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As we move into 2018, I am swinging away from the Republicans. I don’t support the Paul Ryan “Better Way” agenda. I don’t support neoliberal economics. I think we have been going in the wrong direction since the 1970s and don’t want to continue going down this road.

Opioid Deaths:

As we all know, the opioid epidemic has become a national crisis and the White working class has been hit the hardest by it. It is a “sea of despair” out there.

White Mortality:

As the family crumbles, religion recedes in his life, and his job prospects dwindle, the middle aged White working class man is turning to drugs, alcohol and suicide:


The White suicide rate has soared since 2000:

Median Household Income:

The average household in the United States is poorer in 2017 than it was in 1997:

Real GDP:

Since the late 1990s, real GDP and real median household income have parted ways:

Productivity and Real Wages:

Since the 1970s, the minimum wage has parted ways with productivity gains in the US economy:

Stock Market:

Since 2000, the stock market has soared, but 10% of Americans own 80% of stocks. The top 1% owns 38% of stocks. In 2007, 3/4th of middle class households were invested in the stock market, but now only 50% are investors. Overall, 52% of Americans now own stocks, which is down from 65%. The average American has less than $1,000 in their combined checking and savings accounts.

Do you know what this tells me?

It tells me that the bottom line is that Christmas has become a harder season for White families. We are worse off because of BOTH social and economic liberalism which has only benefited an elite few. The bottom half of the White population is now in total disarray – drug addiction, demoralization, divorce, suicide, abortion, atomization, stagnant wages, declining household income and investments – and this dysfunction is creeping up the social ladder. The worst thing we can do is step on the accelerator.

Paul Ryan and his fellow conservatives look at this and conclude we need MORE freedom. We need lower taxes, more free trade, more deregulation, weaker unions, more immigration and less social safety net spending. He wants to follow up tax reform with entitlement reform in 2018. I can’t but see how this is going to make an already bad situation for the White working class even worse.

I’m not rightwing in the sense that these people are. I think their policies are harmful to the nation. I don’t think they feel any sense of duty and obligation to the working class like we do. They believe in liberal abstractions and make an Ayn Rand fetish out of freedom whereas we feel a sense of solidarity with them grounded in race, ethnicity and culture which tempers class division. We recoil at the evisceration of the social fabric whereas conservatives celebrate this blind march toward plutocracy.

Do the wealthy need to own a greater share of the stock market? Do they need to own a greater share of our national wealth? Do we need to loosen up morals and the labor market? Do we need more White children growing up in financially stressed, broken homes on Christmas? Is the greatest problem facing the nation spending on anti-poverty programs? Paul Ryan and the True Cons think so.

Yeah, I don’t think so. I also think it is a good thing right now that we aren’t associated with the mainstream Right. In the long run, I bet this will pay off for us. I predict this platform they have been standing on for decades now, which they call the conservative base, is going to implode on them. Donald Trump was only the first sign that Atlas is about to shrug.

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  1. An analysis that is long, long overdue.

    This is the time-bomb that is ticking below everything else that is going on.

    Thanks Hunter.

  2. “Paul Ryan and his fellow conservatives look at this and conclude we need MORE freedom. We need lower taxes, more free trade, more deregulation, weaker unions, more immigration and less social safety net spending. He wants to follow up tax reform with entitlement reform in 2018. I can’t but see how this is going to make an already bad situation for the White working class even worse.”

    When it comes to federal and state taxes, corporations really don’t pay them though. The consumer does, but somehow none of this tax reform makes it to the small business owner or the individual. I have a relative who runs a small business and employees one individual at a mid $30k’s salary. This relative told me its asinine what taxes he pays in income and local for inventory. Yes, we have to pay for government services somehow but how much is too much?

    I myself lived in a state with an income tax years ago and the taxes I paid before and after my check consumed 4.5 months of my life. Those are the ones I could visibly count. Probably more like 50% of the year if I could figure out what it was in my rent and products that I bought.

    Some deregulation is good. Obummer really stiffed us with too much of it especially under the phony global warming stupidity. That’s why cars are more expensive and boring looking – the safety and environmental Nazis have dictated car design for decades now. I can’t afford a new vehicle nor the repairs for the needless complexity.

