Jesus Maybe Shouldn’t do the Second Coming this Week

Let’s hope Jesus doesn’t make his second coming this week – if he tries to preach the Christian gospel at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – in East Jerusalem he’ll get crucified again and American Christian Conservatives will deny he’s the Christ and blame Iran, Syria and the Russians.

Also, there’s lot’s of misinformation out there that Palestinian terrorists ( 5 year olds throwing rocks ) have done another holocaust with 6 Million innocent jews feared dead.

Oy Vey!


    • He was born in Bethlehem (aka City of David -in accordance with OT prophesy, a city in the Province of Judea) when Joseph and pregnant Mary had to return there for a mandatory census (legally one had to return to his ancestral home), then taken to Egypt as infant when Herod was killing all the male offspring. Returned as a child to Nazareth (a city in the Province of Galilee), the practical home of Joseph and Mary. Hence Jesus was referred to as a Nazarene and a Galilean, both terms of ridicule by the proud Pharisees of Jerusalem who looked down on people from this area.

    • The Jews of the 21st century are biologically no different than the Jews of the 1st century. All the latest DNA studies by Jewish and Gentile genetic researchers show no proof of a Khazar origin for Ashkenazim Jews. Their DNA, as well as the majority of other Jewish groups, is Semetic. The only real differance between the 1st and 21st century Jews is their religion. The modern, practising Jew follows the traditions of the elders, as codified in the Talmud. The devout Jews of the 1st century followed the Law of Moses, without the coruptions of the Phariseeical traditions. Many of them became Christians, when they realized the law pointed to Christ. The rest were blinded by the Mosaic veil. (II Cor 3:6-18)

      • Stephen E Dalton said: the devout jews of the first century…..

        I’d have to question your use of the word jews. Sure, those people followed the Mossaic law as did Jesus Christ. That didn’t make them “jews”. Obviously, if they followed Mossaic Law, they were, in fact, not jews. As we know, Jesus Christ fought against the “jews” of his time, which were the Pharisees. The religion of judaism is the religion of Babylonian Talmudism, practiced by the Pharisees, the forbearers of today’s jews, who Jesus vehemently opposed. The Pharisees were also, Edomites, termed “jews” in the Bible, BUT, only after 1776. The term “jew” was NEVER written in the Bible until 1776, so calling those who followed Mossaic law, “jews”, is not only inaccurate, but confusing, a confusion jews have used effectively to get over on the “judeo christians”.

          • Dalton is either mistaken, or a liar.

            search (((Eran Elhaik)))’s definitive gene study, “This Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry – Contrasting the Rhineland and Khazarian Hypotheses”

            download PDF, read and study.

            the sephardic-semitic, Roman-era diaspora Jews and Ashkenazic/Khazar Jews are two distinct gene-pools. And the Zionists are and have long been aware of this. That’s why, in 1948, a long essay on the Khazar origins of ashkenazic “European” Jewry was scrubbed from the Jewish Enclyclopedia.


        Your statement that Jews of this century are no different than Jews ancient Jews is totally wrong.

        And your assertion that this has been proven by genetics is absolutely false.

        Most light skinned “Jews” today are descendants of white Europeans (German Ashkenazi) who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages (90%). Some (10%) have middle eastern (semitic, shephardic) ancestry.

        This obvious fact is confirmed by genetics.


        “The Fallacy of Biological Judaism”, By Robert Pollack, on Jewish daily Forward.

        See the book: “The Myth of the Jewish race” by Alain Corcos.
        And: “The Myth of the Jewish race” by Patai and Patai.

        See: “Invention of the Jewish People”, by Dr. Shlomo Sand.

        In fact, Dr. Eran Elhaik, of Johns Hopkins, called some promoting the Jews as a middle eastern people hoax as liars and frauds. See:

        ‘Jews a Race’ Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert
        Israeli Scientist Challenges Hypothesis of Middle East Origins
        Forward, By Rita Rubin, Published May 07, 2013, issue of May 10, 2013.

        In fact, I last heard that Dr. Elhaik offered to pay a big reward to anybody who can prove him wrong. To this date, nobody has.

        You need to read these book first.

        • you’re also wrong.

          Elhaik’s genetically-proven point wasn’t only that the “European” Jews are a separate gene pool from the sephardic-semitic Jews; his essential point was that Harry Ostrer’s assertion that the Euro-Jews were “White” conversos was also false. And,

          when Elhaik challenged Ostrer to come up with hard data to prove his argument

          Ostrer ran and hid.

  1. Certainly, the “judeo-Christians” worship the jews and money rather than their religion’s creator and namesake.

    “Until recently, the pride of workmanship exceeded the quest for high incomes. However, we have been able to enslave society to our own power which is money, by causing them to seek after it. We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves they become our willing servants”. — Harold W. Rosenthal, Admin. Asst. to Senator Jacob Javitts, 1976

    • John, this letter you’re qouting from is a known hoax. Please do some fact checking of stuff you post to be sure of its authenticity.

      • @Stephen — A known hoax as claimed by whom? Those it exposes? Where should I fact check? Wikipedia or google? I really wouldn’t take the word of the world class liars and I don’t think any WN should. Maybe you shouldn’t take some of what the jews claim to heart. Obviously, the statement is true. Most Whites today will never let anything come above their greed or money grubbing. Maybe it’s not the jews they worship. Instead, the money and position jews told them to worship, and understanding the truth about jews just isn’t profitable.

  2. It’s good to see the term “Judeo-Christian” being generally used with negative connotation. This is the first step in bringing the Church back from it’s apostasy. The Judeo-Christian church is infected with rapture doctrine which nullifies the great commission in the first place.

    Actual Christians would be hostile to our current culture and political leadership, not subservient to it. These new devout Christians are learning from three areas of action: Alt-Right, Pagans and Muslims. These groups, while they don’t share much, have one thing in common; the ability to take action which is deemed culturally unacceptable.

    Yes, there is a new Christian coming, and he and his brethren will be more Medieval than modern.

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