The Police Execution of Daniel Shaver

If you are under the impression that cops are your friends (the Alt-Right chanted Blue Lives Matter in Charlottesville), you probably haven’t heard of Daniel Shaver:

“After the officer involved was acquitted of second-degree murder charges, officials in Arizona publicly released graphic video showing Daniel Shaver crawling on his hands and knees and begging for his life in the moments before he was shot and killed by police in January 2016.

Shaver died in one of at least 963 fatal police shootings in 2016, according to a Washington Post database. And his death was one of an increasing number of such shootings to prompt criminal charges in the years since the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Mo. following the death of Michael Brown. Yet charges remain rare, and convictions even more so.

The shooting, by Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, then an officer with the Mesa Police Department, occurred after officers responded to a call about a man allegedly pointing a rifle out of a fifth-floor window at a La Quinta Inn. Inside the room, Shaver, 26, had been doing rum shots with a woman he had met earlier that day and showing off a pellet gun he used in his job in pest control. …”

This is worse than any of the Black Lives Matter cases.

Travyon Martin was beating George Zimmerman to death. Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and attacked Officer Darren Wilson. Walter Scott was running away from police. Daniel Shaver is on his hands and knees, complying with law enforcement, sobbing and begging for his life.

Note: The cop who shot and killed Walter Scott was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison. This was one acquitted by an Arizona jury.

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  1. You’ve literally got naked Negroes running around high on PCP smashing through fences, and the most you’ll see is some beta cop use mace.

    And yet we have a White working man gunned down like a rabid dog for trying to pull up his shorts to preserve some sort of dignity.

    The Blacks want to talk about police brutality?

    Sure – but only if it involves the Whites beaten, mistreated, and murdered at the same time.

    • Congoids do 70% of the violent crime in ‘Murka, but

      70% of those shot and killed by badged orcs are White. Why?

      Zionist Occupation Gubmint. Which is out to liquidate Whites, not ‘groids. Incidentally,

      many ‘Murkan PD’s have training tie-ins with Israhell. Then they come back here…and do this. So

      welcome to Palestine. You can, if you wish, send the murderer a Christmas card @

      Philip Brailsford
      POB 52875
      Mesa , AZ 85208-0144

  2. That scummy cop should’ve gotten life. They don’t even think that ‘hey … maybe some of those victims have family members that don’t forget !’ Notice not covered on fake news cause didn’t fit ‘template.’ of white cop shooting black or brown.

  3. The badge fags are TRAINED IN ISRAHELL to treat us (White folk) exactly like how the IDF treats the Palestinians. They see us as cattle. WAKE UP!

    Blue lives DON’T matter, FUCK the police, and I’m seriously considering moving out of this disgusting country.

    • Exactly Goy Goddess, Kikes are training police here to treat whites as less than human. The results are all too predictable.

    • Why leave your home, your civilization, GG? Your ancestors built it as an inheritance for you, and it’s now been invaded by orcs, goblins and devils. Why not stand and fight to the bitter glorious end? We need clear-headed bravehearts like you. And when the shit goes down and if you’re in Argentina, you know deep inside that you’ll wish you were back here partaking in the dispensing of lead pills to shitbags like this. 😉

  4. Poor kid was probably under some influence, denied being drunk but so what…

    Psychopath cop wanted to shoot him, it seems totally obvious listening to the build up. GG is right, they’re all on (((the payroll))). The boys in blue work for the jew.

    We’re on our own. Maybe some cops in the South might sympathize, but mostly, whites have to rely on The People and the elites’ need to retain legitimacy in their eyes. Where we still have some sympathies from the citizenry, the cops can’t be seen slaughtering us or even setting us up.

    How many spics were on that jury? Jews?

    I’ve been waiting for years for OD to publish true accounts of the lynching of white – ANGLO – women.

    I’m still waiting.

  5. “occurred after officers responded to a call about a man allegedly pointing a rifle out of a fifth-floor window at a La Quinta Inn. Inside the room,

    The Vegas incident the police even more antsy.Dough this cop acted stupid, the guy obeyed every command like a circus seal.Fatal of him dropping his arm approaching the nervous cop.

    • Psychopathy breeds paranoia. The cops are afraid a. people are as evil as they are and b. the average citizen might figure out what they’re up to and give them what they largely deserve.

    • wrong, U stupid fuck. The badged orcs made Shaver crawl around like a dog for 5 full minutes. Then

      they got bored

      and killed him. Just like

      the Jewcops do to Palestinians in Palestine.

        • There were severel cops in the hallway.The assumed more than two people were in the room gun blazing. Cops distance themselves from the entrance and order the women to walk on her knees and hands up.the cop was thiking with his balls,watched too many Hollywood crap film Robocop,Shaver broke down under pressure.Its discocerting..It could happen to any one of us.