    We do need end immigration and if we can create more jobs take a look at social spending which is consuming a great portion of federal and state budgets. I’m not a big fan of unions,especially public ones, but people do have the right organize to better themselves.

  3. A land of “liberals” and this is exactly a predictable outcome.


    One recognizes that a super-duper majority of “whites” are anti-white (S)upremacists (along with the jewsual suspects)…


    A white (S)upremacist may put his mind at ease so as to get to the “business” of white (S)upremacy regardless of the chaos he is immersed in.

    The cog-diss of decrying a liberated “white” mass (drug-addled poor AND FILTHY RICH) followed up by the woe-is-white dilemma ALL THE WHILE standing steadfast against white (S)upremacy is a mindset of self-annihilation.

  4. Lets say I wanted to open a factory and help by employing these desperate people.
    I think you would note the obvious problems with the EEOC, but if someone in a wheelchain applies I will have to make it barrier free or face a fine. Same with blind or deaf people. Of course some threatened species will be found so I probaby won’t be able to build it anyway. Or the EPA will say it threatens wetlands even if it is a desert (It happens to ranchers today). I might need all kinds of other licenses and permits and still haven’t even hired one person!.
    Assume I succeed against all odds and turn my original million into 5 million. You don’t want to let me keep it – I take all the risk, but if I win, you might let me keep a few hundred thousand dollars.

    Lets say I’m a doctor. You want to turn me into a slave. Instead of being paid the market rate, the Government will tell me how long I can spend with a patient, what I can prescribe, how I can treat, and will probably create months long waiting lists for basic tests so cancers can metasticize or they deadly heart attack will kill the patient – oops, but dead men don’t use health care. That is how they do it in England and Canada. Single Payer is a deadly nightmare, and was even before the refugee flood.

    There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

    While I’ve never supported things like NAFTA and WTO I would always point out they weren’t free trade. They were at best regulatory and monetary arbitrage.

    There should be tariffs. China lets their businessmen pollute everything and do negligent homicide on their workers, and manipulates their currency (going to a gold standard would fix this). They have all kinds of unfair regulations on stuff going to China. The only thing they seem to like is our Treasury debt, but apparently have too much already.

    Also with taxes. The error is rich v.s. poor. The correct line is rich or poor makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, employers, v.s. rich or poor financial engineers, crony welfare queens, and other moochers like Solyndra. What if people could deduct none of the capital gains, but 120% of the wages and benefits they pay employees? How about taxing people like Mitt’s Bain Capital for every job they destroy with their financial engineering. You should tax things in proportion to the damage caused, including pollution, infrastructure damage, or job instability. And poor people do that too – e.g. out of wedlock births or divorce. A $30k divorce tax maybe? A bastard tax?

    Also, end the Fed and go back to Gold and Silver. Interest rates should be set by the market. Right now everyone can only earn 0.2% on their savings while inflation is 2.7% minmum. We also need to balance the budget but not with a military empire that only we pay for. There is no magic dust, nor magic in having a white skin, other than you might have a brain to realize these monetary shell games are frauds. Socialism CANNOT work because it destroys the very information needed to allocate resources. Some bureaucrat guesses wrong how much food, oil, autos, or even toilet paper is needed, so there are either gluts or shortages.

    Why should I prefer white tyranny to multicultural tyranny?
    Why should I prefer white cronyism to multicultural cronyism?
    Why should I prefer white corruption to multicultural corruption?
    Why should I prefer to be killed with taxes and regulations by whites instead of cultural marxists?

    Whites in Christendom created the golden mean of just enough regulation to insure justice – it didn’t pick winners, but didn’t allow oppression or theft. People owned their property and would never lose it (until property taxes came along). Wages were considered property as well, and until WW2 were not taxed, and we did not have withholding. We were more prosperous and free before Lincoln – who wanted tariffs and regulation! We were more prosperous and free before Wilson, and FDR, and Nixon, and Obama.

    Why can’t you imagine giving up all this government power that corrupts those in power and destroys those who ae not. That is the lesson we need to learn. To keep the fire in the hearth, not burning the city.

    • Well said! Too many negative economic incentives. That does not mean I want dirty water, soil, etc. Some environmental is necessary for a better environment and to protect other’s property. ADA (American with Disabilities Act) has become a money scam for some lawyers.

