President Trump Signs $700 Billion Defense Bill

If you are wondering what the Republican Congress has been doing, I have some news for you. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell haven’t been solely focused on throwing the Alabama Senate race to Doug Jones. They sent the final $700 billion NDAA to President Trump for his signature.

It includes all sorts of “America First” goodies like a $65 billion slush fund for more overseas wars, $1.2 billion for the Mad Dog Mattis troop surge in Afghanistan announced in August, the $705 million for Israel’s missile defense, the $500 million for arming Ukraine as well all kinds of neocon provisions that further demonize and target Russia. It appears the one thing it DOESN’T fund is the $1.6 billion in the House version for the construction of the Trump Wall on the Mexican border.

“WASHINGTON — President Trump signed a $700 billion defense policy bill Tuesday, saying the United States military “has got to be perfecto.” But less than three hours later, he pointed out the bill’s imperfections in a signing statement.

Among them: A variety of provisions lawmakers included to force a more aggressive U.S. policy toward Russia.

Those provisions, Trump said in his signing statement, raise constitutional concerns – and “could potentially dictate the position of the United States in external military and foreign affairs” and interfere with his ability to conduct diplomacy.

The bill passed by Congress contains several provisions specifically targeting Russia. It restricts military cooperation with Russia, prohibits the United States from recognizing Russia’s legal right to the disputed Crimea peninsula, and requires the military to “develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to counter threats by the Russian Federation” — including Russia’s use of disinformation, social media and support for political parties. …”

I could be mistaken here, but I don’t see the border wall funding. If it was in there, you would think President Trump would have boasted about it in his press conference.

In a now familiar pattern, President Trump added his rubber stamp to John McCain’s agenda while outlining his reservations about it in a signing statement. This is what we saw with the Charlottesville resolution which was unanimously passed by the Republican Congress.

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  1. If I have to apologize to the liberals and admit they were right all along about Trump I’m going to be friggin’ pissed.

      • Yes. I am wondering if Trump is being drugged. We knew that Kushner was the Talmudic Overlod after the Syria strike. Still – while we are all gnashing our teeth and tearing our hair out over Moore’s loss – the Faux News shows were detailing the FBI corruption. Pay attention. The FBI are Hillary’s Praetorian Guard. Her installation as POTUS would be much, MUCH worse.

        • Denise, Trump isn’t being drugged… or threatened, or anything else. HE IS NOT OUR GUY. He never was to begin with. He played the American people. And many of us. I gotta give him credit, though. He’s good at the gab.
          We need to face the obvious: Trump is what you call a Jew-ISH person. He may not be a genetic Jew, but his character has been formed by his many years in New Yawk, rubbing shoulders with Talmudic scum-bags, his family is married in with Talmudic scum-bags… and that make him his self Jew-ISH. Kosher.
          Our enemy. Only this type of enemy is offering us a death-drug that makes you feel like you’re “Winning Bigly” instead of just dying soberly.

          • Yes, he was a good salesman of himself, we got played, period. In short, he lied. It helped that he was running against the hag, too. I do believe that if Sanders had been the dem candidate that he would have won; not saying this is necessarily good, but I think he would have.

      • Truck Fump.
        That’s all I can say.

        Secession- clearly, is needed
        if we want to be Judenfrei, and
        it will be through the mess of war.
        Apart from the Parousia.

    • *in my “BASKETBALL announcer” voice”

      Trump fakes right, goes left. Passes the ball to El Chapo… El Chapo bounces the ball off of Spahn’s forehead back to himself. He shoots a 3…..IT’S GOOD! RIGHT IN SPAHN’S FACE!!!!!

      • @El Chapo,
        Who are you really? Are you really an Alt-Righter pretending to be a leftard to generate comments? You won’t say who you are or what you are, and you’re obsessed with Spahn.
        Other than childish, sarcastic drivel, you’ve added very little to the discussions. At least give us something grownup to read, so we can get your side, and answer to it accordingly. Give us something to go on.
        You’re the ultimate example of a leftist who’s lost the argument- can’t counter what we say, so I’ll just be a childish imbecile who sounds like I’ve got the IQ of an Eritrean.
        Come on-give us your vision of a perfect world, and prove us all wrong.

  2. Trump is not a dictator. Deep State is against him at every turn. Judges block him all the time. Our government is nothing but backroom deals and political horsetrading. Don’t you remember that video Trump did when he unfurled a 15-foot long paper on how much red tape he has to go through to create a new road or bridge which takes 10-20 years. Jews and cucks have purposely created a web of red tape so it’s virtually impossible for even the best President to make significant changes on his own. No, I don’t believe the system can be saved.

    I am interested in hearing more about using private contractors to circumvent government limitations such as Blackwater founder offering to provide services to Trump.

    • He could have ended caca on day one.
      By day two, I knew we were screwed.
      Just like there was no cell call with the words ‘box cutters’
      nearly 17 years ago. I worked on the system that made
      those calls possible – it came out after 2005.
      So, on that day, I knew we were screwed.

      • I so wish we could convince Americans that 9/11 has been a huge lie, but people are so brainwashed. Israel excels at doing things that are so egregious, that few could fathom its involvement in them.The Big Lie is always easier than small lie.

  3. Trump was always Israel First and make Israel Greater. We see it now. America and restoration of America was to be under the Jew hegemon.

  4. A civil unrest will surely get the rotten heads attention that occupy the nation capital. Splinter diversity military.

  5. Contrary his campaign promises.The president a figure head that follows unelected officials agendas where their loyalty lies elsewhere. The costituents supporters are forgotten.

  6. Well who else were we gonna vote for in last election…..JEB! ???????

    I don’t retract my vote but it’s time to sound like Trump ……”I knew ALL along he was going to be a big beautiful failure!”

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