          • I don’t agree with your assessment, barney. But Haxo has a bad habit of screaming/swearing at whoever even when it’s not justified. Sometimes he doesn’t even seem to read the comment he’s responding to.

          • This is why I do NOT “support the Jew Troops”, and shed no salt tears when a nigger guns down a badge fag. Hunter- you banned Chris for his “How to Talk to a Cop” post. You owe him and apology.

          • I watched this a couple of times, couldn’t watch more. That guy didn’t do anything. He just lost his balance is all I could see. The cop gave him conflicting instructions,”Don’t put your hands down” then,”crawl towards me”. You can’t do both at the same time.

    • “Fatal of him dropping his arm”? The kid was DRUNK. He had a .29 blood alcohol level. Those fucking idiot pigs could probably smell the alcohol misting from his pores. Philip “Bitch” Brailsford the Murder Pig played a sadistic game of “Death Twister” to justify murdering that kid.

  6. From wikipedia’s entry on Shaver, about the psycho cop: “In early March 2016, Brailsford was charged with second-degree murder in relation to the incident.[4] Later that month, the Mesa police department, citing several policy violations that included the words “YOU’RE FUCKED” engraved into his rifle dust cover[5] and unsatisfactory performance, fired Brailsford.[6][7][8] Brailsford pleaded not guilty.[9]”

    Like I said, it was obvious this homicidal maniac aka cop wanted to shoot Shaver. (((They))) look for maladjusted, socio and psychopathic (and dumb) individuals to hire as their enforcers.

    • Well, he did lose his job, and he won’t be able to get a job anywhere in the USA as a cop. I think that’s punishment enough.

      As far as I know, as a rule, cops in the USA are ex-military, with an honorable discharge. Also, he did get thru the police academy. Also, from the sound of the cop’s voice, he’s not an AA hire.

      The vid shows that that shooting was unjustified. Certainly the guy on the carpet was complying overall and was not a substantial threat.

      • “He did lose his job” and “he won’t be able to get a job anywhere in the US as a cop”?! And “That’s punishment enough”?! Really?! Is that supposed to be sarcasm (in poor taste), or are you actually that stupid? That maniac is a menace to society, in whatever capacity he exists. RETRIBUTION is in order, not a slap on the wrist.

    • Unfuckingbelievable. Blatant absolute cold-blooded MURDER. That fucking psycho intentionally MURDERED that kid. Once a SUSPECT is face down on the ground and cooperating, as these two “suspects” obviously were, YOU CUFF THEM. This fucking PIG is an operative of the ((((shadow government))). If there are any good cops in that God forsaken state, that motherfucker will meet the very same fate at their hands. God’s Will be done, and real justice be served.

      • I was thinking that…if this guy had a partner at all, he would have cuffed the woman immediately then moved onto Shaver. There must have been at least one other cop because the woman went behind the one aiming the gun.

        Premeditated murder.

    • Uh, the WOP has called for the genocide of the anglo people. Very specifically and explicitly.

      All while he memorialized another guinea convicted of sexually enslaving a minor, who admitted to raping one as well.


      • Maybe you should take your own advice, considering how valued your contributions to these threads seems to be.

        • By whom, exactly? Sandniggers?

          Maybe you just missed the guinea’s declaration of intent. Pay closer attention next time…if you are in fact white.

          • North africans aren’t europeans. Italy’s borders are closer to North Africa than to Europe.
            Jews are not europeans; even the mountains bordering northern Italy didn’t protect whatever europeans were there from them.

            How many men have served and/or died in the american military in your family in the past 50 years? 100? 200?

            Don’t tell me what I can fucking say in my own people’s country.

      • Onceler – I agree with General Sherman. Chris’s 110% accurate assessment of the Jew-owned badge fags is one of the MOST astute and important things EVER written. And as far as Chris “calling for the genocide of Anglos” – he simply pointed out that the Limeys have been THE WILLING slaves of the Kikes for hundreds of years. The Anglos in America do the same. Think of the millions of Evangelitards, slavering over the kike demons of IzzyHell. The Heebs are offing the Limeys as fast as they can, too. The Anglo Eunuchs don’t do a BLOOSY thing to stop their own children being raped and pimped by the sand nigger bio weapons imported by the Kikes. Noe one THING. They simply complain. Not one White father or mother has KILLED one single paki – which is what should be HAPPENNG. They are eloi, patiently waiting to be EATEN. This is WEAKNESS. No wonder every-one has nothing but contempt for the bovine Anglos.

        • The grease ball actually changed the wording of his ‘exterminate the anglo people’ rant. Well I guess I of all people shouldn’t be surprised. Now it’s just ‘poetic justice’ to watch them be genocided. Before there was a definite ‘I’ as the subject and some version of ‘like’ or ‘want’ them to be killed.

