Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 062 – GOP Stab In The Back


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent discuss the Roy Moore loss in the Alabama Senate race. The primary focus of the discussion is the Republican establishment’s role in that loss and the class divisions in the Alabama Republican Party and the US at large that causes their preference to a Democrat candidate instead of a traditional conservative Republican candidate who fights for the social issues important to conservatives. Harold and Brad then go on to the options in fighting the GOP establishment.

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  1. Alabama Senate election: citizen reports seeing busloads of Democrat voters brought in to voting stations

    Posted on December 12, 2017 by Dr. Eowyn | 29 Comments
    Today is the pivotal Senate election in Alabama, pitting Judge Roy Moore (R) against Doug Jones (D). A resident of Alabama says on Reddit he’s seen busloads of Democrat voters brought into voting stations: “I drove to several polling stations, and in 3 out of 4 it was exactly the same. Columns of buses with democratic voters. Is this even legal?

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