:4ff.]

      If you want to restoration of the Patriarchy, you have to have the whole enchilada, baby.

      • Part of new world orders plan to weaken us was to take off gold standard and desegregate which meant the women had to get out and compete with men for jobs and had to have 2 income homes.

        A strong gold backed Confederate dollar in the new CSA along with 6 occupations women will be forbidden to do, will solve 80 + % of the problem : NO “women” – Representatives, Judges, Prosecutors, Police or in charge of men in military or prisons. Boom ! Solved.

        And OF COURSE get rid of ALL politically correct movies, shows and books.

  3. You all know the impotent-right wants all women barefoot and in the kitchen. Don’t try to put up a front not to gain appeal… just like y’all trying to recruit on college campus (knowing most of y’all didn’t even graduate high school, and try to construe college as “liberal hogwash” because you’re just jealous because you can’t get into one)

    • You forgot pregnant. You want women to be stressed out barennesses in cubicles wearing pinchy shoes.
      When women manage, they are good at treating people like children. So in their own home with their own children they – and the children will be very happy and unstressed.

    • “EL Spico” isn’t aware 90 % of us graduated from HS and more than 1/2 have college + self education. It’s the spic women barefoot and pregnant with the 7th beaner in the litter while uneducated Jose cuts our lawn. Every darkie wants to BE white and migrate to where whites are. Now get back over the fence and sell your oranges on the corner. Leave political banter to the superior race.

  4. If you want to find a decent woman, start hanging around your local military base. Females in the service tend to be more conservative and traditional, and by necessity they take good care of their bodies.

    • Aha-ha-ha-HAA! You’ve brought tears to my eyes from laffing so hard. Please be careful, some people might think you’re actually serious

    • MANY of the women in military though … are brainwashed that niggers are cool. They grew up with TV and hip hop. “IF” you can correct them … yes. If not, no.

      • That is a problem with women just about everywhere these days, not just the military. I’m just saying, you can help your odds a bit.

    • How you etiologize patriarchy in the celts and germanics is beyond me.

      It came from and though the Romans and Jews, if there’s even much of a difference.

  5. I don’t mean this out of disrespect to women-I love the women that are awake….

    We, men of change, need to largely ignore women now. Once we accomplish our goals women will follow. The women that don’t follow are doomed to perdition. Women do not justify our cause or Daniel would have needed a woman in the lion’s den with him.

  6. It’s been my experience that a lot of married men with kids want to get the hell away from their families and spend their money getting drunk in titty bars.

  7. Hunter posted ONE article I wrote, years ago, about men and women regarding the CHRONIC issue “Why aren’t women in the Pro White Movement”?

    I simply suggested that White men make themselves attractive to White women, instead of relentlessly blaming, trashing, and insulting women. Oh he HOWLS of outrage!

    I agree with everything that Hunter’s written. The bottom line I that if White Men don’t make babies with White women – than there will be no more White people.

    Men are supposed to leaders. So fellas – it’s up to you.

    FYI – insulting people drives them away. Other Races USE women to draw people in. The Mestizos, Negroes, and Jews don’t drive women, and men, for that matter, away, by insulting their looks or age. They take all comers, who are willing to help their causes.

    Do White men in the “non-movement” do this?

    We all know the answer to that.

    I haven’t wasted my time on Anglin’s site for ages. I’ve been too busy, anyways, but in addition to the insults and raw hatred of women that pouted out of Anglin’s World – he used to post pics of “ideal” females. Trashy women wearing, essentially, porn gear, including Jewesses dressed up as “NAZIS”. Trashing THOTS whilst slavering over THOTS. Yup. That makes sense, and makes us look totally sane. Yup.

    I just get really, really SICK of the pervasive STUPIDITY.

    It’s really STUPID to insult your target demo.
    It’s really STUPID to insult your target demo.
    It’s really STUPID to insult your target demo.

    What does is take for alleged White “activists” to grasp this very simple point, when 80 point IQ Negroes understand this?

