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  1. Democrat Doug Jones won Madison County with 65,664 votes to Moore’s 46,313, with 3,446 write ins. Jones’ nearly 20,000-vote margin of victory in Madison County alone accounts for nearly all of his 1.7-point lead statewide (absentee ballots still need to be counted). President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Madison County, with 89,520 votes to Clinton’s 62,822 votes.
    Big League Politics has received a firsthand report from Madison County of technical problems at the polls that caused many voters to fill out provisional ballots that have not yet been counted, and might never be counted.Provisional votes will not be counted until next Tuesday.Here is the voter’s statement: “There was Huge problems in Jefferson County. Moore should ask for a recount. No way Jones won 85% of the vote in Jefferson. In Huntsville voters had to vote on provisional ballots and were TOLD the votes may not be counted”…
    “My friend said that her polling place in South Huntsville was a disaster. She said they were having equipment issues and everyone voted provisional ballot. They were asked for their phone # and would be called to let them know if their vote was counted”…


    • Thank you for the update. All during the run-up to the election were making it screamingly obvious that THE FIX WAS IN. We must do what we can to hold these people to account, they are truly running amok and will be emboldened if they are not.

    • Mr. Browning,

      I live in Huntsville, downtown, 5 points area near the mountain & while I was waiting to vote I witnessed 5 people, one of whom was my next door neighbor, being turned away at the polls because their names “disappeared” from the polling list. I might’ve thought this a fluke, but due to the fact I ran into my next door neighbor while voting during the primary, where he was on the polling place list THEN, only to be suddenly not a few months on when the election is against the democrat challenger is suspect.

      The lady taking ID’s told me that people not being found on the polling list had been an “ongoing problem”. I voted at 11:00a.m. That day, EARLY, the polls had been open for 5 of the 12 hours and it had already happened SO MUCH they considered it an ongoing problem!?!?

      I’m beginning to really think that this election was stolen. I’ve never seen return results so staggered, red counties reporting right after polls closed, blue counties or split blue/red counties taking hours after? Then coming back ALL BLUE? No. This is jacked.

  2. By some miracle, most borders in white countries are still not fully open and somehow whole Africa have not got US or European citizenship yet.

    Today is very difficult to estimate, who is really sellout. Electorate is so cucked that it is impossible to win on the pro white platform in Europe. Only thing now in Western Europe for pro white politican is run as liberal , get elected and behind the scenes try to do something useful for whites. Probably lot of politicans in the US think also this .

    We got USSR down this way. Lot of people joined the communist party, played communists until they reached higher echelons and then acted.

    Trump victory was lottery jackpot. He won 3 key states by 0 something percent and those old white males maybe dead in 2020. An as mr. Roy Moore recently demonstrated, electorate cucks very easy. Sex adventue 40 yeas ago. Holy shit…..how such thing can be issue at all.

    So there are probably lot of pro whites, who prefer to remain in closet in our days.

    • The close margins in those three states was a result of fraud, as was the defeat of Roy Moore.

      Fox wouldn’t have put out a poll showing Jones ahead by 10 if they didn’t know that there was a chance that runaway fraud could possibly give Jones a highly implausible final count that would scream fraud.

      • With excuses like this, white western patriots will keep losing. Churchill said that he best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

        For pro white people , this is hard to admit that most of the white electorate are dumber than blacks. For us in Eastern Europe it was too. That was on reason, why winning took so long for us.

        It took at least 20 years from us to make liberal issues as tocic as for example razizz in the US. Normie is idiot and remains idiot until we don`t learn genetical mutation.

        But what we are learned, that normie want so much be normal that even most baseless and dumbest accusation about breaking norm freaks them away.

        We still have people who think that some immigration is ok but they are too afraid to speak out or write this even in Skype or private email. And of course they don`t go out to vote because somebody may see them and what the neighbors and relatives and colleagues will think and so on.

        Normie is afraid, was afraid and will be afraid. And does always as the norm demands. Who establish the norm, this will win..

        • Look, we will have no political representation at all if we allow these fraudsters to get away with it.

          We know they’re doing it, we know the process is illegitimate, and we need to understand that various forms of resistance and civil disobedience to these fraudulent processes, as the Bundies did and Roy Moore himself did (which is why his election was never going to be tolerated) is the solution.

          There’s absolutely nothing “sophisticated” about being a smug cuck when elections are stolen from whites.

          • Ok….but this process in not only in the US but in the whole white world. Except Eastern Europe.

            How they can steal elections everywhere, in Australia, US Canada, Sweden France…….but they can not steal election in Poland or Hungary or even in Macedonia which is probably the must fucked white country but still somehow can keep Soros away and keep the border closed.

        • Excuse?

          It’s not an excuse. It’s fact.

          What exactly are YOU doing, Mr. Russian “freedom fighter”? Besides commenting here I mean…

          Trying to take on the Left is hard enough, having people supposedly on “our side” attack each other doesn’t help at all.