          Greasy, greasy, greasy. It takes a lot of balls to call for that. It takes a cowardly italian to change the wording once called out.

          Last, he rants against the english as if it were actually englishmen ruling England. Most of the upper class is and has been since at least the turn of the last century significant part jewish. Jews comprised most of the officers of the British Navy who colonized the Third World, etc.

          It was the romans who forced the jews into England to begin with.

          Time to serve some serious eviction papers.

          • Onceler – when? When are the kikes gonna be booted? The answer – they AREN”T. They’ve destroyed the English, with the full complicity of the English. George V allowed his family members to be murdered because Court Jews told him that giving the Romanovs refuge would be “un-popular”. Victoria allowed Jews to take over the Government. British troops attacked China when the Chinese Government moves to stop the Jew’s drug business. Cromwell let ’em back in. The English, and Europeans in general, had centuries to kill ’em off. It’s NEVER happened. The whole women-hating thing in White Nationalism is a bitter joke – because White men have FAILED, for literally centuries, to kill off this CANCER.

            What – a million White children have been raped, beaten, abused, pimped, and even killed by the sand nigger bio-weapons imported by the kikes, and not ONE has been attacked or killed by a White man. Not ONE.

            The Slavs are the only ones beating the sand niggers back at all. Stop raving over Anglos. Anglos are done.

  7. A lot of cops shouldn’t be cops, but, the alternative might be a career saying, do you want fries with that?

  8. The threat level they used was completely unnecessary. It looked like SWAT confronting a terrorist cell. You don’t treat every citizen like they’re terrorists making bombs and ready to draw on you. That is really absurd training. The cop was obviously gung-ho with “You’re Fucked” inscribed on his AR-15. People like that belong in the military and in wars, not serving and protecting citizens.

    The guy was begging for his life and clearly not a threat, but they gunned him down for failing to abide by every detail of his muddled commands.

    On top of that the followup media and statements by the police act like the cop is the victim. This one is so obviously wrong on so many levels it’s disgusting.

  9. Then one real eyes the fact that the killer and the screamer are different sociopaths, Krappanigga never made hay from this “police brutality” in the two years since Exhibit Pig, plus a complete media whiteout until now that this scum pig was set free and one has the makings of a bonafide global conspiracy.

  10. But sheeeeeit… This could be a false flag and this is “our” default assumption in the land of radically autonomous pedophile pigs, politicians, entertainers and assthletes.

    • II agree where is blood and the other guest in this section of the hotel?? Stuck in their rooms while an AR is unloading 5-7 rounds?? If they were called out of their rooms wouldn’t this story have leaked sooner?? Does the body react to being shot from such close range??

      • This is repayment to the nfl for pledging 89mil to SOROS funded charities, hoping to bring back boycotting fans??

  11. I dont blame the jurors….the nasty judge who decided not to allow the whole truth. Judges likes this and pedo-protectors need a home visit. From some good ol boys who know how to hand out JUSTICE.

    • Yes I agree 100 percent Judge is/was compromised bad but I have to say if all of whom saw the video feel it was an execution how could or did the jurors form this not guilty verdict… and where and why has not one interveiw of at least one juror been conducted”” I mean its over where are you??!It was bad enough to see zimmerman TraVons killer walk free” also add TrayVons dad spoke too soon saying it was not his son screaming it wasn’T his voice defense used that big league!! The list here goes on,, but he was white and it got NO/NONE””like absolutely no”media coverage”We can go on and on,, What do we do ?? We know its such blatant injustice,,,,, Also the white woman that got shot in PJs by the cop he was Somali”” Forever I will see a young white boy scared begging for his life Given orders like a very harden crimminal would not even a worse crazy person would only get tazed or jumped but that was Brutal”””I so crave justice in a very bad way and thats not good!!!

  12. Daniel Shaver was an exterminator who enjoyed shooting critters with his pellet gun. Suddenly, a Terminator showed up and did the same thing to him. It’s a Twilight Zone world.

  13. It’s not okay to be White. A Somalian cop shot and killed an unarmed White woman some months back. Heard anything about it lately? No one cares. Symptomatic of our dispossession and slated for extinction status.

  14. This cop was going to kill this guy no matter what. He was giving orders not to live and just had to do himself.

  15. If I was that poor slob on the floor I would have just stayed there and not listened to any further orders that fucking pig gave me until backup arrived. The victim’s family should sue the pig, the city and the PD for $100 million in a wrongful death suit.

    So, all you conservative, flag-waving law and order pricks….you still think Blue Lives Matter? Well, YOUR lives don’t matter to them.