    Half the time, these days, I think Whites deserve to be exterminated. We have no sense of racial solidarity, or even a sense of basic, primal self-preservation. And White men have been LOSING TO THE JEW for literally centuries. For their shiny trinkets. Why can’t we create and manage our own money? White Royalty began selling out White people for Jew trinkets centuries ago……


    • This movement insults women just for being female. Forget based on anything specific. Then it just builds from there. Andrew Anglin recently claimed that most women are uglier than most men, which I found hilarious. I literally couldn’t stop giggling at what a satire he is. A functionally psychotic midget ‘WN’ heroine-addicted yoda calling women ugly. I’m giggling again just remembering.

      But it isn’t funny, is it. “Half the time, these days, I think Whites deserve to be exterminated. We have no sense of racial solidarity, or even a sense of basic, primal self-preservation.”

      Couldn’t have said it better.

      • I cant believe any-one has anything to do with Anglin. The Mystery Meat Midget is TOXIC. I know he’s a drunk/druggie with enormous issues around woman. Apparently his mother left his abusive father, after years of cheating and abuse, and of course – Anglin hates HER, and blames all women for his mother’s departure. He’s mentally deranged, and the booze and drugs are exacerbating his degraded state. He’s still being cited, though, as some type of brilliant genius. He cannot attract a non-prostitute woman, and sustain any type of a relationship. At all. Yet he’s cited as an “expert” on women. Moronic males in the “movement” still trot him out. He recently guested on a Right Stuff podcast. I am not behind the paywall – but I wouldn’t listen anyways. If the males really wanted to help him – they’d drop him until he sought help for himself. He’s not innately stupid. He had a great thing going, for awhile. But his own mental illness overcame him. Tragic. But more importantly – STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID. Really, really STOOOOOPID.

        If he wrote that, about females being uglier than males – well his latent homosexuality is beginning to surface, isn’t it? I wonder how long it will be before he starts wearing long haired wigs, gets his penis chopped off, in Bangkok, and starts calling himself “Angie”?

      • Anglin is a degenerate. Anyone with any objective sense of decency understands that. He’s also a liar and consorts with other liars. His version of Alt Right is just one big anti-social shitshow. It may be good for a laugh now and then but it’s completely untenable and I’m sure he knows that which just adds to the dysfunction.

        I’m for patrolling all “THOTS” and degenerates alike, no exceptions. So if we’re going to call out people for their past like LaurenS, and it is well-deserved, then let’s call out everyone who is or was a race-mixing degenerate. This would include Spencer, Cantwell, Anglin and many other popular male figures in this thing we call a movement. Cantwell recently on a Live from Seg episode admitted he used to date a LOT of dark women which likely included niggers and/or part-niggers. He has also openly advocated for miscegenating with non-white women as a weapon of war. Not one peep from the anti-female big mouths. So we see that yes, in most of these cases, these people do in fact hate women and do not really care about the sin itself.

    • I just watched a disturbing BBC documentary about the brutal mistreatment of ethnic Germans in post WWII eastern Europe. It was really difficult to believe White people could be so cruel to each other, even to small children, just because they spoke German and not Czech. Or had a German surname instead of a Polish or Lithuanian one. It makes me wonder if Europe is even worth saving.

      • Adolf Hitler stated that we must fight to live. Instead of joining together, and fighting our enemies, in order to preserve our very EXIATENCE – we’ve spent centuries fighting and killing each other. Other races have done the same, but now, in the Global world of mass transit – other Races stick together to advance their own interests.

        We don’t. As a Race. A teeny tiny handful of Whites have been trying to sound the Extermination Alarm – but most Whites don’t care. Most Whites would rather Virtue (Evil ) Signal, about Not Being a Racist, or still spend a fortune on Niggerball, than act to survive.

        So we stagger and stumble into oblivion. Self inflicted suicide.

        I have the flu right now. I am not in my best mood. Do you recall the blonde beauty queen, Eve Carson? She was lovely. I think she attended UNC. She couldn’t do enough for niggers. She loved the campus niggers! She was so “good”! She was kidnapped, tortured, robbed. and murdered by 2 niggers. I often wonder about her last moments. Was she still trying to convince the savages, right before they shot her in the face, that she “wasn’t a racist”?

