The Alt-Right Isn’t Responsible For President Trump’s Dismal Poll Numbers

According to a new Monmouth University poll, President Trump’s approval rating has sunk to a record low of 32 percent. The Des Moines Register has a new poll out which shows that 60 percent of Iowans now disapprove of President Trump’s job performance.

In light of these dismal poll numbers, I want to challenge the myth that the Alt-Right has anything to do with this. President Trump is surrounded by conservative advisers who have spent a year now lobbying him to preserve the globalist status quo. The Republican Congress has spent all of its political capital advancing an unpopular mainstream conservative agenda. In fact, the Alt-Right has loudly opposed the Trump administration on every major policy decision for a year now – Syria, healthcare and tax cuts – and never wanted to go in this direction or focus on these conservative priorities.

The Administration

A year ago, I was criticizing the Trump Cabinet even before the Inauguration. At the time, I said that it was a sprinkling of MAGA types on top of a Cabinet that was otherwise full of establishment hacks, big donors, family members, True Cons throwbacks, CEOs and Pentagon generals. These were also only the most prominent positions in the government. ALL of the lower level positions in the Trump administration were drawn from the same crowd and didn’t even go to MAGA types.

Over the course of the past year, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner triumphed over their rivals in the White House. General Michael Flynn was fired as National Security Adviser. FBI director James Comey was dismissed which led directly to the appointment of Robert Mueller. Steve Bannon was pushed out of the White House from his role as senior adviser. The people who President Trump surrounded himself with in the Cabinet have spent the last year doubling down on their failed ideas.

The Agenda

President Trump was elected on a platform that promised sweeping change.

The American people have seen the exact opposite of change though. The Alt-Right’s priorities were immigration, trade and foreign policy. The True Cons priorities were healthcare, deregulation, military spending and massive tax cuts. Whose agenda has dominated the last year?

Just as I feared would happen, the Republican Congress spent the whole year trying to enact the True Cons agenda. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell spent March through August trying to push through the failed unpopular healthcare bill. They spent September through December on even the more wildly unpopular tax plan. Along the way, they took the time to pass the bloated $700 billion NDAA, the Charlottesville resolution and impose new sanctions on Russia. They also took a shot at repealing Dodd-Frank because I guess that is what they thought Middle America wanted.

It is difficult to understate how the Alt-Right has been thwarted at every turn by conservatives in the Trump administration: the focus on deregulation rather than the labor market, the military strike on Syria, decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, imposing new sanctions on Russia and Iran, antagonizing North Korea and Venezuela, the troop surge in Afghanistan, the arms deal with Saudi Arabia, reaffirming the NATO alliance, jettisoning the border tax in the tax reform bill, preserving the carried interest loophole in tax reform, refusing to label China a currency manipulator, and so on. It certainly wasn’t the Alt-Right that encouraged President Trump to wear a yarmulke at the Western Wall in Israel and condemn anti-Semitism while holding hands with Benjamin Netanyahu, at the top of his State of the Union Address and in a special address to the World Jewish Congress.

In the area of immigration alone, the Trump administration and the Republican Congress have failed to fund the border wall twice in April and September, failed to pass Kate’s Law and the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, failed to pass the RAISE Act or a stand alone E-Verify bill. Not only was Jose Antonio Vargas allowed to attend the State of the Union Address, but somehow deportations of illegal aliens are DOWN 7% over a year ago while arrests are up. The travel ban has finally gone into effect, but now applies to Venezuela, North Korea, Iran and Chad which don’t produce terrorists. The refugee cap has been set to 45,000 refugees a year which is a return to Bush administration levels. The Republican Congress is also determined to pass some form of DACA amnesty by March.

If you can believe it, the trade deficit under President Trump is up 12% over a year ago, and the trade deficit with China and Mexico is up 7% and 11% respectively. Dollar General is planning to open up 900 new stores while Wall Street is surging under a pro-business administration. Paul Ryan ruled out raising tariffs way back in January. Even though TPP was killed, there was been no fundamental change in our trade policy. Instead, we have doubled down on the conservative solution which is combining a massive corporate tax cut with our existing free trade policy based on the wishful thinking that corporations will decide to invest in production that produces jobs in the United States.

The Alt-Right hasn’t gotten anything it wanted on the cultural front from the Trump administration. Recently, President Trump hosted the annual Hanukkah party at the White House, attended the opening of a civil rights museum in Mississippi and celebrated the life of Rosa Parks as a great American hero. President Trump signed the Charlottesville resolution. He has gone through the motions of celebrating the multicultural calendar: Black History Month, Asian-Pacific Islander Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Jewish-American Heritage Month and Women’s History Month.