  16. To all those who recognize the obvious – that the cop was looking for an excuse to murder the white man (while rushing the woman of color to safety) – does this influence your opinion about these psy ops? Six zionists (five of whom are confirmed jews) own the media. The cops are trained in Israel or by Israeli-trained superiors to kill whitey.

    The media and LE are absolutely in cahoots against us, to grab all of whitey’s guns and collapse whatever remains of our constitutional rights.

    Wake up!

  17. Hands up, get on your knees, cross your legs, crawl to me, I SAID HANDS UP, whats the second derivative of acceleration?, velocity?, NO IT’S DISTANCE MOTHER FUCKER. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG Karma is going to be a bitch for this piece of shit. I hope his wife and kids at least get millions from the city like the ferals do.

    • It is easy to get down on your knees, interlace your hands over your head, cross your legs and so on. It’s not what you have to do, it’s when you have to do it that makes it hard, when you’re being yelled at and in danger of getting shot by police. These things need to be practiced. No police encounter classes were ever offered at my high school. This should be part of physical education. No police officer ever volunteered his time to come by my high school to teach us what to do. Did this “Mitch” guy ever volunteer his time to give us instruction so we can practice on the gym floor while he screams orders at us? He did not.

  18. I hope that the power-tripping, rotten s.o.b. cop (and all like him) reap what they’ve sewn a thousandfold one of these days. Bastard was just ITCHING to blow one of these White people away, didn’t matter which. Daniel just happened to be an easy mark because he was drunker than the girl. Utterly sickening. This is what ZOG reduces a county’s police to. Traitorous pigs.

  19. I wonder how much graft this parasite sadist was getting from the illegal trafficking of beaners and drugs, etc. across the border. Whitey represents a threat to that income and power as he is the main challenge to it.

  20. The problem is that most white Americans will never vote to convict police officer, no matter what. An officer could rape a baby on video and most white Americans would vote to acquit. This is the bootlicker problem. It’s equally bad among whites all over the country.

    As already noted, the best way to deal with pigs like this is to lay motionless, spread eagle, face down and ignore orders to move. That way, they can’t use a movement of yours as an excuse to kill you. Simply wait until they move in to cuff you, no matter what orders they shout or how long it takes. Remain completely motionless. This kind of passive non-compliance is well known among blacks.

  21. Too many cops are veterans who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan, not fighting the Wehrmacht toe-to-toe, but policing a hostile occupied populace. Thus the ongoing militarization of the US police (armor, weapons, armored cars, etc.) and their view of the people as Iraqis. Niggers have a point here (see footage of military-style policing at Baton Rouge), but the alternative for them is private lynch mobs keeping them in line.

  22. Professor James Tracy of FAU has lost his civil suit against his former employer, Florida Atlantic University. A jury barely took past lunch to hand down their decision, in spite of the fact that Tracy’s lawyers had an email in which administrators admitted to looking for excuses to fire him because they didn’t like how he exercised his 1st Amendment right on his personal blog. Being associated with ‘Holocaust Deniers’ didn’t help.

    The Bill of Rights is dead. The juries are probably cherry picked under the aegis of jewish judges (Tracy’s judge is jewish), a brainwashing jew-owned media and fear of a corporate blacklist.

  23. Tracy was exposing the government hand behind these ‘mass-shootings.’ ZOG’s key weapon is yielding results in the form of ‘Extreme Risk Protection Orders:’

    Note the problems cited by an NRA activist: “This bill allows for a protective order to remove your Second Amendment rights, not because of a criminal conviction, but based on third-party allegations using an evidentiary standard that falls far below what’s normally required for the removing of fundamental rights.”

    Pharma-owned NJ already takes people’s most basic liberty away using these absurd thresholds, so it’s not one of the three states already enacting ERPO laws (and it took away the 2nd Amendment right back in the 1980’s). Virginia’s state psych-imprisonment laws are worse than NJ’s, although the apparatus is not quite there yet, nor the tax dollars to fund it.


    “An Extreme Risk Protection Order (EPRO) is a gun control law that permits police or family members, with a judge’s permission, to take firearms from people who may present a danger to others or themselves. The firearm owner may not reacquire the firearm(s) unless they can show that there is no risk in their possession of them.[1]

    As of November 2017, California, Connecticut, Oregon, and Washington have this law. Prompted by a number of mass shootings, 32 ERPO bills are now being considered in the legislatures of 19 states as well as Washington, D.C.[2]

    In opposition to EPROs, the National Rifle Association said in a statement that the ERPO “strips the accused of their Second Amendment rights [and] would be issued by a judge based on the brief statement of the petitioner.”[2]

    These same cops can take away whitey’s gun or kill him just for thinking he had the right to one. Or for being drunk and silly. And ANGLO. Four states passed EPRO laws in November.

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