      And even if you are successful, how much do you get to keep?

  5. “…The correct line is rich or poor makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, employers, v.s. rich or poor financial engineers, crony welfare queens, and other moochers like Solyndra…”

    I super major agree with a lot of what you said expect for two points. I wondering how I can phrase this so you’ll understands that I really, really agree with all you wrote except for the two points. I’m not trying to disagree with what you wrote overall I really like it. The two points are:

    1. I believe we should support independent energy like solar, electric cars, etc. I fully realize that some of it will be folly and that it will be gamed. Let’s look at Solyndra.


    “Solyndra was a manufacturer of cylindrical panels of copper indium gallium selenide thin film solar cells based in Fremont, California. Although the company was once touted for its unusual technology, plummeting silicon prices led to the company’s being unable to compete with conventional solar panels made of crystalline silicon….”

    If we had tariffs they would not have gone bankrupt I believe. Solyndra was not just a financial hack. They had tech that could make solar cells in rolls like paper. Maybe if they had a little more time they could have made it work.

    A lot of money will be wasted but I feel that independent energy is worth it. Right now we have oil and will have a good supply for the foreseeable future but it won’t always be that way and there’s no guarantee that some “miracle” will come along to meet our energy needs. Starting now means little pressure and a slow, steady development.

    2. Gold has never really worked because banks always lend more than they have on hand and there’s always been panics. There’s also the fact that over time gold is hoarded and the bankers get more and more control. Money that expands at the same rate as the economy or at least tries to seems to be the best of several competing ways of managing money. A good argument for fiat backed by commodities, in this case land, is the bills in Pennsylvania that Benjamin Franklin talked about. When the British government found out about them they immediately banned them causing a massive recession. This may have been one of the causes of the Revolutionary war that no one talks about. Forcing the colonist to only use British gold for currency of which they had none. another case that warrants not making gold the currency is China. The Chinese have been giving extraordinary loans to their manufacturing businesses. Solar cell manf. is only one of them. They also keep out competitors. Now you may respond that gold would keep them from doing that but we may very well be in the same place China was with our hollowed out industry and if it worked for the Japanese, Koreans and the Chinese it will probably work for us.

    • Oops, big mistake. I was wrong about Solyndra. They didn’t make cells that could be rolled like paper. I confused them with another company I still stand by the idea of subsidizing energy and solar power. I do hate windmills for mass power though.

  6. A better way for me and not for thee.2020 GOP as a vehicle for the swamp will be junked.Last gaps of corrupt rulers.

  7. Whites are going to have to decide to LIVE, and take care of ourselves, at some point. Or not. We decide to live, or we die. In the end, it’s up to us to decide to take care of ourselves. No one else will, especially not the kike drug and death pushers.

    I went to a Christmas part last night. I had a wonderful time. I had some really interesting conversations last night. Most of the folks are VERY successful people, in terms of economic wealth, but they know things are…off…’s up to us to tell them the real source of our social breakdown.

    By the by, I just discovered, a few days ago, that my tee crush died, at a shockingly young age, a few years ago. He was the brother of my best friend. He was smart, a very gifted artist, charismatic, and very good looking. He was one of the VERY “coolest” kids in high school, and he was also unfailingly kind to his younger sister’s goofy and awkward teenaged friends. We all worshipped him. He nearly ruined his life with drug abuse. He did pull out of his death spiral, re-connected with Christianity, married, and had kids. He died “suddenly” at home, in his fifties. I’m certain his early death occurred due to the physical toll exerted on his system, during the decade of his Twenties. I found his sister’s phone number. I haven’t called her yet. I will call her in January, and express my condolences. I’m certain she’ll think I’m weird for contacting her – but so be it. I still want to let her know that I am saddened by her brother’s death, and I never forgot him, decades after I knew him,

    I also just found out that a much older adult cousin of mine decided to get himself addicted to heroin in his FIFTIES. His marriage broke up over this. I don’t feel any pit for him what-so-ever. My friend’s brother didn’t know any better, when he began poisoning himself – but my cousin SHOULD know better .WTF??? White men need to MAN UP.

  8. We must include the breakup of the family as a major cause of much white malaise. White men are abandoning their young vulnerable children. This must be stopped.

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