        I wonder…..

      • Having lived a large part of my life in europe I would have to say it is not worth saving. There are individual europeans worth saving but they will probably have to leave and attempt to return. European women are even worse than american women and need to be left to the muslims. Americans are alone here. The Polish and Hungarian “movements” are childish and will either be allowed to continue as window dressing or be crushed. By creating a foundation in the remains of the USA I believe that only post-americans can reverse this. Russia is controlled by a (((Central Bank))) and Putin was their guy that turned on them (like Tyler in the 19th Century USA). At most they would recognize a new USA and possibly keep the Chinese at bay but the are not coming to the rescue.

    • The term ‘non-movement’ is absolutely correct.

      The castrated eunuchs, effeminate non-doers, and scared little girly men who comprise this non-movement will never accomplish ANYTHING. Next year, five years from now, ten years from now, the simpering Brad Griffin will still be quivering over ‘optics’ and the ‘women problem’ and accomplishing nothing, as is his wont.

      Gertrud Scholtz-Klink (look her up) said “a woman, if she understands her mission rightly, will say to a man, ‘you preserve our people from danger and I shall give you children’”.

      NONE of the men on this board have done ANYTHING to preserve their women or their people from danger. We need more Thomas Mairs and less effeminate YouTube talkers shilling for their crypto-kike Sparkle Hitler Richie Spencer.

  8. I have lots of practical advice in this area:

    1) Live you life like a rugby player.

    The rugby player life is that of a male fraternity – your “mates” friends are what it’s all about. Women, females aren’t part of the fraternity and they are really a danger to break up the fellowship by pussy whipping a guy or marrying him and domesticated him – the last option is sad but good for our people/culture in the long run because it means children.

    But in this fraternity/rugby player life you’re not allowed to be “friends” with any woman/female – you’re not allowed to go to lunch with some woman/female and listen to her “feelings”, listen to her needs etc.

    Girls and women are allowed and encouraged to “party” with the rugby team, party with the guys. But everything should be a guy thing – good white sports, hockey, rugby and boxing MMA. She’s not allowed to get any of the rugby guys/mates to go see chic movies and discussion of feminist, lib politics or just politics isn’t allowed. Women/females aren’t allowed to talk about politics even nationalist politics.

    Church, kitchen, children (it sounds better in German)

    2) Take up a modern form of partner dancing – get good at Salsa dancing and you’ll never have problems getting dates, getting women. It’s physical and the best thing, little or no talking.

    My advice in all this is never to be alone with a woman unless it’s one on one sex. Sex isn’t a group activity.

    Now this might sound sexist and it is, but it isn’t women bashing – always be a gentleman but in a rough and tough sort of rugby way. Women like these type of men.

    Women are not reasonable animals. Don’t try to use logic and reason with women – it’s a waste of time. Occasionally very rarely there will be some woman like Ann Coulter who is intelligent and has good politics and seems to be on our side. She’s still a female/woman and can be a mean bitch as she was to me.

    Never hit a lady. But lots of females/women aren’t ladies – Ann Coulter certainly wasn’t.

    In such instances the best things to do is to give the woman a good bare ass spanking – this usually livens up the party.

    Have some fun out there.

    • Yes, lots of fun for the non-white men dreaming of dropping their dominant seed in every white female they meet.

      White men win by being better – white.

      You have failed in this projection of your sub-psychotic delusions onto white women. No self-respecting white men listen to such demented drivel.

      Diversity sure loves it though. They laugh all the way to the creamy-complexioned baby mama in the reality zone that is White Genocide.

      Run along, Jackieboi. The adults won’t miss you and your mommy-revenge fantasies.

  9. My only nit is with MGTOW. Finding a traditional mate to have a family with is not yet a real choice, but if the new-right could convince women and also return to the large number of good paying jobs. MGTOW exists because you either have to be a natural alpha or become a pick-up-artist to access the majority of women, and that is just to hook up, not start a family. Then there’s man-fault frivorce, so even if you do everything right, the wife might decide she isn’t “emotionally fulfilled” and take everything.

