President Trump Hosts White House Hanukkah Party

In light of President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it was a Happy Hanukkah for Jared Kushner and the Zionists who assembled at the White House this evening:

“WASHINGTON — The latkes were fried and the kosher lamb chops were prepared on Thursday, just as in past years, for the first White House Hanukkah party of the Trump era. But there was one prominent break with tradition: President Trump did not invite Democratic lawmakers. …

This year’s Hanukkah party was all the more joyous for attendees because it came the day after Mr. Trump delighted many Jews, particularly those politically allied with him, by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and recommitting himself to moving the American Embassy there.

“People are in a celebratory mood and just kvelling over this incredible, historic moment,” said Morton Klein, the president of the Zionist Organization of America, who planned to attend the reception as well as a “Hanukkah Nightcap” party afterward at the Trump International Hotel. That affair was hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, the organization funded by the casino magnate and Republican superdonor Sheldon Adelson, and America First Action, a political action committee staffed by Trump allies. …”

No one was happier this Hanukkah than Sheldon Adelson who will get the $80 million back he used to purchase the Trump administration’s foreign policy through his corporate tax cut and the increase in value of his investments. The Shabbos Goys who thought they were going to Make America Great Again have instead gotten AIPAC’s agenda in their stocking this Christmas.

Perhaps AIPAC and Bibi Netanyahu can manuever us into a ground war with Iran by Passover? In light of their achievements this past year, I doubt they are tired of winning.

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  1. They may as well declare Jerusalem the capital of the US while they’re at it– the imperial capital. The world knows it is.

  2. It’s really sad to see a US president grovel before these miserable scumbags and “enemies of the human race” (Tacitus), especially since they are the ones who hate him the most.

  3. You know, if it weren’t for jews there would hardly be any news at all. Wars, sex misbehavior, migrant crises, financial shenanigans, etc., etc.

    • Mestigoit, thanks for the profound comment. Seriously, your comment needs to be followed up with articles, memes, and folks passing this message through their social media accounts about this. Simple, yet powerful . . .

  4. In between campaign seasons the political issues field is dominated by what the Framers called “Interests. Corporations, businesses, and others active in this field.Deep in the woodpile are other interests. Organized Jewry, Freemasonry,and paid Globalists.Two parties core consituencies are composed of Interests, not National Political Party.

  5. Didn’t Washington warn of foreign entanglements except for looking out for the welfare of our “most cherished allies,” the jews?

    The first Hanukkah celebration in the White House was hosted by John Adams, no?

    Didn’t John Quincy Adams declare that the US does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy, except for those governments disliked by our greatest allies, the jews?

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