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      Most people do not understand Hanukah. The Judaists started celebrating this evil just so that their kids will not go to their Christian friends or start demanding celebrating Christmas like their friends and leave Judaism, so they gave them a fake holiday called Hanukah.

      For details, see the online article called: “The truth about the Maccabees”


  1. Merry Christmas from Barellan, NSW, Australia. I got a hat, some records to play on my record player and some new shirts. Every year I say to my kids-I don’t really want anything for Christmas, just your company, you need the money more than we need the presents, but they buy, regardless.
    Because its hot down here, we usually fill up on seafood, cold salads, brushetta and pavlova with fruit. My kids will down a few cold ones and then go for a swim in the river or pool later.
    Anyhow enjoy your day everyone. Stay safe and well.

    • Another small point but a major one – lies also in the angels’ greeting ‘…good news to all people.’

      Both the KJV and Linus van Pelt (a minor form of Dutch NOBILITY, FYI) are missing (in both Greek and English) a definite article- ‘the’ – as in, ‘….good news to all THE People.’ Who is this ‘the people’? the residents, the ETHNIC group of the residents of Judea, of the tribes of Israel, of the Chosen People, of the ELECT of God, of that time, when the Holy Spirit directed Luke to write in Greek, the history of the Incarnation.

      All Greek MSS have ‘????? ?? ???’ [panti to lao]. In Greek there is a unique point, which is not normative in, say, English. When you introduce yourself to someone in Greek, you say, “My name is THE Costas”…. as if there were NO OTHER Costas’s on the earth. Well, here in the NT Greek ‘the people’ refers ONLY to the People for whom this Messiah was to come- and that ain’t the Amerindian, the Chinaman, the Mestizo, the African Negro, but only ‘to the Judean and the Hellene’ (In other words, the White Race).

      All ‘literal’ translations state ‘all THE people’ – ESV, NASB, HCSB, ISV, ASV, Douay[!], Youngs – as well as some of the ‘dynamic equivalence’ translations: NIV.

      The WORST (but the modern desire for it to be true, even if it never can be) is the Bastard “Aramaic Bible in [sic] Plain English, which mis-translates Luke 2:10 as “…great joy which will be to the entire universe.”

      Nope. Sorry, no way, uh-unh! For the Alt-Right, the universalist PERVERSION of the Word of God wants all Whites to think that all hominids of whatever racial mixture are equal claimants to Heaven, much like Jefferson’s fallacious, ‘All hominids are created equal.” Just like the blasphemous DOGS that say Islam, and talmudism are both ‘ways to God/Allah/Golem.’ THEY’RE NOT.

      The Word of God is clear. There is an elect Race, a defined people, and a unique Ethnos, that ALONE are (and were, and forevermore alone, shall be) the recipients of God’s grace. The White Man.

      As Hillaire Belloc so clearly noted (which even Ann Barnhardt should be aware of) ‘EUROPE is the [Christian] Faith; the [Christian] Faith, Europe.’

      Blessed Nativity- whether you celebrate according to the Gregorian or the Julian calendar.
      “…Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.” –
      I Pet. 1:2

  2. I saw the real Santa at Cumberland Farms on Xmas Eve. He was wearing cargo pants and driving a KIA but it was definitely him.

  3. The nativity scene used to arouse in me deep feelings of reverence and hope but no longer does, now that I know who is best served by it.

    For most of my life I was caught up in the Christian superstition (all religions are superstitions) which had me believing that all races were equal and all could trace their ancestry back to the Biblical Adam and Eve. The whole “brotherhood of man” and a sense of duty to give of our technology and lots of money to people throughout the world comes from this religion. Open borders and sanctuary cities, funded in large part by churches, find their impetus in the “Good Book,” and giving a bunch of free stuff to parasites who rape, rob and murder us is part of Christian pathological altruism.

    Our eternal enemies, the Jews, gain the most from our practice of this religion as we “bless” Israel by giving them billions of dollars every year along with state of the art weapons and UN vetoes of every resolution brought against the many crimes the illegitimate state of Isra-hell commits. All of this so we will not be “cursed” (Gen. 12:3). We even send our militaries into countries Israel deems an enemy or obstruction to their quest for “Eretz Yisrael.”

    As long as we believe that “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22) and that they are “god’s chosen” we will always be their slaves.

    To disabuse my fellow whites of the belief that the Bible is “God’s Word” and to learn who is being served by it I recommend the following books:

    “Is it God’s word? An exposition of the fables and mythology of the Bible and of the impostures of theology” and “Forgery in Christianity: A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Christian Religion,” by Joseph Wheless

    “The Origins of Christianity” and “The Jews Love Christianity,” by Dr. Revilo Oliver

  4. Predictably, on the news on boxing day they’ll be showing hordes of people barging in to the department stores to snap up post-Christmas bargains the second the doors open. You’d think the merchandise was about to run away, the way they pile in like vultures and nearly collapse on top of each other. They show this on the news evveerry fucken year!
    When they show footages of it in Sydney and Melbourne, you’d think it was filmed in Hong Kong-given the number of ching chongs you see.
    Have a great new year everyone. If you’re actually on holidays-I’m jealous! I have to keep working…

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