At every juncture in the road, the Alt-Right has been in the opposition – the Syria strike, the healthcare debacle, firing Steve Bannon and the tax bill – urging President Trump to change course. Now, if the reports we are hearing are true, it seems the Republican Congress intends to move on entitlement reform in 2018 in order to put a big fat exclamation point on their conservative agenda. It is an agenda which has no resemblance whatsoever to the vision we had in mind.

Hypothetical Scenario

In an Alt-Right mirror universe, the Trump administration would have never included the likes of Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner or Rod Rodenstein on the principle of anti-Semitism alone. The top priorities in 2017 would have been immigration reform, trade reform and infrastructure reform. We would have focused on building the wall, deportation squads and the America First Tariff of 2017.

In the name of America First, the United States would have withdrawn from all globalist institutions like the United Nations and NATO, multilateral free trade agreements like NAFTA and begun the process of dismantling all American overseas military bases in foreign countries. We would have begun treating our so-called partners as economic rivals again, not as geopolitical allies. There would be no need for any geopolitical tension with Russia, Iran or North Korea over regional issues. The travel ban would apply to Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

If the Alt-Right had its way in the Trump administration, we would have passed sanctions on Mexico and deployed troops to the Mexican border to stop influx of drugs and illegal aliens. We would be forcing Latin American countries to take back all of their people who are squatting right now in California, Texas, Florida and other states. Puerto Rico would have been granted its independence months ago rather than been given a $36.5 billion bailout and emergency aid package.

Following the demise of the American Empire, there would be more than enough money to go around to build the border wall. The $65 billion that we are squandering on the slush fund for overseas wars in the NDAA alone would be more than enough to build it. Suppose that we decided to spend the balance on something useful like reforming the education system by ending the burden of student loan debt or grants to retrain American workers in a post-globalist economy.

Instead of mounting frustration with the preservation of the hated status quo, our heads would be spinning from all the dramatic change. There would be visible signs of progress. Illegal aliens would be being deported en masse. Muslim terrorists would be prevented from entering the country. The border wall would be under construction. NAFTA would have been ripped up. Overseas military bases would have been closed. Political correctness would be crumbling right now.

But no … we squandered that on healthcare reform and tax reform. Now, the Republican Congress wants to make matters even worse with entitlement reform. This is a reflection on conservatism, not the Alt-Right. George W. Bush ran on opposing gay marriage only to try to privatize Social Security.

Final Thoughts

This is to a large degree our fault.

We memed the God Emperor into existence. We created this association in the public mind between President Trump and our ideas. Unfortunately, this was only true of the campaign. It hasn’t been true of the Trump administration. It has been nothing but the same old retread conservatism for a year now and it shows every sign of getting worse in the year ahead.

The danger is that Alt-Right = Trump = MAGA = conservatism sticks in the public mind. Suppose these conservatives end up doing even more unpopular shit in 2018 like, say, entitlement reform or starting a new war with Iran, or something like the Crash of 2008 happens. It is impossible for me to imagine Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell doing anything that makes the GOP more popular.

We could end up getting stuck being associated with an extremely unpopular administration which has marginalized us from Day One. Perhaps this sounds alarmist, but we have seriously underestimated the amount of power and influence that conservatives would have in this administration. We vastly overestimated the power and influence that we would have in it.

There’s no excuse for that now.

Note: See also the Pew poll that I linked to the other day.

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  1. Those based Poles who did that 60,000 strong nationalist march just had a Yid installed as Prime Minister. I’m not sure what their constitutional arrangement is but generally the PM in such circumstances has the power of a German Chancellor and the President is mere ceremony.

    Based Poles mang.

    • I like Slavs and I really like the Balkans but they are at least a standard deviation lower on the IQ bell curve with other whites. There is no way they are going to lead whites out of this attempt at genocide.

        • As opposed to what, the JEWnited CUCKdom? Didn’t Vladimir Putin once call your country “a sad little island that no one listens to anymore” ? Slavic and Baltic men protect their women. English cowards like you stand still and look at the ground while your women are abused by blacks and muslims in front of you.

  2. First of all, WHO is blaming the AR for Trumpenthal? The (((media?))) And why oh why do you always believe the (((polls))) when said ‘polls’ are the obvious result of socially engineered voodoo by ‘pollsters’ to produce their desired outcome?

