The Female Red Pill

Plenty of conservatives are vexed by the fact that voting choices of females are a major cause a leftward political drift. This is undeniably true. However, I have not seen much discussion of practical ideas that might mitigate this problem for Alt-Righters.

Many Alt-Righters pine for the days when suffrage was limited to White male property owners. I get it, but let’s get this out of the way. The 19th amendment is not going to be repealed. After the country collapses (which could very well happen in our lifetimes) you can have stricter rules for suffrage in the new state. But for now and for the near future, female suffrage is the reality, so let’s work with that.

Yes, women are more easily swayed by emotions. So, if the left presents a crying brown child whose father was hauled away by ICE, we present a crying white child whose mother was murdered by Mexican gang-bangers. We need someone who is media savvy to present our cases to the public skillfully, and we need to vet them to make sure we won’t have subsequent counter-signaling (like that which occurred with the Steinle family who expressed discomfort that White Nationalists had honored their daughter).

Studies of pre-verbal infants show that humans are hard-wired to empathize the most with members of their own tribe. Playing to emotions in a way that evokes empathy for our own people has the potential to trigger the subconscious in a way that might help undo the “brown = automatic victim” programming to which we are all continuously subjected.

Another tactic that is, in my opinion, being underutilized, is outreach by women. I’m not referring to work like that of the controversial e-celebs who have been the object of ire lately. I mean regular women working on a personal level in their daily lives. I think we should give more thought to strategies red-pilled women can use to have an impact at the family and community level. Home-schooling is great, but it’s not practical for every woman, and it is only one of many possible ways women can exert influence in their daily lives. I’d like to see some of the Alt-Right’s many excellent strategists brainstorming about this. You would have plenty of women eager to get to work implementing your ideas.

And how do we reach young women that are in the clutches of feminism? The mainstream narrative is not just dominated by, but exclusively controlled by supporters of feminist dogma. Many young women have never heard any description of traditionalism that didn’t sound like miserable oppression for women, and have been taught that motherhood is a burden akin to enslavement. Former-feminists-turned-happy-mothers, like myself, Wife With a Purpose, and others, can present experiences and opinions to counter their previously unchallenged assumptions. Some women are too far gone and will double down on their dogma. But there are others, for whom the misandrist propaganda never felt quite right, who will find that traditionalist ideas resonate with them instinctively.

Finally, with regards to race, most white Americans are brought up to believe that Whites’ racism towards others is the only thing preventing a Utopian world of racial harmony. Women, who are naturally inclined to adapt to please others and who usually prefer harmony to conflict, are particularly susceptible to swallowing this blue pill. I believe that the more obvious it becomes to women that Whites are the targets of hatred and thus in danger, the more women will instinctively gravitate towards the men of their own tribe for protection. Simply amplifying the voices of the anti-Whites is an easy way to disabuse more White women of the belief that post-racial harmony is possible if only we would wish for it hard enough.


  1. Most women hate racists like you, and they always will. By the way, how did you like seeing child molester pedophile Roy Moore crushed by civil rights hero Doug Jones? 😛

    • Great article, lots of good points for our men to address.
      Gothic Joe sounds like a rat jew or one of the mud people they brought in from the 3rd world.

      • I was going to call him a filthy son of a b*tch. But I guess you already did that, by calling him a Jew….thanks.

        [When someone doesn’t even know the definition of the word pedophile, and uses it incorrectly and disparagingly, any insult against that sort of a person, is valid.]

      • Careful. You’re privileging his Bolshie discourse.

        You couldn’t prove that someone is a ‘civil rights hero’ because that is a nonsensical Jew concept that exists only in the eye of the beholder.

        Ask him to define a ‘civil rights hero.’

        That should be good for hours of fun.

    • By all means, this election at least means you leftists have to go on pretending you oppose paedophilia for another election cycle.

    • Don’t tell us what we want, catamite, just look in the mirror and know it’s the opposite of a rectal canker like yourself.

