U.S. Deportations Down In 2017

This is interesting:

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government deported fewer illegal immigrants in 2017 than it did last year, even as it arrested far more people suspected of being in the United States illegally, according to Department of Homeland Security statistics released on Tuesday.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed approximately 226,000 people from the country in the 2017 fiscal year, which ended on Sept. 30, down 6 percent from the previous year. The 2017 deportations were lower than at any time during the Obama administration, according to previous DHS statistics.

But ICE officers arrested far more suspected illegal immigrants in the months after President Donald Trump took office than in the same period last year. Between Jan. 20 and Sept. 30, the agency arrested nearly 111,000 people, a 42 percent increase over the prior year. …

Another reason for fewer deportations was that although immigration arrests are up, a burgeoning backlog in U.S. immigration courts has slowed the removal of immigrants who claim they will be harmed if they are deported to their home countries.”

Here are the key findings:

Border apprehensions are down 23.7%.
Immigration arrests are up 42%.
ICE deportations are down 6% and lower than any year of the Obama administration.

The big picture is that fewer people are crossing the Mexican border than at any point since 1971. There was a sharp decline in border crossings from 2005 to 2010 and illegal entries have stagnated since then. Even without the border wall, long term trends are at work here like the decline in Mexico’s birthrate and the improvement of the Mexican economy. The unemployment rate in Mexico is 3.3% which is one reason why there are significantly fewer Mexicans coming across the border.

Why has there been a drop in deportations though under the Trump administration? It is because deportations are being tied up in the immigration courts by liberal activists.

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  1. yeah, maybe it is liberal activists tying up things in court….but why are they being allowed to tie it up? Why is this sort of activism seen as a good thing?

    One of the motive forces in play here is that people want to be seen as Good People. Most people are like that. They want to be Good. A good person.
    But who or what shapes the cultural ideal of The Good Person?

    I say that those at the top shape the cultural ideal of The Good Person…

    and what forces motivate those at the top? Money. A secure future for their descendants.

    The fact is that Big Money likes having more worker-consumers in america…that props up the economy…and that desire of Big Money trickles down into the culture…Big Money thinks that getting more people into america and keeping them here is a Good Thing.

    And that motive force is a big driver in creating the secondary forces that shape cultural ideals, such as what it means to be a Good Person.
    Over decades, the motive force of Big Money creates these ideals, and then in turn, the Little People try to follow these ideals. And as a result you have these gov’t workers and other people taking actions and behaving in ways that tend to make themselves out to be Good People. Living up to that ideal. But those ideals are shaped over decades and shaped by the dominant forces in this social ecosystem–global corporations and plutocrats. These are the ranchers of humans who always want more human livestock on this ranch called America.

  2. Particularly in the 9th Circut, there is some very confused case law on what cases are deportation as ICE defines it. Because of that, I’m not sure how much reliance to place on those statistics.

    There was some progress being made by the Department of Labor against employers deliberately not verifying that their workers were in fact not illegal. However, that seems to have gone away, even before the current administration tried to put in a pro-Amnesty plutocrat.

  3. Without a muslim ban and massive deportation starting with felony muslims and their families admitted since 1965 I don’t think any of this really matters.

    • I have been saying that for two years. DNA doesn’t lie (well actually it can, this stuff is weirder than you think) but the person interpreting it certainly can. The fact that every single DNA testing company is owned by the same (((tribe))) should make you suspicious right away. They are also dropping native american results for Europeans which would also appear intentional as it would screw up affirmative action scams.

  4. “Why has there been a drop in deportations though under the Trump administration? It is because deportations are being tied up in the immigration courts by liberal activists.”

    Or is it because this administration isn’t counting border turn-backs as deportations?????

  5. Have outsourced American manufacturers been largely responsible for the low Mexican unemployment rate? 3.3% sounds awfully low for a 3rd world country.

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