The Nation: The Alt-Right Looks Left

This shouldn’t come as a surprise:

“On the way to Richard Spencer’s top-secret white-supremacist conference on November 19, a young African-American woman drove me in her Uber from Washington, DC, to the rolling hills of Maryland horse country. On the peaceful drive past large, beautiful estates, she told me how she’d had to work three jobs—as a DHL courier, Amazon-warehouse deliverywoman, and Uber driver—just to continue to live in ever-more-expensive DC, where she’d grown up. When we finally got to the winery that Spencer’s National Policy Institute had booked, Mike Enoch of the Daily Shoah podcast, who promulgated the slur “dindu nuffins” for African Americans, was holding forth on the horrors of “corporate neoliberalism.”

Then Eli Mosley of the campus group Identity Evropa, who calls Jews “oven-dodging…kikes,” took Enoch one further: “We need to be explicitly anti-capitalist. There’s no other way forward for our movement.” As 60 mostly young, male racists gathered around him, Mosley, whose real name is Elliott Kline, confidently predicted, “Twenty eighteen is going to be the year of leftists joining the white-nationalist movement!” …”

The Alt-Right began as a rejection of George W. Bush and mainstream conservatism. It is the reason why the Alt-Right was so eager to destroy the cuckservatives in the Republican primaries. It is why the Alt-Right supported Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Unlike his Republican rivals, Donald Trump rejected George W. Bush and mainstream conservatism. He was going to keep us out of stupid foreign wars, build the big, beautiful border wall, restore law and order and end the globalist free trade deals. He was going to break politically correct taboos. He wasn’t a Wall Street puppet and didn’t support conservative obsessions like entitlement reform.

Unfortunately, the Alt-Right didn’t get in 2017 what it thought it had bought in the 2016 presidential election. Ever since January, it has been nothing but the Paul Ryan agenda in Washington – healthcare, banking reform, deregulation, corporate tax cuts and soon entitlement reform – while we have preserved the status quo on immigration, trade and foreign policy. The only change in Washington has been that the True Cons agenda has moved forward on Capitol Hill.

The ultimate example of this was the Charlottesville resolution which was unanimously passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Trump. The Alt-Right has spent the entire year opposing the Syria strike, healthcare reform and tax reform while Antifa has been running wild and getting more violent in the streets than ever before. Far from things getting better for us under the Trump administration, we have also been targeted for defunding and deplatforming.

For what?

For Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell can pass a massive corporate tax cut. For a bunch of wealthy investors can get even richer as the stock market surges to new highs. For Sheldon Adelson can get the US to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. For the US Congress can pass sanctions on Russia. For we can pass a massive bloated $700 billion dollar defense bill to preserve the US Empire overseas. For Jose Antonio Vargas can attend and sit through the State of the Union Address. The Republicans aren’t using all the power they have been given to do shit to turn this around.

If Marco Rubio had been elected president of the United States, we would be doing all the same things right now. Many of the same people would be in power too. The only substantial difference is the tone of the Trump presidency expressed through the Twitter feed. Otherwise, we celebrate every politically correct month on the multicultural calendar and have the same foreign policy and trade policy. The big exception is that we are more emphatically pro-Israel and anti-Iran than a year ago.

As far as the Alt-Right is concerned, it has been quite a year for capitalism. We’ve been defunded by PayPal, Stripe, GoFundMe and Patreon. We’re already purged from Reddit and Facebook. We’re about to be purged from Google/YouTube and Twitter. We’ve been banned from AirBnb and Uber. We’ve been banned from Soundcloud and Spotify. Some of us have been banned from Amazon. Several websites have had their domain names have been seized. There doesn’t seem to be a private hotel or restaurant in the United States which won’t fold under the pressure of violent threats from Antifa. No one in the United States suffers more from employment discrimination than we do. In Trump’s America, we are now operating like an underground resistance movement in the Soviet Union.

In light of all this, why should we support the party of business and free-market capitalism? We vote for the Republicans in large numbers, but we don’t get political representation. Instead, these cucks simply use our votes to reward every other constituency, particularly the wealthy who are hostile to their agenda. Why vote for the party of Ben Sasse to cut Mark Zuckerberg’s taxes? A vote for the Democrats isn’t a vote to rebuild the middle class and abolish student loan debt. It is a vote for gay marriage and transgenderism. Similarly, a vote for the Republicans isn’t a vote for a big, beautiful wall or traditional values, but a vote for Wall Street deregulation, social safety net cuts and corporate tax cuts.

Lately, I have been looking at the counties in the Southern states that have the largest Hispanic populations. Over the past few years, the League of the South has been to a lot of these places like Vidalia, GA, Shelbyville, TN and Gainesville, GA. In Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina there is a striking pattern. In all of these states, it is primarily agribusiness that is driving changing racial and cultural demographics whether it is poultry processing in Northwest Arkansas and North Alabama or hog farming in North Carolina or strawberries, oranges, tomatoes and blueberries in Florida. More than anything else, it is the thirst by powerful corporations like Tyson Foods for cheap, pliant, low-wage labor that is drawing Hispanics to these areas.