    • Whatever one thinks of his antics with a 14-year-old girl, if true, Roy Moore is not a “pedophile.” A pedophile is a man with a sexual fixation on and obsession with prepubescent children, a man who is attracted, exclusively, to prepubertal girls or boys, And this includes biological men under age 18 who are absurdly defined as “children.” A biological man of 15 who is aroused by images of prepubescent children, boys or girls, is a pedophile. Men in their 20s or 30s and so on who are attracted to young women under age 18 are not “pedophiles.” The ultimate absurdity is defining women as “rapists” and “pedophiles” for allowing biological men under age 18 to penetrate them in factually consensual relationships. It’s debatable if a woman can even be a pedophile under the APA definition, for the same reason that few if any women are fetishists in the male sense..

    • Who are “most people”, Poseur Joe? The voices in your head?
      And you’re not Gothic. Stop pretending you are.

      • Cowards? Like people who hide behind masks and throw urine on people from a distance because they know they would get their trackmark riddled 80 lb wannabe punkrock asses whipped by real men if they weren’t backed up by 30 more “boot partying” spanging squatter fags? Like, those kinds of cowards? Just making sure we’re clear, there, Jello Biafra.

      • Well. I am frequent Eastern European evil nazi. And I am coward and happy with that. I don`t want to be decorated war hero. I prefer to stay behind the lines, for example work as commandant of reopened Auschwitz and until real men fight the war, I will take good care of liberals….:D

        It is coward time now. Do you remember this old army joke that brave men die for their country but cowards fighting so that enemys will die for their country. Russia and Eastern Europe recovering already and it is only matter of time when western pro white patriots adapt our best methods…:D

    • THE CONFEDERATE PARTY will win over the ladies. They flock to power and strength … not brandless marches that accomplish zero.

  2. Married white women are not that far off from white males with voting. It’s single white women, and single women in general that are far more leftist. The single black women vote is close to 100% for Dems. Dems have a vested interest, because they’re power-hungry sociopaths, in destroying the traditional family unit.

  3. You haven’t seen a lot because there is no answer. Women will always be this way and there is no way to curb their leanings. That’s why stronger men than us said no to them voting.

    The ONLY answer is to ignore the issue completely and push hard to get a ethnostate developed (however small) that will allow only white male votes.

    • The numbers I’ve seen indicate that nearly 4 in 10 white men voted for Hillary, Bernie, or that stoner guy from Utah.

      Over 5 in 10 white women voted for Donald Trump, meaning somewhat over 4 in 10 voted as the white men did.

      Tell me again how white men are going to create an ethnostate and save everybody. If it hadn’t been for white women, Hillary Clinton would be president at this moment.

    • Exactly how are you and those who agree with you going to create this white ethnostate? And where? And if women are not only denied the right to vote but also the right to divorce their husbands, apparently under all circumstances, as misogynist F. Roger Devlin advocates, how many women are going to move to an “ethnostate” in which they and their daughters are denied these and who knows what other fundamental rights? And how are you going to sustain this ethnostate if few women live there and have children?

      • @Michael Kuehl

        Your comments are overly dramatic and don’t account for several factors. Not all women are raging fem lib whores and many will follow us to an ethnostate. These women will be default be the type of women that want kids, unlike the crazies outside of the ethnostate. It was surprising to Hitler’s contemporaries how fast he turned Germany around, it could be possible.

        As to the creation of an ethnostate I have made an obvious and good appeal on how to create it. The southern nationalists and other altrights need to call a meeting and identify 4-10 adjacent counties (preferably that already lean toward our views) and we literally need to focus all of our efforts on those areas, and move there. We need to get our people elected into local government in those counties and direct them to interpose between the population-state and federal.