          • Well…I´m keeping my country white with the rest of the Eastern European nazis.

            Here I read and sometimes comment too because jews and communists srewing whole world via US power, So it is for everybody interest that American white nationalists suceed and jewry and communists get doomed.

            So I.m telling western white patriots how to do the same thing what Russia and Eastern Europe did.

            1. Jews discovered that there is mental disease inside the white race called liberalism today and they can use it for their power. This is called pathocracy. A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people.

            2. Liberals freak out normies with their madness. Normie does not think. Normie does what is norm. Until now, liberals said what is norm. Like homosexuality or open borders.

            3. When white nationalists go after white liberals and bully them out of country or into the silence, then the white nationalists will be the people who establish new norms.

            4 .White nationalists make clear that from now the nazis are good. Like homosexuals once were bad but liberals made them good just by saying it.

            5. Normie then votes for somebody like Victor Orban or Roy Moore or even Adolph Hitler only because this is new norm. Normie does not think, normie does what is norm so quit all crap about white race. Most of us are no bettter than africans. Yes, normie is not violent and normie works hard but normie does not think.

            6. Without white liberals jewry and africans and muslims become powerless. Like in the army, you must have some local boots on the ground. Thats how Taliban won. Without local traitors, even best army can`t operate and of course jewry too.

            Jews using white liberals who freak out normie and establish new norm just by saying it. How we know that there are such things like “native americans”. Very easy, liberals just said that whole continent belongs to bunch of savages. No science, no laws, liberals just said and normie adopted.

            So simple it is. Only thing, white nationalists must do, is go after white liberals and be the guys who make the norms. And after finishing off white liberals jews became generals with no army. And all their money is useless.

            Western patriots are like the father who let`s burn down one house after another instead of making one simple move and take the matches out from child hand. Well, liberals are the maches in the jew hand. Remove them and that is the only thing you need .

            Quit reading shit like Amren or Occidental Observer. Problem is not christianity or consumerism or whatever their bubble living ignorants figuring out. The problem is very easy, mentally ill white liberal next door freaking out the normie. We undersood the problem, teared down the USSR, kept our countries white and now we take over the Europe.

            Poland’s New PM Wants To “Make Europe Christian Again”

            Do like us or keep losing. Sad and dishonest statement but unfortunately the truth. Root of all evil is genetical white liberal. Get rid of them and you don`t have tho fight a war with jewsmuslimsniggersanddarthvader.

          • That PM you cited is a Kike.

            His whole inaugural speech was about the Holohoax and the struggles of his Jew ancestors.

          • Yes, I know. That is the main problem with the Western and Eastern nationalists. Western nationalists care about principles, Eastern nationalist care about result.

            Was the Holy Hoax real ? Well, it depends.

            Normally I am against immigration but when You come in my country and beat the shit out of liberal then I am the first guy who screams that immigration is important because immigrats do the jobs our people can`t do.

            Is the Second Amendment good or bad ? Well, when pro white guys want to get weapons, this is good and when anti whites want to get weapons, then it is bad.

            Learn to fight. Roll out the KIke and Holy Hoax when it is good for white people and pull them both back when it is bad for white people.

            We using Kiks and Holy Hoax as a weapon. One and same weapon may be good and bad depending who`s hand it is.

            I used to be Holy Hoax denier but I will be Holy Hoax enforcer at the moment when You asking me to do so because US pro whites think that in this particular situation they may use Holy Hoax as the weapon against white liberals.

            Learn to fight.

  3. On PJW, when you Red Pill On Israel and JQ you’ve got a couple of options. One is to buckle and collaborate and the other is to remain horrified by the depth and depravity of the evil.

  4. This is OK from my point of view: the worst anti White Jews , Neo Conservative Jews were are enabling mass Muslim migration invasions of the USA, the West enabling Muslim slaughters of our people in our Western countries and the Neo Conservatives spin these attacks in to support for Israel support for new Neo Conservative wats against secular Arabs against the Russians .

    But that isn t anything like the nutcases who insist Muslims had nothing to do with 9-11-11.

    Or the fools like Ron Paul who say we deserved 9-11-01 and Muslins can never threaten us or hurt us because Muslins don t have navies.

  5. Dude needs to shave and clean up. He looks like he smells like cheap beer, bad breath, frozen pizza cheese, dollar store cologne, and body grease.

  6. I got banned from infowhores for pointing out that PJW is homosexual.

    I bombed the boards with tweets from PJWs prisonplanet Twitter saying things like “checking out the vibrant gay scenes, excited!”

    Complete with pictures of pjw flanked by numale soyboys.

    Pjw pulled down all the tweets and banned me.

    • The only good comments on InfoBores are the ones that insult “Jew Wife” Jones and that fruit BJ Twatson.

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