    I have no idea how popular Trump is in reality, but I would guess it’s evenly split down racial lines. Non-whites versus Whites with the white cucks tipping the balance. We knew this from the beginning. We KNEW Trump was compromised – his favorite daughter is an Orthodox Jew! However, many didn’t want to believe it and preferred to live in #MAGA fantasyland. But we are WAY past the time where comforting ‘America First’ fantasies are appropriate. You cannot ignore the reality of 2017 Jewmerica. This is a DEMOGRAPHIC WAR that we are losing.

    Your first instinct should not be to go on auto-defensive mode over a non-issue.

    • The enemies had to regroup and that gave the “Alt-Right” maybe a year to raise awareness. I personally think the “Alt-Right” is done now as the primary objective was a success and there is no agreement on “Phase II”. Trying to take the US back at the ballot box is a retarded waste of time at this point. Forming like minded communities to rely on when everything collapses seems a much better time investment to me.

  3. As I think we’ve all long agreed on, the Democrat/Republiccan duopoly just gets you nowhere. It may have suited your circumstances 150 years ago when times were more favorable for you demographically, but does nothing for you now. Anyone with common sense and logic are quickly pulled into line by the Jewish establishment-who oversee matters regardless of party.
    Its not a new president you need-but a new system. Democrat or Republican? What if you don’t like either party? Many in the Alt-Right probably don’t bother voting at all, as they know it gets them nowhere. Year in/year out…just the same old shit.

    • Local elections might still matter. Packing the school board with like-minded people and pushing for home-school vouchers for example. Senate and House elections are a total waste of time.

  4. I voted for Trump and knew I would be unhappy with some things about him, but it is another day without that shrieking harpie Hildebeast.

    All good points in the article.

        • It was interesting to watch the hive mind though. Like agent Smith in the Matrix they picked one of the tribe closest to their mark and empowered them with the full force of international Jewry. Obviously, this already happened to the European royals. The ones not under hive control got Spirit Cooked like the Romanovs. Jews are like Zulus. They have a few battle tactics that have worked but once these are known they can be defeated.

  5. I have some (not a lot but some) suspicions that Moore was set up to become the foil, as it were, for the inevitable failure of Jones and the Democrats to satiate the colored masses. Just look at what is now his black woman army (google ‘black women’ and ‘Moore’) and consider satisfying those fat asses. Well, maybe don’t…

    Moore was too flawed a candidate; even with a rigged vote and system, his extremist ideology and rhetoric chased away too many votes and pitched softballs to the White Male blood libelists. His populism wasn’t even that economic, so contrasting reaction to it and Trump’s from a year ago proves the White South is not a social issues entity so much as an economic and political one.

    Trump himself was a big fat fake out. His dismal poll numbers are all his own fault (if accurate) and he himself may have been selected to be the ultimate White Male scapegoat for jewish huckstering.

    What were the black people thinking when they backed an open borders candidate like Jones? What kind of hell will be unleashed once the gibs are all gone? How much longer can this Ponzi scheme go on?

    • Black people don’t think. They dance and sing and emote. So, are you happy that Moore lost or pleased that Jones won?

    • Once, honey darling, shut up!

      “ Moore was too flawed a candidate; even with a rigged vote and system, his extremist ideology and rhetoric chased away too many votes….”.

      He didn’t chase away any votes. The godless Jews, the faggots, and every apostate heretic in the nation spent billions of dollars and tracked in convicted felons…. to vote for the opposition!

      The election was a voting fraud of monstrous proportions! Have you not even read any of the columns on this website?

      And, as a woman, if you can’t understand that, then you’d best sit down and shut up. And let the MEN do the work, they were created to do, Without the women in the world tripping us up at every opportunity.

  6. The guilty flee when none pursue.

    The Alt Right immediately poured gasoline on itself at the NPI conference vaporizing a huge chunk of Trump’s power base. Charlottesville allowed the enemy to go ahead with a mini-purge hinted at in the Clinton – Sunstein speech. Bannon picked up the ball fumbled by the Alt Right and is at least wrecking the GOP. 2018 needs to be a blood bath and then we say to white people “come with me if you want to live”. We are at 70% of support among whites (active support + ” normie” consent), just 10 more to go. 2018 must be the battle for the soul of the white race. Once we win that, the rest is mopping up.

