Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 061 – Recent Developments


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent cover a wide range of topics in this episode. First, there is a quick summation of the lasting trends from Trump’s first year. The conversation turns to events since the last podcast. These include Roy Moore, Gen. Flynn, Kate Steinle, the Supreme Court rulings on travel ban and sodomite wedding cakes, Trump’s “Civil Rights” observances, DHS appointment of Kirstjen Nielsen, tax reform, defunding the Palestinian Authority, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the White House Hanukkah party, the Charlottesville UTR reviews, Christopher Cantwell being granted bond as well recent changes in the Alt-Right, the Alt-Right controversy about the role of women in the movement.

Articles and Podcasts

Trump Trends

Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 060 – Trump: A Year Later
OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part I)
OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part II)
OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part III)
Trump Trends: Social Media Censorship
Trump Trends: Leftwing Political Violence
Trump Trends: Trump’s Conservative Agenda
Trump Trends: Alt-Right Alienation

Kate Steinle

No Justice for Kate Steinle
Kate Steinle’s Illegal Mexican Murderer Found Not Guilty By San Francisco Jury

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI


Kirstjen Nielsen Confirmed To Head Homeland Security
Cuckservatives: Ben Sasse Calls Out Jeff Flake
Republican Senate Passes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Jews Week

Jared Kushner Addresses 2017 Saban Forum
Republican House Votes To Defund Palestinian Authority
President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital
Whole World Condemns Jerusalem Move, Palestinians Call For Third Intifada

Supreme Court

Baby White Pill: Supreme Court Upholds President Trump’s Travel/Moslem Ban
Supreme Court hears same-sex marriage cake case


Christopher Cantwell Granted Bail
BOMBSHELL: Independent Review Finds Charlottesville Police Department Thwarted Unite the Right Rally
Governor’s Task Force Releases State Review of Unite the Right

PC Bullshit

President Trump Celebrates Rosa Parks In His Weekly Address
If Trump Goes, John Lewis Will Skip Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Opening

Alt-Right Divisions

Fences & Bridges: Love in Dystopia
The Hard Right, Women, Traditionalism
Operation Homeland Holds Kate Steinle Rally In Washington, DC
The Future of Identity Evropa
Operation Homeland Announcement
White supremacist group creates memorial for Kate Steinle
Identity Evropa Drops Banner In Atlanta, GA

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