  4. Emily,

    Your forthrightness is refreshing. On occasions when I’ve pointed out to Ladies that Women are often swayed more by emotion than reason when difficult decisions have to be made, they tend to agree. As for demonstrating White victimhood, I’ve had infinitely more success with Women, than I have had with Men. I can relate the most horrific details of a crime committed against White people by minorities to some of my male friends, and they don’t even blink an eye. With my female friends, their concern becomes palpably expressed on their faces, especially when it is children who are the victims. One example, that I’ve had a great deal of success with, is the story of Rachel Plummer. Many people are familiar with the Massacre at Fort Parker and the capture of nine year old, Cynthia Ann Parker. The massacre took place in 1836 and Cynthia was rescued in 1860; by which time she had become the wife of Comanche Chief, Peta Nocona, and the mother of Quanah Parker, the last warrior Chief. I saw a book on her life that, from what I read, appeared accurate on the inside, but the cover mimicked a Harlequin Romance novel, with a mature Cynthia in a long, flowing, lacy dress riding side saddle behind the Aboriginal equivalent of Fabio. It was clearly designed to appeal to Women, and her saga has long been used to conjure sympathy for the Comanche. Rachel Plummer’s tale is far less known, and is truly abominable. Rachel was seventeen and pregnant when she was taken into captivity. She gave birth and the infant grew to six months. One day, when the baby would not stop crying, a Comanche “brave” took the child from her and began to toss him in the air and allowed him to hit the ground. Other Comanches joined in, and when it appeared that the little boy was dead, they threw him to his mother. After a while, the baby began to exhibit signs of life. Rachel tried to keep them from noticing that her baby was still alive. When it was observed that the child was still breathing, a Comanche took a lariat and looped it around the infants neck. He then dragged the baby through a briar patch until the flesh was torn from the bones. The mutilated carcass was then thrown back into Rachel’s lap.

    • @cowtown rebel: amen, brother!
      SC Gwynne’s “Empire of the Summer Moon,” Exley’s “Frontier Blood,” & surprisingly, Lucia St. Clair Robson’s novel “Ride the Wind: The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker & the Last Days of the Comanche” are great sources (also the prolific T Fehrenbach’s book on the Comanches)

      i asked SC Gwynne a few years ago if he had read Robson’s novel before writing his book, & i was surprised when he said, “no, i haven’t, is it any good?” i told him i initially scoffed at it, but it turned out to be surprisingly accurate & very well-researched, & that he should read it!

      PS – if you’re in my KS Cowtown, I hope we meet up someday. I have many books of savage indian depredations. i had a New England relative in 1724 attacked by indians, the injuns swung her younger kids by their heels against a tree to bash their brains out, then kidnapped the mom & the suckling infant cross country up into canada:

  5. Better leave the women alone and go after liberals. The point is that women can`t vote for anti white candidate when being anti white becomes so toxic that nobody dares to run on the anti white platform.

    Being anti white must become more toxic than razizz. Our Eastern European women are no better than US ones, we just don`t give them chance. Western world must do the same. You can not educate fools but you can create a situation where only republican candidate is David Duke and only democratic candidate is Andrew Anglin and then it is absolutely irrelevant, how the sheeple votes.

  6. @egregious philbin,

    Thank you for the source info, I will look further into it. One of the hardest subjects to make headway on is the “Noble Redman.” Although, I find Upper Mid-Westerners and Canadians to be more intolerant of them, than I do my fellow Texians, who seem to defend those whom their ancestors fought. It is arguable whether it is easier to point out problems with the Zionists or to dispel the utopian visions of tribal life as imagined by the snow flakes. The “in harmony with nature,” “peace pipe smoking” and “counting coup” (tag- your it) nonsense that we’ve been inudated with since Hollywood stopped depicting them as savages and began to hold them up as being sacrosanct.


    “No liberal of the female sex has a right to scream ‘sexual harassment.’ By embracing feminism she has left her humanity and her rights as a woman behind. Why should I or any male be concerned about the alleged sexual harassment of feminist harpies who welcome Moslem and black rapists into our nations while screaming about the sexual harassment of the pornographic actresses in Hollywood? The Victorian maiden and mother has a right to be protected from sexual harassment in word or deed. The modern feminists have no such rights. ”


    “We see in Lady Macbeth’s relationship with Macbeth the relationship the feminists have formed with the technological white male and the black male. The technological male is tolerated if he helps support the feminists’ reign of terror. So long as he provides the abortion services and the other modern scientific advances that aid the new, satanic woman, the technological male will be allowed access to the womb, not the womb of life and love, which produces white babies, but the womb of lust, which leads a man to hell. And the males of color? They are the natural companions of the feminist who yearns for the destruction of all things white and Christian. So it is natural, natural as defined by the feminists, that the mademoiselles of feminism should welcome colored rapists and murderers into their nations and their bodies in order to hasten the destruction of the white race.”

