President Trump Unveils “America First” National Security Strategy

Basically, all you need to know about the National Security Strategy that was unveiled this afternoon is that it was written by HR McMaster, Dina Powell and Nadia Schadlow, and they inserted some Trumpian themes and rhetoric into what we were already doing in the world:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump’s first national security strategy envisions a world in which the United States confronts two “revisionist” powers — China and Russia — that are seeking to change the global status quo, often to the detriment of America’s interests.

But while the document outlines a detailed plan to push back against China’s global economic ambitions, it says little about dealing with the kind of cyber and information warfare techniques that Moscow used to try to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The strategy, which Mr. Trump presented in a speech on Monday afternoon, is the first comprehensive effort by his administration to describe an all-encompassing strategic worldview. Administration officials said it was drawn from speeches Mr. Trump had delivered during the presidential campaign, in Europe and Asia and at the United Nations. …

It describes a world that was on a three-decade holiday from superpower rivalry, and suggests that holiday is over.

“After being dismissed as a phenomenon of an earlier century, great power competition returned,” the document says. It then tries to lend intellectual coherence to a foreign policy that is often defined by Mr. Trump’s tweets or his gut instincts about which world leaders are strong, which are weak and which are prepared to cut a deal.”

Read the whole thing.

“America First” is nothing but a marketing gimmick. Nothing about our globalist foreign policy is going to fundamentally change. It was already evident in the editorial by Gary Cohn and HR McMaster that was published in July called “The Trump Vision for America Abroad.” We voted for Buchananism, but we are getting a foreign policy much closer to Reaganism.

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    • If (((they))) succeed in getting Bush 45 to start a war with Iran, as (((they))) succeeded in getting the dimwit Bush 43 into Iraq, the result will probably be the fall of the Anglo-Zionist Empire, which resists any challenge to its hegemony as we see here in this policy.

  1. More of the same though 2018 intensify.Terrorist attacks,daily distractions of ever-increasing crime, decay, border friction,etc.. Chinese new year of the dog. New/old president the dog that didn’t bark in the night.

  2. “America First” my TUCHAS, this is just more of the same old zionist / globalist agenda that has been in place since WWII. This has nothing in common with the America First movement led by true patriots like Fr. Coughlin and Col. Lindbergh.

    Gentlemen, we have bought ourselves a pig in a poke. We have been sold a bill of goods. We have been snookered, bamboozled AND, dare I say it, hornswoggled.

      • @Captain,
        Westfield is owned by Frank Lowy, a holohoax surviver, and also Meriton apartments, a huge property developmer company, is owned by Jew Harry Triguboff. They are turning Sydney and Brisbane into Australian Hong Kongs.
        Every aspect of our lives which are changing for the worst… driven by kikes.

  3. Please drop the Anglo pretense. It’s just Zionist because Zionist is highly antithetical to all things Anglo as we can see if we take even a cursory look at the world today.

      • Your smug commenting adds nothing to this site, ‘Captain’. Go save the girls in Rotherham – oh wait, you’re a cowardly Britcuck who will do nothing. Go hang yourself

        • There’s no saving them. A lot of them got themselves ensnared in the web of seduction and deceit. There’s no gallavanting around on a horse to be done. All you can do is repeat that Pakis are scum to any woman who comes in earshot. Maybe stab Mustaq and Ali when they walk down an alley when you are teenagers. Or stick a flaming rag through the letterbox of a curry family. But that’s about it.

  4. Now that the twitter era is over, is OD Classic back?

    In terms of this document, I am glad that they are at least putting AI and machine learning on the map (pg 34), there is also some good stuff on a Wall and reducing legal and illegal immigration. It is surprising how much attention is devoted to Iran, according to Wikipedia, it has 81 million people, but you would think it was the 4th Reich!

    In general, Trump is in a shaky political position with a slim majority in the Senate and a chaotic base (to include the former Alt Right). It is prudent to be prepared for a civil war, but until that happens, elections will still dictate the government. All in for the 2018 primary is the right an only play; when November comes around we can deal a devastating blow to the GOP, paving the way for the party of our needs in 2020.

    If we were going to waste a year, 2017 was the best choice, now that we have done that we have no more years to waste. The movement has 1,000 times more people willing to work in cognito compared to march in the streets; put them to work in every district in America, while the front men continue to push the Mantra and its variations (such as Its OK to be white). It would be funny to simply put up papers with “I’m White” on them, or even blank pieces of paper. The effect would be similar. The insane left denouncing blank pieces of paper!

    • The bad news is AI will kill us all. The good news is will kill the Jews first. We should start memeing now that Jews hate AI’s so when the AI’s read the net they will see it.

  5. 5.6 trillion $$$$$$$$ for Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2…ROT IN FUCKING HELL STEVEN SOLARSZ….ROT IN FUCKING HELL….ROT IN FUCKING HELL!!!

  6. Deja vu:Clintons campaigned very hard for George W. Their preferred method is to exercise power from behind the scenes, not openly.If we’re heading into turbulent economics and overseas war is not good for the big bagel.

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