Republicans Celebrate Tax Reform Victory

Ann Coulter is right.

This is like watching the Titanic go down in real time. They sold MAGA as a “nationalist-populist revolution” and rode that wave of White working class backlash into power. Now, it turns out that “America First” was this rehash of 1980s Reaganism. The prosperity is going to trickle down to the little guy who has watched neoliberal economics ravage the working class since the 1970s.

If you think America has been on the right course since the 1970s, you are going to love tax reform which is going to intensify economic inequality and class conflict. We’re going to double down on everything we have been doing. We’re going to do this at a time when a majority of Millennials are poorer than previous generations and prefer socialism to capitalism. Let’s don’t do neoliberalism at 50 mph. Let’s kick it up to 80 mph and see what happens.

This is so unbelievably stupid. There is a huge swath of people out there we can’t reach because they are so blinded with rage over things like student loans, rents, healthcare, the pitiful job market, etc. They are stuck working in gig economy jobs and the news is going to get back to them that the stock market has surged to an all time high and billionaires are getting a massive tax cut.

All the GOP is doing here is throwing gasoline on that fire. It is going to come back to haunt them. Politically, it will be even worse if it coincides with a long overdue recession.

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  1. make america again? more like make ISRAEL great again! the flood gates are open, you’ll all be raped now…smdh

  2. We voted for The Wall, deportation of illegals, an end of nation building, a home based economy. We got “tax reform” instead. Jeb might as well have won.

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