    Cambria nailed that one right out of the park….

  8. Gothic Joke: Be careful about attacking pedophiles. Pretty soon they’ll be another PC victim group, just like gays and trannies. At that point your comrades just might call you a pedophobe.

  9. The first step must be racism, because a progressive anti-racist sees an exploding population of 7.6 billion people just like herself, and says, “How could I burden this tiny planet with another mouth to feed?”

    Whereas a racist sees an aging, shrinking population of 600 million white people and 7 billion rabid apes trying to kill them and take their stuff, and says, “I must marry and make white babies, now!”

    Thus racism is indispensable to long-term survival. Other races have the advantage that they never stopped being racist, and only hopped on the progressive bandwagon to extract rents from guilt-ridden white people, just as they fully support the fight against climate change as long as it entails us sending them money.

  10. The public school and the media are responsible for destroying the youth of America. Girls undergo heavy programming against femininity, against modesty and purity, against family.

    For a young woman the precious career and all the lying promises bound up with it (that have been drummed in from day 1) must fail before she is open to what marriage and family might mean, before she will be able to step into the role reserved for the feminine.

    Until that time men will have to close ranks and work with other men on the truth project, learning valuable and necessary skills of self sufficiency.

    Young women are raised to assume and behave that they are equal to men in the sense of – the same as. Anything he can do – she can do. Anything he can be – she can be. And of course she has been lied to believe that horrible oppressive men are responsible for keeping her down, rape culture, patriarchy and why her precious career is not working out. It is , of course , those men who are competing with her when in fact the system should be promoting her in order to make society more fair and equal..

    When the young women act on all of that programming the young men who want them back are going to have to administer tough love. By this, I do not mean screwing her and dumping her. I mean not going after her and discouraging her too familiar, equalist behaviours. .

  11. “When the young women act on all of that programming the young men who want them back are going to have to administer tough love. By this, I do not mean screwing her and dumping her. I mean not going after her and discouraging her too familiar, equalist behaviours. .” – Lynda

    “…We must not only remember the past, we must recreate the spiritual climate of the past. We currently live in a world woefully lacking in Christian women, because there are very few Christian men willing to put them in their place. That place is an exalted place, it is by a Christian hearth fire in a Christian home, but a man does have to face the forces of hell in order to champion the Christian hearth fire. But what are our lives without the warmth of that hearth fire? Liberated women that have forsaken the Christian hearth fire still seek to be warmed by the sparks from that fire, no matter how liberated they claim to be. They try to use the sparks to create a new hearth fire in the midst of Liberaldom, but they always fail and become more bitter and more hate-filled. I once saw a diamondback rattlesnake rear up and strike. Every time I see a feminist, I am reminded of that rattlesnake. The un-women, the feminists, are truly creatures from hell.” –

    Gents, the fault is our own. Unless you can keep your woman obedient and submissive, the siren song of the world will turn her into a harpy. We’ve known that since Ancient Greece, and Jezebel is the biblical counterpart, to that chimerical creature of Greek Mythology.

  12. The pro-White movement is not going to attract more women. Ever. This is the most disgusting, frightening anti-woman community in the Western World. And if you want to say it isn’t, you haven’t been paying attention to 99.9% of the “leaders” in this community. And it’s vile in every sense of the word, very frightening ideas and ideology about women. And this very article is a good example of that, that women are emotional so they need some kind of special propaganda aimed at them not to be stupid. Smart women stay away from this community.

    • No, smart women change it to attract other…smart women.

      Emily is way off here, citing ridiculous clowns in her ahistorical fiction. ‘Tradition’ had most white women working very hard, I guess she’s from southern ignobility or something.

  13. This article is (apparently) written by a woman, and predictably, in the first paragraph, we get a declaration of how strong and indomitable our current regime is.

    No woman will respect a conservative white man (even if, like this author, she sympathizes, agrees with, and even pities him), until she realizes that the seemingly invulnerable trappings of modernity are only a shallow front.

    Give me a woman that will help me plan robberies and assassinations. Whatever that hypothetical vixens flaws, she, at least, hasn’t bought into the lie of liberal omnipotence, and she, at least, knows what a man is for.

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