Boston Struggles With Race Realism

The Boston Globe is trying to guilt trip the people of Boston with a series of stories about race which inadvertently shows why no one should feel any racial guilt:

Key findings

  • African-Americans in Greater Boston have a median net worth of $8
  • African-Americans are 1% of board members of publicly traded firms in Massachusetts
  • In 1983, 4.5% of black workers were officials and managers. In 2016, it was 4.6%
  • In 1983, an organization of Boston’s most powerful business leaders had no black members. In 2015, it still had no black members
  • In 1983, black unemployment was twice as high as White unemployment. In 2015, black unemployment is still twice as high as White unemployment
  • Only 4% of households that earn more than $75,000 are black

Think about it: Massachusetts is a Deep Blue state. Slavery was abolished there as early as 1783. Interracial marriage has been legal there since 1843. Massachusetts was one of the few states where blacks were able to vote for decades before the War Between the States.

Unlike the South, Massachusetts was the pioneer of abolition, civil rights and integration and the national wellspring of the push for racial equality. Segregation has been illegal there since 1866. It enacted twelve statutes banning segregation between 1865 and 1957. It voted twice for Barack Obama. Deval Patrick, the last governor of Massachusetts, was black.

If the dream of racial equality was going to happen anywhere in America, it would have happened in Boston where liberals have been pushing toward that goal since the American Revolution, but in 2017 the median net worth of African-Americans there is $8. There has been no progress on that front in 35 years even after a black governor and a black president who served two terms.

It didn’t happen because the original premise that “all men are created equal” is false. There is no reason to believe it ever will happen either. It is time to move on.

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    • Because jews have managed to diminish White Pride and push White guilt through pop “culture”. When your grandparents told you that TV, movies, rock music, porn, magazines and so forth would rot your brain… they were right. Unfortunately many of us though they were just being stuffy old people and didn’t listen. We need to home school our children, grow our own food, stop watching so much TV (maybe even stop completely) and keep foreigners, minorities, homosexuals and atheists out of of communities.


    The libbarbarians are constantly complaining, look, blacks are poor, all because of the evil whites and racism.

    But go to any college library, and the black men there are not studying—they are walking desk to desk trying to pick up white women. They don’t care if they get bad grades, because all they want is a white girl to bed.

    Go to any office and the black men there are constantly walking to the cooler and hitting on white women all day long. They don’t care if they get fired, because all they want is a white girl to bed.

    Go to any doctor’s office and you will all the black male patients demanding drugs. No, it is not for their pain, which they lie about. It is to drug and rape a white woman, because all they want is a white girl to bed.

    That is why it is better to send them back to Africa. There, they can concentrate on working. Here, in USA, with all the white girls around, they can do nothing else, because all they want is a white girl to bed.

    • THANK YOU for bringing this up.

      I’m sure every White woman in America has stories of being hit on by the pavement apes. Unfortunately, White women are socialized to be kind and deferential, and are more often than not actually physically unable to get nigger men away from them.

      White men do NOTHING about this. White men have stopped protecting their own women. And please don’t tell me things like ‘we’d get arrested for racism!’


        • We do.

          The (((media))) just pushes (((feminist))) bullshit nonstop to mind-rape White men into thinking we’re ALL a bunch of yenta whores.

          The end result of this is Anglin-type yellow fever, MGTOW, mudsharks, mulattos, mischlings and mestizos…and the death of our race.

          • Anglin has a history of mental problems. He’s a known liar and deceives people.

            It’s one thing to be a trad male and want women to play a complementary role, and it’s another to be a sadistic woman-hater who just wants to use and abuse women for your own entertainment. I despise the latter.

            Anglin doesn’t want to build a pro-white community. He just wants to use people for his own entertainment. What exactly does he do with all the money he gets in donations? Does he ever help anyone except himself? From what I’ve seen he’s a person of low character. Simply being pro-white and hating Jews is not enough.