    And yes, we can have a lot more white babies, but then they will be as feral as any inner city black. You need a two parent traditional home if you want the western civilization part. Actually any civilization – Asia has taboos about family that take the place of the Christian church, and there are a billion Indians and a billion Chinese.

    I think the solution in general is not to cuck and White Knight for women, but simply state that the hard/alt/watever right believes in the traditional large family with women at home taking care of (and these days homeschooling) the children and letting the roomba do the Vacuuming and having prepared meals that take little effort to cook. So set up the offer – Suitors that will protect and provide, and you can be a traditional bride and mother.

    One caveat is that as far as I know, it still doesn’t work if there is a “conversion” – the woman has played around in college and first two years of career, and has a few STDs, and 50K in student loan debt and suddenly realizes she wants to follow the Mommy path. We need to get to these women earlier and inform them it is an either-or choice. Even worse is when they hit 30, the bioclock ticks louder, they get the baby-rabies and want marriage. Or worse, some think they can have children after 50!. It doesn’t work that way.

    I think of Phyllis Schafley if you want an active political Mommy. This was not uncommon with Victorian Ladies, but we’ve forgotten them. Family first, then get the degree and become civicly active.

  10. Very well put. I’ve always appreciated Hunter’s view on the woman issue.

    Really the only criterion on this point should be: is your approach to gender relations able to actually build families here and now? If not, you shouldn’t really be saying anything.

    • I agree.

      A lot of these guys who do the shitposting thing online are single, usually very young, and haven’t even experienced much of the world and the joys of becoming a father.

      Given enough time, many of the more adjustable ones grow out of their phase, settle down, and become more like the guys we have on the Hard Right.

  11. Hunter, by “gender” you mean sex. “Sex” refers to maleness and femaleness. “Gender” refers to feminine and masculine identities. The fundamental dogma of modern feminism is that males and females are exactly the same apart from the inescapable differences in anatomy; that “gender” (masculine/feminine) as opposed to sex (male/female) is an “artificial social construct.”

  12. Why Hunter continues to conflate Alt Light women with Alt Right women is curious. Tara is explicitly pro-white and Alt Right. Goldy and LaurenS are not. LaurenS is further distinct from Goldy in that we now know that LaurenS is both anti-white and has been with a nigger. She further was flippant and aggressive in response to her past miscegenation by calling her accusers autistic. LaurenS has been exposed as a manipulative cunt and anti-white Negrophile. She’s done.

    • Tara is part jewish and part indian. Copping a british accent doesn’t make you english.

      She’s controlled opposition, as repellent to most white women as Anglin. He’s just more obvious.

      • Tara has been very open about her ancestry. I’ve never known Tara to be a liar. I’m not a fan of liars.

        Tara is 1/8th Indian and 1/16th Jewish by her own admission. From what I know about her she is with a North Euro male and considering her activism I don’t see her minor admixture as a huge issue.

  13. If the three deranged man-haters who regularly ‘feature’ in your comments section are what you consider “traditional” women whom men should welcome into their midst, HW, then the movement is DOA. Might as well recruit a bunch of JAPS. Although, I’m betting at least 2 of the 3 are such.

  14. What “strong”/”alpha” male type of men blame all their problems on women?

    I mean not only deflect any personal responsibility but then set up clubs and groups and online forums (hilariously run by a half Jew half Arab rapist) to sit online all day and gossip/whine/yenta – about the women they supposedly are going their own way without?

    Oh yeah but they also do all male meet ups and sit around doing massage circles with each other (look it up).

    These dudes are an absolute shambles and a joke. Anytime before the modern degenerate day, they would be shunned and ostracized. Possible hung too for their faggotry.

  15. I read a bit about these ‘MGTOW’ and I, likewise many others here think they are pussifed simps who cannot handle a woman. Sure, women can be moody creatures, just like men.

    Its a good topic and Brad know what he is talking about.

    In the end, we could go on and on about the sad state of affair of the dating scene, overall the online dating scene since not so many people these days meet at the mall or pool, theathers whatever.