  7. When everyone was sucking on the Trump bong and getting high off complacent negroes and divided commies, I maintained that a Trump victory would be a set back. As the leftists galvanize and forget about the Bernie-Hillary civil war, instead settling down to destroy a common enemy, hopefully people can realize that the only change that matters is the destruction of the system. The Trump victory provided the system with a veneer of respectability and encouraged whites to trust it after they began to despise the political establishment during the Obama years. I thought only dumbfuck whites would be fooled by the Trump/alt-right revolution. After all, let’s face it, the alt-right is the Dumb Right 2.0.

    It’s time to admit there is no immediate political solution. Education and sabotage are the only useful tactics. A movement needs time to mature, and the neo-reactionary movement was still so young. Trump was a false start.

    What would people prefer? Whites thinning the herd, shunning liberal whites, and educating those that remain, or trying big tent politics and hoping that the liberal whites will come around and support them?

    The latter big tent option will never work. The vast majority of liberal whites are in it ‘till the bitter end, which for them ends when they or their progeny race mix or become gay.

    Basically, people have to admit that the AMERICAN PROJECT has failed (or perhaps succeeded – if this is what success looks like). Conservatives need to learn to hate what America stands for. Once they become emotionally detached, then they can fearlessly start destroying the disgusting, degenerate edifice and build a new (albeit much smaller) society afresh.

    • Eclipse – we had the choice of an egomaniacal blowhard. or a raving, foaming at the mouth psycho. Trump SAID all the right things during the campaign. At least he provided focus.

      I disagree that his Presidency has been a setback. Most Whites are thoroughly brainwashed about racial reality. Some have begun to be disgusted by Nigs and Spics – but too many still think Jews are “White” and “ok”. We need to Name the Spawn of Satan, to the Trumpsters, now more than ever. “Look – it’s the vermin Jew Kushner, and his Heeb cabal. They are destroying Trump”. You can paint Trump as a victim…….

      Yes we need to reach out to every White we can. Alas – Whites are the “Show me” Race. We aren’t going to get White racial solidarity until Whites are forced to DEAL with Orcs 24/7. Things are going to get a lot worse before that happens.

      So we keep doing what we do

    • Eclipse has it down pretty well, Denise.

      What HW said back during Obama II, still has more merit, than ever before.

      Secession. They will not let us win!

      How many times do we need to be shown this fact, before we finally realize we need to take up arms against a corrupt government? Bloodshed. War. Fratricide.

      The Civil War still is going on.
      This time the South
      -the godly-
      have to win.

  8. @Onceler

    “What were the black people thinking when they backed an open borders candidate like Jones?”

    Gibz Muh.

    “for the inevitable failure of Jones and the Democrats to satiate the colored masses. ”

    The Democrats are beholden to the White shitlibs in the Urban Northeast and the Seattle- San Francisco coastal strip, and to the financial/industrial/commercial oligarchs. Satiating insatiable niggers is nowhere on their list of concerns.

    As and old song says:@ “kiss assin’ with a nigger, just to git his vote.”

  9. None of this matters. In twenty, thirty years we will be the minority and footing our people in will be impossible. Trump won’t win in 2020. The Left will be on the warpath. They will not let another Trump in office and that means a lot of new immigrants from hostile nations.

    • Unfortunately, becoming a minority and getting the boot of the alien in their face may be the only way that a lot of whites come to their senses. When they’re poor, downtrodden, harassed constantly, and turned into a mass of second-class citizens, then we may finally see a “Yugoslavia Scenario.” I’d love a “Reconquista,” but that may be too much to ask of this lot.

      With a lot of luck, this isn’t the case and whites will get their heads out of their butts enough to change circumstances before then. But I’m not super-hopeful.

  10. “We memed the God Emperor into existence. “

    You cannot actually believe this.

    I love idealism as much as the next person, but it is ludicrous to claim that we had more to do with Trump’s being elected than, say, the fact that Trump was already a celebrity and therefore could, and had, defined himself; despite the media’s best efforts to re-define him in a negative light, in the manner in which they destroyed Pat Buchanan and Roy Moore.

    No one will ever be membed into existence. Only when we have, at the very least, one TV network of our own, an Alt-Right equivalent to Fox News, will we have any ability to claim that we have a material influence on politics.

    • The iconography of the Trump campaign was most certainly developed and disseminated by the Alt-Right.

      It’s no small thing. Possibly decisive in such a close race which he quantitatively lost.

      Trump’s pre-existing celebrity did, as you point out, innocullate him from being rebranded by the press but there was a bit of visual magic at work.

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