          • Anglin’s mentality has pretty much permeated the entire movement. Actually I think the anti-woman mentality has been there for a long time, but Anglin brought it back in spades. Dr. Pierce was anti-woman, and others. I think it has a lot to do with that horrid Christian Identity religion.

      • There is no sense of white community anymore except in small towns, so pretending white men should leap to the defense of every woman they come across is stupid and unreasonable.

        There’s an easy solution to the problem in most cases, white women should be accompanied by a white man they know and trust instead of prancing around like a carefree feminist who thinks she can beat up men like in the movies.

        Here’s what happens in a lot of cases where a random white man steps in: a gang of niggers beat the shit out of him and he’s in the hospital at which point the virtuous maiden he attempted to help is nowhere to be seen, or he beats up the niggers or kills them, and the state prosecutes him and he’s in prison and the white woman is nowhere to be seen. So tell us exactly what the white man gets out of such a situation if he has no relationship with the ungrateful white woman who could just as likely be a feminist and/or race-mixer?


        Yes, I agree. White men MUST stand up for white women.

        By being nice to blacks, it often misfires. Blacks mistake that niceness and small talk and assume the white woman is interested.

        It is best for a white woman to avoid blacks as much as possible. Send a negative message early. Do not smile or be too social with them. Be ready to give an excuse to avoid talking, such as I have to go somewhere or don’t feel well. Be ready to give out a fake name and a fake phone number.

      • No to mention we have agent provocateurs like andrew anglin shitting all over White women and pushing for “White sharia”. That POS needs his head kicked in. White women and part of the White race. We should never stand for anyone, even our own, running ANY of us down.

  2. The funny thing about these Blacks in Massachusetts is the fact that many of them are now fleeing due to the arrival of the slightly-smarter, slightly more organized, and somewhat more vicious Hispanics.

    Despite nearly two centuries of social experimentation, the laws of nature are still winning out among their race – genetics, and now survival of the fittest.

  3. The people of Boston, like most Yankees, are too busy worrying about how people in Alabama or Oklahoma vote, or feeling superior to people in Arkansas, to notice or be bothered by niggers. Niggers are just something to beat Southerners over the head with. Not feel guilt over. Besides, Alabamians are about to elect Roy Moore and they didn’t bother to get permission from Massachusetts, which is unAmerican® and a real threat to democracy®©. Especially since Alabamians once owned slaves and if anybody should feel guilty about niggers, it’s them, not Bostonians.

  4. I think a couple valid points are being missed here;
    First, most white members of the male sex who are under 30 YEARS old are not MEN. They are males.
    And second, little Susie, who begins sitting in class with negoid males when she starts kindergarten, is TAUGHT to be nice to them. After 12 to 16 years of being taught the same thing day in and day out, how can she be expected to react around negros? Remember folks, public schools are not for education but are for INDOCTRINATION!

    • I disagree. The brain is fully grown at 25 years old. Personalities and cognition are fully formed by then. People rarely change after that age, but sometimes it can happen. Michael Isaac Peinovich changed at a late age… or did he?

      Studies show the number one influence on racial attitudes and miscegenation are public schools.

  5. Same old anti-White guilt tripping. The white shitlibs pushing this ” white oppressed negro” routine are the first to flee from Diversity into areas that are still “too White”. More and more folks are getting wise to the con after 50+ years of “Negro equality”.

  6. Beantown is one of the most segregated cities in the USSA. I wonder how many Basketball Americans are employed at the (((Boston Globe)))?

  7. Actually I have a friend who always refers to black people as “The God race” When I asked him why he explains that sports has been weaponized against us by the powers that be and there is a class of whites who whether they realize it or not engage in daily virtual Negro worship. FM radio is chock full of white males calling into to sports radio shows debating hosts and other whites about which majority black team or black athlete is better than this that black athlete. My state newspaper has a column by a older white male who showcases Negro high school athletes and debates which college they will end up at. Among out people the sports cuck is the worst cuck of all.

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