    Thanks to the feminists, a man approaching a woman in the street is nothing but a ‘creep’. What make it worse is the ”#Metoo witch hunt.

    When you think you have found ”the one”, hold on to her. Worthy women and especially in this secret ‘movement’ are hard to come accross,

    • It’s not just “moody,” sir. It’s called “raging SJW nutjobs who have been screwed by 250 men before they met you, and who are now incapable of forming an attachment in most cases, other than entering into the marriage contract — which gives the woman all the rights and the man rights to nothing, including children or sex — for the purpose of making off with the money you’ve accumulated and leaving you destitute while they go screw groids for fun. Added points if they actually have a kid and then haul it off with them — since they will inevitably be given custody — so that your flesh and blood can end up being tortured (literally in some cases) and possibly killed by one of her next 50 negroid ‘boyfriends.'”

      You’re absolutely naive if you think there is any way for a man to reliably “handle” a woman and turn one of these sluts into a good wife and mother, when the man has ZERO rights in the relationship and the woman has almost complete power over him.

      Marriage is now utterly one-sided. Can it work? Sure. But there’s no denying that it’s a vast risk and no amount of “alpha” is going to save your ass if she loses interest and sics Uncle Scam on you.

      • Ah, I am nowhere near naive or gullible. I am merely pointing out in the last paragraph that finding a relationship or marriage material woman is nearly impossible these days.

        So women are now ”free” and that’s good for the feminists, but in the end men are losing their motivation as a result after multiple failed relationships to eventually find one who isn’t on dope, unemployed or just a slut when not the all three.

  16. Men must step up to the plate. We must lead by example, not by blaming all our problems on liberals, immigration, feminists, or whatever else. My belief is that if we as men lead, then soon women will follow. There are some characteristic that I think are a sign of a real man.

    1. Taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions.

    2. Taking LEADERSHIP starting in our own homes.

    3. Being STRONG spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    4. Being COURAGEOUS, never backing down from what you truly believe.

    5. Having HONOR and INTEGRITY.

    6. Being HUMBLE lest your pride be your downfall.

    7. Being a GODLY man and having FAITH, serving God with everything you have.

    A man who exhibits these qualities is a REAL MAN indeed.

    Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord. – I Corinthians 15:58

    • @a southerner

      I agree with your sentiments (reference my above post), however it’s no too small a thing to overlook when talking about “liberals, immigration, feminists, or whatever else.” It’s REALLY hard for a man to step up when women statistically are outnumbering us. In a great democracy such as this women are controlling the shots of public opinion-and women are extremely deified in this culture. Nothing they can be against is wrong.

      I think the only course of action is to ignore these topics (….Hunter……). They serve as no benefit to moving us forward.

      I don’t know about y’all but women are not the reason I hold my beliefs. Shadrac, Meshac, and Abednego did not get thrown into a furnace for women.

      • @professional

        I understand what you mean, we shouldn’t cater to women just to make our cause appear more legitimate or for the sake of having women. I agree with you and I was trying to make a similar point in saying we need to do what has to be done and if the womenfolk follow, so much the better. I wasn’t trying to minimize the corrosive effects of liberalism, feminism, and immigration, but rather I was saying that far too often I hear men who are using those as an excuse for unrelated problems they have. For example the MGTOW guys who blame their lack of success with women on feminism when a lot of it has to do with the fact that many of them won’t take the effort to leave their parents basement and their video games to find a girl. Or the guys who blame the fact that they are jobless on immigration when there is still plenty of jobs available for honest hard working men, trust me I have friends who are in trade jobs like plumbing, HVAC, etc. and the say there is a shortage of honest hard working men. I think men need to stop making so many excuses, man up, and fight back. It may be really hard for men to step up to the plate under the current political and cultural climate, but that isn’t an excuse for not doing it. Any cause worth fighting is going to be tough, that is just the way it is.

        Although I don’t believe we should go out of our way to make our cause more palatable to women, we must not forget that women are an important part of our cause as they will be the bearers of our children and the future of the white race.

