Tim Cook and Charles Koch: Congress Must Act On The DREAMers

I’m not a fan of Corporate America.

I’ve never supported their low-tax, low-wage, pro-immigration, anti-working class capitalist agenda. These people are not our political allies. On the contrary, these business leaders are among the strongest supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens in America:

“This is a political, economic and moral imperative. The sooner that Congress resolves this situation — on a permanent basis — the sooner dreamers can seize the opportunity to plan their lives and develop their talents.

This extraordinary set of circumstances has brought the two of us together as co-authors. We are business leaders who sometimes differ on the issues of the day. Yet, on a question as straightforward as this one, we are firmly aligned.

As a matter of both policy and principle, we strongly agree that Congress must act before the end of the year to bring certainty and security to the lives of dreamers. Delay is not an option. Too many people’s futures hang in the balance. …”

Aren’t the Koch brothers supposed to be super rightwing conservative billionaires though? They’re rightwing in the sense of being extreme libertarians who relentlessly work against the interests of their own ethnic group in pursuit of the goal of making as much money for themselves as possible. They are motivated by Ayn Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness” whereas we are motivated by altruism and a sense of duty to future generations and a desire to honor our forefathers.

The Koch Brothers are behind the push for tax reform. They’re the kind of people who have been quarreling with Sen. Marco Rubio over a minor child tax credit because reducing the corporate tax rate to 22 percent instead of 20 percent would “undermine” the economic growth goals of the bill. We’re not doing enough to make life easier for America’s beleaguered billionaires.

I’m just going to be completely honest with you here … I hate these people. I hate their pathetic virtue signaling. I hate the fact that they are exploiting our anger over the racial and cultural decline of our country in order to push their disgusting neoliberal economic agenda. More than anything else, I am sick of these bloodsucking parasites who have such a small constituency getting their way.

During the Republican primaries, I found Trump refreshing because he was telling the truth about how donors like the Koch Brothers have made politicians into their puppets. They have all their conservative puppets in Congress dancing to do tax reform. Even if Trump was cynically using that talking point as a campaign ploy to get through the primaries, he was telling the truth in that moment.

Behind this facade of democracy, the Republican Party is catering to the views of the donor class. It is doing it with the Koch Brothers on tax reform. It did it with Sheldon Adelson on Jerusalem. These greedy bastards aren’t satisfied though. They keep pushing for more at the expense of voters.

I have a feeling it is going to come back to bite them big time.

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  1. American citizens own this country!!!!! Yeah right. The oligarchs pay the politicians to make laws to reward the k type people and destroy the r type people. Everyone wants to be an r with money, then you become the Kochs. Our country was founded on r people regardless of how many children they had. We all know many laws must be changed. Will voting be the instrument of that change?


  2. Voting will alway be a joke because the lowest common denominator alway rises to the top catering to the lowest common denominator of society.

    Those of us with any sense don’t have more kids than we can afford but have to pay for the fools who don’t care about that.

    The public schools don’t teach any real civics or historical truths, so we are stuck with that issue as well. I don’t think my highchool civics teacher had it in for us since they are required to follow a script, but we don’t learn anything that useful.

    Nothing libertarian about the Kochs. I always hate this nonsense that they are libertarians. I’m libertarian in a limited government sense, but you have people on the same cultural page for that to work to any degree. That would include some morals and ethics which are lacking as well.

  3. Koch, Adelson = Jews. That’s all we EVER needed to know.

    Death to the Jews; race war now. Pro Christi et pro patria.

      • Ed Koch was mayor of New York and he was as jewish as you can get. But he pronounced his name so that it rhymed with crotch, whereas the Koch brothers pronounce it like coke.


    And the very great crime of the Koch Brothers…..is that they want deprive THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS of the very great benefit of a very very severe LABOR SCARCITY=VERY VERY HIGH REAL WAGE….

    We are talking about fucking no-feudalism….

    I highly recommend that you read REVEREND BALL’S FAMOUS SERMON…on the eve of WAT TYLER’S PEASANT REVOLT…

    I also recommend Terry Jones book “WHO MURDERED CHAUCER”…it covers Wat Tyler’s revolt…

    Yes that Terry Jones…Monty Python’s Terry Jones…..there were about ten of us sitting there in the BOOK REVIEW…while Terry Jones gave us a hilarious and highly erudite power-point-lecture about Chaucer and the vile and corrupt English King at the time….war with France….Wat Tylers’s Peasant Revolt….

  5. I despise billionaires and giant corporations, they are all pushing for globalism and White race-replacement. The mega-rich didn’t get where they are through hard work, frugality, wise investing or any of that other conservative bullshit, it was done through securing lucrative government contracts. The mega-rich are actually mega-welfare parasites.

    • Imagine for a moment you got the contract to supply the US Army with sleeping bags or boots. You’d be a billionaire too.

      This is the reality.

  6. The most under reported news story is FBI kikes were conspiring to sabotage American presidential elections.

    Mr. Strzok, recall, is the man who changed the words “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” in Jmes Comey’s July 2016 public exoneration of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    The McCabe meeting came on the heels of the FBI’s launch of its counterintelligence probe into Trump-Russia ties. July is also when former British spook Christopher Steele briefed the FBI on his Clinton-financed dossier of salacious allegations against Mr. Trump. The texts explain why Mr. Mueller would remove Mr. Strzok, though a straight shooter wouldn’t typically resist turning those messages over to Congress for as long as Mr. Mueller did.

    Meanwhile, we’re learning more about the political motives of Mr. Mueller’s lieutenant, Andrew Weissmann.

    Judicial Watch last week released an email in which Mr. Weissmann expressed his “awe” and praise for Sally Yates, after the then acting AG and Obama holdover refused to implement Mr. Trump’s travel ban.

    This should trouble anyone who cares about the integrity of the Justice Department. Ms. Yates had every right to resign at the time if she felt she couldn’t implement Mr. Trump’s order. But she had no authority as an executive branch official to defy a legitimate presidential order. Mr. Weissmann’s support for her insubordination was a declaration that he is part of the “resistance.” This should be unacceptable in a ranking FBI official, much less someone charged with conducting a fair-minded investigation.

    Public confidence isn’t helped by the continuing Justice and FBI refusal to cooperate with Congress. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who supervises Mr. Mueller, toed the Mueller-FBI line on Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee. He repeated FBI Director Christopher Wray’s preposterous excuse that he can’t answer questions because of an Inspector General probe. And he wouldn’t elaborate on the news that Nellie Ohr, the wife of senior Justice official Bruce Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, which hired Mr. Steele to gin up his dossier.

    The man who should be most disturbed by all this is Mr. Mueller, who wants his evidence and conclusions to be credible with the public. Evidence is building instead that some officials at the FBI—who have worked for him—may have interfered in an American presidential election. Congress needs to insist on its rights as a co-equal branch of government to discover the truth.

    • Mueller is a latern jawed guy but he’s also got a funny shaped nose. Müller?

      He better be a German-German.

  7. You are absolutely right about the Koch brothers. Filled with greed and they don’t care if they destroy white civilization in the process. russ walker

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