By protesting the illegal aliens who are demographically transforming the area, we are addressing a symptom, not the cause which is deracinated corporate capitalism. It’s much the same way with the Confederate heritage issue. It was the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce which was determined to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the Statehouse grounds in Columbia after the Dylann Roof shooting. In Arkansas, Walmart pressured the Arkansas State Legislature to kill a religious liberty bill. Corporate America is simpatico with the SJW Left to the point that Apple and JP Morgan and FOX CEO James Murdoch donated millions to the SPLC and ADL after Charlottesville.

If there isn’t going to be a big, beautiful wall but only more of the Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda, why should young people who are burdened with student loan debt support the Republican Party which used their power under George W. Bush to pass bankruptcy reform for the big banks? Ryanism is Bushism on steroids and it is better in the long run not to be associated with that albatross.

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      • Jews steal names to allow them to blend in. Klein literally means small and for a german/swiss/dutch/flemish american it was possibly shortened from Kleinschmidt, which would have been a jeweler or possibly a watchmaker. Since jews were often JEWelers, this name would have been primo camo and highly desirable. From what I understand, Napoleon instituted last names as a formality of proper citizenship. You can’t easily change these in europe unless you are fleeing a country that is on to you and entering a new, more naive place like Poland. I suspect much name laundering was done in Poland.

    • Lots of jews ‘anglicize’ their surnames. Elliott is a very common jew name, I probably don’t have to tell you, and very uncommon in non-jews. In this kid’s generation, using irish first names was in vogue when their parents named them. They’re ‘white’ but not ‘anglo’ or New Testament.

      Kline is dutch and german. I’ve never met an irish person with that last name and I’ve lived in and around these ethnic groups.

      Patsy spelled it ‘Cline’ which could be irish.

        • So. You’re not exactly a Black Belt in Jewdar.

          We northeasterners are and most of us heartily disagree with your assessment of ‘who looks jewish’ when it comes to a well known person’s significant other.

          • Do you goofballs hear yourselves ? To listen to you, you’ld think if EVERY Jew died suddenly … the world would be a paradise !? Is that what you think ? 🙂 There’s a psychological name for wanting to simplify ones anger at what’s wrong in the world by directing all their hate onto one person, people or entity. Nevermind Christ was a Jew, and remember the verse : narrow is the way and few that find it. That means MOST people are in for a nasty surprise. I’m 90 + % sure that would include folks who talk about tossing people in ovens and gas chambers based only on their race. I’m just sayin …

            Regarding capitalism … it’s the ONLY system that works. Even the Pilgrims tried communism, ( see – Who is King In America. )

            What we need in THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA is capitalism with predatory proof laws in place. Until then … shop local, shop mom and pops, and grow your own organic. ( ) Need $$ to shop local ? Go to Youtube and enter : Realist News. Click on ‘videos’ to bring up all of them in order. Click on most recent about the expert who’s offering courses over this year about WHICH cryptos to buy, when and when to sell. Turn profits into silver dollars from

            The “Jew” thing’s getting old. Let’s hear about some towel heads, niggers, and spics for a change huh ? 🙂

    • Jews used a lot of common Germanic names in Europe, and brought them here with them starting with the massive pre-WWI wave of immigration.

      I had an experience with a Jew a couple of years ago, who was a finance guy for a car dealer that I had already bought a few new cars off of. The Jew told me he had been an Eagle Scout, and then tried to beat me out of a couple a couple of hundred bucks, and a fudge an interest rate on me. I walked out. The Jew managed to turn what had been an excellent relationship with a gentile car dealer sour.

      If I run across the car dealer, and we do cross paths, I’m hoping I can tell him about the Jew without going full Hitler on him.

  1. I was in the process of making a long post defending various parts of capitalism since I am rich and benefit from our capitalist system.

    But while there are specific points I could lawyer, Wallace is not wrong in general.

    I hope I am not forced to choose between my money and my country in the future, but I will fully understand why I would be forced to make that choice.

    • There is zero property protection now in the US. Not really your money. The give unto Caesar line from Jesus really rings true to me now. This is going to be like one of those sci fi time travel movies. To enter the future you will have to discard everything except maybe the clothes you are wearing before you can pass through.

  2. G. K. Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc agreed, 100 years ago. Again, I think it would behoove you to have a major discussion on the concept of Distributivism. Just sayin’.

  3. Capitalism is just economic communism. The people at the top drink your milkshake, they lobby so you can’t form a competitive business, and then they raise prices. If you want to get rich in this country just be a immoral raging communist with no humanity.

    As a side note it’s funny how you don’t see “tycoons” (as we know them) in American history until after the civil war.

