Crown Heights Jews Celebrate Sholom Rubashkin’s Release From Prison

I can’t help but shake my head and laugh at this.

This is one of Jared Kushner’s people. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison for bank fraud and exploiting 400 illegal aliens at an Iowa meatpacking plant. This guy is the personification of everything the so-called MAGA movement was supposed to be against.

“A real Hanukkah miracle.”

There are still some people in the Alt-Right who want to believe Donald Trump is /ourguy/. He wasn’t the God Emperor. The truth is that he was the ZOG Emperor.

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  1. Trump never spoke out against Jews or blacks or Asians during the campaign, just Mexicans and Muslim’s- that attracts votes. In supporting him, you were unknowingly engaging in civic nationalism. Trouble was, the alternative was worse.
    Trump is the ultimate symbol of the failure of democracy. Vote for him, you’re ruled by Jews. Vote for the other side, you’re ruled by Jews.
    Like never before, democracy just doesn’t change anything for you, and doesn’t improve anything. We’re long overdue for an alternative to be found.

    • Slaughterhouse Trump

      “I pity the Jews who are trying to get through life with only half a bible, that’s like trying to get to San Francisco from New York and only buying a ticket to Duburque Iowa” —Kurt Vonnegut.

      In this case literally getting off in Iowa.

    • Death to the Kikes- Race War now. Secession!!!

      Because, if we don’t, (whether you believe it or not) we will be ruled by the race of antichrist; and it will be the (((tribulation))), and you will wish to God you had entertained the thought of dispatching a Lying, satanic, devil-spawn Pharisee/Jew, when you had the chance.

      Donald Trump, anathema sit!
      Anathema, Anathema, Anathema.

    • The flaws in the design of a highly-centralized federation do not, in themselves, condemn the concept of democracy.

      The problem with “strongman” government is that it too is subject to capture by wealthy psychopaths – but there is no correcting mechanism when you get a white or (((white))) Mugabe-like character in power.

      Even the Hitler-worshippers should acknowledge that the type of highly-centralized government they pine for has the inherent flaw of faulty feedback mechanisms – strongmen get told by their sycophants exactly what it is that they wish to be told.

      Yes, female suffrage must end. Yes, anyone reliant upon the state for their livelihood should have their voting rights removed for the duration of that dependence, but, no, strongmen government by oligarchs is not the way to go.

      Reforming the broken design of the flawed system is the way to go.

      • Why is the form of government the answer? Maybe it’s not the form of government but our particular ideals and values that doom us or save us. Why is the form of economic arrangements the answer? Maybe it’s not the economic arrangements but the people making them.

        • Of course it’s the people that are important.

          But, you’ll note that my comment was in response to a commenter who offhandedly dismissed democracy.

          Even an ethnically homogeneous people will have to design proper forms of government and economic affairs if they wish to prosper and be secure – every society has its psychopaths and traitors, and they must be kept away from power lest they destroy society.

    • @newmetrology: The Hasidim and Ultra Orthodox yids tend vote for conservative Republicans, so I think a lot of them already supported Trump.

  2. I’m interested to see if the Jewish vote will shift at all in his direction. I can’t imagine it would shift more than 5% tops. Similar with blacks, Trump could save black babies from a burning building and they would still vote 90+% for Dems and say he’s racist. “What, you think just cuz you save some black babies that means you aren’t racist?” Uh yeah, I risked my life to save infants of another race. “You racis jus fo sayin dat.” Niggers hate white people and always want more power over whites. It’s the same with Jews. Sociopaths aren’t interested in being fair and grateful.

    • He literally did this with the Basketball Americans of Gucci who swiped expensive sunglasses in China.

      Trump should remember that no good* deed on behalf of Jews or Blacks goes unpunished.

      *defining good in this context is a complex issue.

    • Orthodox Jews will seriously consider voting Republican because they tend to oppose abortion, feminism, gay rights, and secularism, and aren’t fans of black people. Most Jews are secular and recall their immigrant heritage and voting Republican feels to them like voting for the KKK. If Trump ran as a pro-choice Democrat, which he may have once considered, they might have voted for him.

  3. Should have realized, Trump is a product of the swamp. Why would he want to drain it? ZOG is firmly in place.

  4. I guess it’s the perfect time for whites to petition their Congressmen for the release of Dylann Roof, who is also incarcerated as a result of a terrible injustice (i.e. according to Jew morality, at any rate).

  5. Damn! All this winning and Breitbart has yet to celebrate another win with the freeing of Rubashkin by posting this.

  6. Some people say we shouldn’t worry about symbolic gestures like the pardoning of this dirty yid, or ZOG’s official recognition of Al Quds as the capital of Zionist occupied Palestine. But symbolic gestures can have a great deal of significance.

    • The only people I’ve seen doing this are either cuckservative MAGApedes that would have cheered Little Marco just as much, and one specific Alt-Right figure that just can’t get past the fact that Trump is just one giant dumpster fire.

  7. This does serve as a lesson to every WN/Alt Righter – stop worrying “optics” or “fairness”. FUCK that SHIT. Race is the ONLY think that matters. THE ONLY THING.

  8. one of the head rabbis using the OT where their devil god gives them instructions for gentiles said all goyim are put here to serve Israel and the jews. and every leader of the West does that

  9. Mike Cernovich has a big ego, is horribly long-winded, and dumb as a box of rice. He should marry Vox Day and the two of them could start a wind farm for government subsidy.

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