Transsexuals Can Enlist In US Military Beginning January 1

This Obama administration policy will go into effect after all:

“The Pentagon announced today that transgender troops will be allowed to enlist in the United States military beginning on January 1, though with a strict set of medical and mental health guidelines, per the AP. That comes despite President Trump’s attempt to ban all transgender individuals from serving in the armed forces, which has been struck down twice by federal courts. …”

Jarvanka had been blindsided by the news. We counted this one as a Trump white pill over the summer. As always, the federal courts stepped in to prove the futility of trying reform the system. This is going to happen because the Trump administration is unlikely to win the legal battle over it.

Note: Meanwhile, Russia wins wars. Crushes ISIS. No transsexuals in the military.

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  1. The US military was basically destroyed by the Vietnam War. Could you imagine Patton, Nimitz or Pershing putting up with fairies, trannies, little girls and cholos under their command?

    • They all served the Talmud although maybe Patton was on to it. We have a ceremonial Presidency. I don’t know what else you could call it.

  2. Degradation of the armed forces by using them as petri dishes for social experimentation; this will be a major contributor to the pending institutional death of the Body Politic of the United States.

  3. Let’s not romanticize Putin’s Russia too much.

    In Putin’s Russia, no visa whatsoever is required for Central Asians to move anywhere at all in the Russian Federation. The St. Petersburg subway bomber this year was an Uzbek immigrant.

    This is actually a step backwards>/i> from Soviet times, as in the USSR internal migration was tightly controlled. Meanwhile actual ethnic Russians from the Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic States must apply for immigrant visas!

    Putin also allows for autonomous ethnic republics funded by the federal treasury where local ethnic Russians are more or less ethnically cleansed. Chechnya is the most famous case, but there around a dozen of these.

    Article 282 of the Russian penal code prohibits “hate speech”, and this law is enforced (though unlike in Western Europe they also enforce it against Mohammedans).

    Russia recently started censoring nationalist websites, and it routinely refuses to register nationalist parties and candidates for elections.

    The country is even introducing legislation now which is intended to increase the number of female parliamentarians and company directors.

    Putin and his United Russia Party can be compared to our Republican party in that they pretend to be patriotic but all the while sell out the country.

    Even Navalny, who is considered a liberal, is arguably better than Putin. Navalny at least wants to introduce immigration controls on Central Asians, though he is terrible on some other issues (e.g. he wants to abandon the Crimea).

    The war Russia won is in the Middle East–not on its actual borders. Russia saved Assad, while it provides its co-ethnics in the Donets Basin just enough assistance to survive.

    The Visegrad countries are much better models for us, though they have their own problems (corruption in Hungary, atheism in the Czech Republic, etc.).

      • The tranny thing has not spread to Russia, nor did sodomite marriage.

        Russia is to be commended for that.

        None the less too many on our side have a tendency to see Russia as a nationalist, traditionalist power. This view is false. Russia has its own form of multiculturalism, its own forms of censorship, and its own oligarchy (arguably worse than our oligarchy since they literally just stole their way to wealth).

        They even have their own version of PC. The newspeak word “Rossiyane” was created to mean a civic Russian as opposed to an ethnic Russia (the word for that is “Russkiy”). Putin will occasionally signal about the need to protect ethnic Russians abroad (“Russkiy Mir” – Russian world) but in practice does little for them.

        If present trends continue Russians, just like us, face the risk of becoming minorities in their own country. It’s not as bad yet for them since mass non-white immigration has only been a problem for the past 15 years, so even Moscow is still 90% white. Russia also doesn’t offer gibsmedats to immigrants–they need to get jobs.

  4. Then these perverts need to be in the front lines as cannon fodder. No other use, no other destiny, no other reality.

  5. Our ancestors who built this country are rolling in their graves right now at this level of degeneracy. When family values and morals are brushed aside this is the result. Fifty years ago trannies would have been locked up in an insane asylum, which is where they should be.

    • I’ve told this one before. In 1951, my dad was serving in the U.S. Army. He spent the last 6 months as a discharge clerk. The most unusual of all he processed, yes involved a tranny. Seems this dude broke into the nurses’ locker room at the base hospital several times, stole women’s clothing & makeup. Eventually got caught red handed. Received a dishonorable discharge for the theft. When the paperwork was completed, instead of walking out the door, the Army had him shipped off to a civilian mental institution instead of Ft. Leavenworth. The judge advocate who handed down the sentence knew damn well he would have gotten the crap beat out of him in prison.

  6. The more fags, Jews, naygars and Asians that go and fight in these pointless wars, the better. Just let them sign up, and let them go. They can have it.
    Our men should remain on home soil for the war that will one day take place here-the war that counts.

  7. Excellent news. All Southern Nationalists ought to applaud the US military’s descent into depravity.

    The US government and its muscle, the military, are our strongest enemies. Anything that weakens them is good for us.

  8. If you take the most mild of SSRI’s you can’t join up because of you’re mental illness, yet if a man wants to chop his dick off and be on female horomones the rest of his life that’s a-ok.

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