        • I concur and would add my trade is always looking for hardworking men but fewer and fewer can actually do it…

    • There’s a huge amount of implied literal ignorance floating around these circles in recent weeks, i.e. a fact certainly demonstrated by some of the responses to the Lauren Southern situation. Let me spell it out: we’re in a prison society in which our race is actively suppressed.

      Ergo, all these comments I keep reading which implore men to step up & somehow magically recapture our former glory ignore the very real fact we actually CANNOT, for simple logistical & arithmetic reasons (hello, jobs are outsourced, wages are crap & we’re competing with our own women & an imported immigrant invasion force for the remaining scraps).

      Welcome to our nightmare, i.e. women need to adapt to US, not make unrealistic demands which cannot be fulfilled considering our geopolitical quagmire.

      That is all.

      • @TheldMonster

        Sir, you are doing exactly what I talked about, namely bemoaning our fate without offering any real solution. It’s easy to say that our problems are with women and that they need to change but that isn’t going to fix the problem. The whole mess that we are in today started because men stopped taking responsibility and it will only start to get fixed when we once again turn to God and take up our responsibilities as men. I don’t know about the job market where you are at but where I live there is plenty of opportunity for a man who is willing to invest some time in learning a trade job. Plus trade jobs like plumbing, HVAC, electrician, etc are made up of 99% men so you won’t have to compete with women.
        I don’t want to sound cruel, but you need to get a back bone and step up to your responsibilities. If you are not stepping up than you are sitting on the sidelines while real men fill the gap.

        • We’re in this mess (at least I am) because the sixth army perished on the Volga river 75 years ago. That’s all. Why do you think we’re actually even fighting for an ethno-state of our own? Just for the color of the skin of our fellow citizens?

          No, because we need a country of our own before we can flourish as individuals & men again. It’s the eternal case of the “which came first? the chicken or the egg?” dilemma, i.e. under anti-white diktats & oppression, white men will be weakened perpetually until we’re dead.

          That’s a fact.

  17. Seriously guys we must try repealing the no fault divorce. It’s killing our brothers with high reparations to woman who basically stole the mans financial means that provided the home or other assets. Never mind the court order to be weekend dads that is obviously a strain on our children that develops into many phycologcal harmful backlashes. Without Dad and mom’s looking the other way to drugs and mudsharking whilst doing the same bringing in one night sexcapades It’s damaging to our most precious resource, our children

    Yes woman are the problem, and a very big one

  18. i am reading a book about the history of the British Union of Fascists from a former member. I was surprised how many women members Mosley had and his Council of Directors (If that is the right word) has several positions set aside just for women so they could have input and to win them back from the left. Remember Viking females had more rights than any other females in the world at the time and a Celtic princess led a revolt against the Roman Empire. A history of the war from Confederate accounts makes note about how fanatical the females were for the Southern cause.

  19. Thanks for describing the Alternative Right’s view on women. You pointed out that electronics and household appliances have made it possible for women to do chores in a shorter amount of time. What do you think is the ideal occupation for white women who have children? Should they go to college and then start careers after their kids are old enough to attend school? Or should they be stay at home moms despite the fact that running a household might not require eight hours of work? Do you think women should be allowed to choose their occupations? Some people argue that the whole idea of feminism is that women should be allowed to choose their occupations just like men are.

    I’d appreciate it if you would share your views.

    • He can’t or won’t, because he doesn’t have any.

      The question of ‘what do women do’ in an industrialized society has been hanging in the air for years now.

    • These MGTOW/MRA/??? guys are the ones who call for women to be beaten, illiterate, pregnant at 14, and in cages under WHITE SHARIA, but at the same time call for us to use American flags in order to appeal to normies.

      Now, you’re either looking at a bunch of immature kids, you’re seeing one of the greatest examples of cognitive dissonance in history, or you’re seeing something (((even more bizarre))).

      Also weird when you consider the fact that this same clique is responsible for literally every single dispute since Charlottesville.

  20. Jeeze, you men can’t even guard your own borders and keep your people safe, but you’ve written down how you want to socially engineer women.

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