    • The Gilded Age is when the railroads, steel, petroleum and international finance all really took off. Hence all the tycoons and unregulated capitalism in that era.

  4. If you are genuinely pro-White I don’t care from which end of the political spectrum you come. If our race goes all of the isms go with it.

  5. I would suggest that you name your preferred replacement. I see no other options on the horizon which would be any improvement to capitalism. If eqalitarianism plagues us now just wait til the alternative to capitalism arrives. I think what you see now is not capitalism at all but more a government controlled system almost in total. If you wish to eliminate anything consider discarding democracy or reshaping it at least. There is the source of your problems.
    Democracy relies on constant innovation, is a front operation for oligarchs to make them appear legit and it always destroys culture which ultimately ends up in a mess, like we find ourselves today. Democracy has failed we need to rethink it and find an alternative

  6. Capitalism and Communism are both class warfare, the former being the rich against the poor, the latter being the poor against the rich. We would benefit by being the advocates of class cooperation, I am okay with people earning wealth and becoming rich but it must be tempered with anti-monopoly policies, work and education programs for the less wealthy so they can better themselves, caps on income, etc.

  7. Well, if you mean dictatorship of the (((vanguard))), you can keep it.

    There is a huge distinction between market trading, which humans have always done and which is as natural as the sun coming up in the East, and this ideology called ‘capitalism.’

    ‘Capitalism’ can be brought to heel without Bolshie nonsense being involved:

    – end the culture of materialism and acquisition in society (currently, we assign status to atomized humans through their wealth, career and connections to power)
    – bring the managerial capitalists to heel (thinking aloud here, with laws compelling majority control by human beings, not funds, and laws controlling managerial compensation, for starters)
    – end foreign ownership of share capital
    – end fractional reserve banking
    – end degraded fiat currency and back currency with gold
    – ban all leveraged buyouts (which are merely theft of assets funded by fractional reserve banking buddies, ya, YKW)
    – [insert your ideas here]

    • – make it a serious crime for the super-wealthy to directly lobby government
      – deny the franchise to the super-wealthy (for those who talk about limiting the franchise to those with property, why not limit it to those who have a stake in the maintenance of social order and who do not have a bolt-hole in New Zealand, for instance?)

    • Getting rid of the corporation would be an immense step in the right direction. Make all businesses be sole proprietorships or partnerships. The idea that our economy should be owned by “invisible, unkillable, bodiless, immortal entities” — that is, a sort of legislatively-constructed demon — is obscene.

      The limits of human capability and mortality would put a limit on the power and influence of individual businesses. The huge companies are currently like states unto themselves, deciding the fate of nations more than the people living there. Cutting them back to more businesses on a slightly more human scale would eliminate a lot, if not most, of their tyrannical power.

      • Thing is, the corporation has to exist in some form in order to amass the capital required to build, for example, automobiles, jet airliners, ocean-going freighters, etc.

        However, in the post-WWII era, there has been no limit to the ascendancy of the corporation.

        There has not been, to my knowledge, a serious political discussion about reform of corporate structure, limitation on corporate rights, restrictions on actions by non-owning managers, and, most importantly, the need to subordinate the corporation to the needs of the society (i.e. actual living, breathing humans, and their posterity).

  8. True Cons agenda has moved forward on Capitol Hill.

    It always moves forward, whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power, and regardless of who the President is.


    This is a good article, and I agree with most points made here.

    Yes, the corporations are bad, as they import cheap 3rd world labor on H1 and other visas.

    But capitalism and free market, in principle, is an ancient system of trade whereby a farmer who grew corn or potatoes sold them in the market for a price and people came and bought it in the market from the one giving them the best deal.

    And it is fine. So let us not attack this basic principle.

    The problem is corporatism, whereby big corporations are able to bribe politicians and change laws in their favor, such as easy immigration, etc. and rig the system in their favor.

    Most universities import foreign students to pump up their enrollment and get more grants.

    Another problem is these companies often cannot find white workers, as whites stopped having kids.

    Whites are too busy dating and picking up women until they are past 30. A woman’s fertility peaks at 18-24 and then goes downhill from there.

    If you marry late (after 20-25), you will have difficulty having kids, specially sons. So you have will more daughters (subfertility). More girls in the family and in society are a problem. They tend to be liberals, and without enough men in the family to control them, they descend into whoredom and mudsharking.

  10. Why do Southerners think that job displacement is only affecting them? Here in Michigan corporations and owners are displacing entire work forces with Mexicans, Russians, and other immigrants and then saying they “can’t find Americans willing to do the work’.

    The problem isn’t immigrants; the problem is greed, no patriotism, contempt for workers, and contempt for our laws by the wealthy. Our fight isn’t with the working class; our fight is with the wealthy as it has always been throughout history.

    • So your fight is with the white man who spent his life working and doing without so he could save his money and one day be wealthy. You sound just like some ignorant nigger.

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