Illegal Immigration Surges Back To Obama Levels

This isn’t surprising:

“The number of illegal immigrants detained along the Southwest U.S. border has increased by double digits since October, according to newly released data.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data shows 39,006 people were detained while attempting to cross the border in November, an increase of 12 percent from the previous month and more than double the number of arrests in March and April.

The data also show the number of unaccompanied minors and families apprehended while crossing the border increased by double digits in November — by 26 percent and 45 percent, respectively — according to CBP.

The number of arrests in November is the highest number since late 2016, under former President Obama, and the most apprehensions since President Trump took office. …”

I said all along this was going to be temporary.

The decline in illegal immigration was a reaction on the part of illegal aliens. It wasn’t due to any policy change on our end. In light of the campaign rhetoric, they wanted to see how the Trump presidency would play out. Maybe the word has gotten back to them that fewer illegal aliens are being deported and they are more optimistic about their chances of being allowed to stay in the United States.

If I was an illegal alien, I would have done the same thing. I would have waited to get a feel for the new administration. I doubt they follow the news as closely as I do, but the Republican Congress decided to spend $700 billion on the NDAA which includes a $62 billion war chest for future overseas wars WITHOUT funding the border wall. We also spent another $36.5 billion on a disaster relief package for Puerto Rico. The coyotes must have a sense of the political climate in Washington.

At best, the Trump administration wants to dial back refugee resettlement and immigration enforcement to George W. Bush administration levels. They also want to focus on violent criminals like the Obama administration. The reality is nothing like the dream of rightwing deportation squads.

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    • That’s a perfectly reasonable thing to care about though.

      He’s got a lot of children who he wants to thrive and grab power for themselves.

      No point being a wallflower.

      • Except that he’s being a wretched traitor to do it. Do you endorse betrayal of one’s nation to enrich one’s children, Captain? Because that’s what this orange haired sea cucumber is doing.

      • Captain, the kings and former rulers of the world tried to preserve their nations for their children, they didn’t sell their own countries off for money. Obviously Trump has no loyalty to the United States or the ideals on which our country was founded, he is a merchant and would have been spat upon by those who previously were in charge of nations.

        • This could be a very interesting discussion.

          You make good points about the Monarchs.

          But the US is the republic that removed religious tests to hold public office! It’s encoded in the political DNA of the USA.

  1. NO … blacks browns muslims gays in A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA.
    Get with the brand and the brand identity … or just keep whistling Dixie.

    • Jackson – a party named the NAZI party will have a better chance of growing, than “The Confederate Party”. PLEASE stop LARPing. How about “The White Party”? Cuz is all comes down to Race.

    • James, please stop lowering the (already meager) quality level of OD comments.

      A ‘very enlarged Confederate States of America’ has absolutely zero chance of realistically occurring in the Brazilified South. When you actually put together a concrete plan of action, and manage to ethnically cleanse Dixie of its demographic invasion – THEN back to us. Otherwise it sounds pathetic.

      • You’ve both already proven yourselves mentally and spiritually ill, by suggesting Jews be “tossed in an oven and / or gassed.” ( Instead of simply and understandably deported. ) Furthermore … NONE of you have even come close to the think tank like planning over more than 15 years that’s gone into figuring out “the best solution.” The best solution, ( Dingy’s … like Vera on Mels Diner, ) is to divide the country into 3 parts, ours being a very enlarged Confederate States for white CHRISTIANS only.

        It’s the Nazi party that’s spent and many of those who would support Confederate … fought Nazis in WW II. There’s an underlying subconscious psychology in most southerners waiting to be woken up. The Stars n Bars will stir that up. The left has poisoned that BRAND as best they could. It needs to be rejuvenated.

        Now “Veras,” please leave the political talk to the men folk. You can help by darning socks, making coffee, cooking cleaning and something else we won’t mention on this rated PG site 🙂 Thank you.

    • I actually agree with Denise and GG on this. I have sympathy for the original Confederates but the Confederacy is gone. You might as well try to revive the Know-Nothings or the Democratic Republicans or Tammany Hall or whatever.

      Something new needs to be created. The Confederates are a spent force, receding deep into the mists of the past.

      • Not only that, but there’s no taste for it either. It is possible for a southern white (though not likely) within the US framework to become insanely powerful or wealthy. A revised CSA wouldn’t allow for that god like power.

  2. Geee…..that border wall looks effective doesn’t it???
    Remember Trumps ‘when you have no borders,you have no country’ days?
    What went wrong Donald? Oh yes the money went to more military spending for Israel. Nothing like a government with their priorities right. You’d think it was controlled by unelected Joooooo’s…

  3. Trump has never heard of razor wire ??? makes a great fence…and perhaps someone should inform him Fort Hood in Texas has many, many soldiers with guns that could guard the border like soldiers do in South Korea….just sayin

    • One of the primary jobs of a military is border defense, actually. With our military, we could make crossing the border an extremely unpleasant — or even terrifying — prospect if we wanted to.

    • Trump is obviously just a self-serving asshole. I don’t know when I’ve been more disappointed. To think how bright the future looked a year ago, and how drab now.

      • Miracle year 2016 turned to Disaster 2017.

        That’s the Wheel of Fortune though. Persevere.

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