Black Kid Murdered In Washington, DC For His $200 Pair of Air Jordans

James Anthony Smith is Exhibit A of why the Black Lives Matter movement is a farce:

“All James Anthony Smith wanted for Christmas was a pair of bright red Nike Air Jordans. His mother paid $220 for the sneakers and gave her 17-year-old son his gift a bit early.

They went from store box to James’s feet without ever passing under the tree at his Southeast Washington home. The Ballou High School sophomore enjoyed them for four days.

On Monday evening, police said a gunman shot James on a basketball court at the Frederick Douglass Community Center. His mother, Benita Smith, said whoever attacked her son took the sneakers. He was found a block away, on a street, shoeless. He died less than two hours later at a hospital. …”

I roll my eyes when I hear “Black Lives Matter.”

In the black community, a black kid’s life isn’t worth a pair of tennis shoes he got for Christmas. That’s not our fault. We’re not responsible for the carnage in black neighborhoods. We prefer to avoid those areas altogether because black people have made them so dangerous. Notice that he was shot dead at the basketball court at the Frederick Douglass Community Center.

I’ve lost count of the number of shitlibs who have virtue signaled “Black Lives Matter” at me. At the University of Florida, they shouted down Richard Spencer’s speech. It would never occur to Richard Spencer though to shoot some random black kid for the sport of doing so. Instead, it is a heresy against political correctness for our public utterances on race to conform to the facts.

If these people really believed that “Black Lives Matter,” there would be a national outcry over James Anthony Smith whose death was so typical. They don’t care about this case though. Black lives don’t matter to other black people or shit like this wouldn’t constantly happen.

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  1. Deny it all you want; but the efforts of whites to supreme African-American from 1865-1965; then there would be a way larger black middle/upper class society that’s (really starting to blossom)…

    It’s the low-income areas that all the madness is occurring. Middle/upper class blacks commit just as much (maybe even less) crime as their white counterparts.

    Quit trying to make a socioeconomic issue into a racial one…

    • Lmao. 6 percent of the black population commit over 50 percent of all violent crime in this country but yet its the white mans fault? Get real. The only people holding blacks back are blacks themselves. The white man isn’t forcing blacks to kill each other over sneakers or koolaid every single day. When a tiny fraction of people are committing murder and making cities uninhabitable for others, there’s a huge problem.

      • Chuck, I’m not talking about Black America (or White America) as a whole; I’m talking about the poor ones in comparison to the middle/upper-class ones

          • He is, which is why the murder rate in 90% White Appalachia is equal to that of 70% negro Baltimore…. except it’s NOT.

            El “Shit-stain” is a troll who will soon be sipping all his meals through a straw. That’s the recovery protocol for someone with a broken jaw and extensive tooth loss due to blunt force facial trauma. That is IF he shows up to a future rally, which of course he won’t because he’s a faggot coward.

            tick tock

          • El Chapo the movie “Gangs of New York” is a work of historical fiction, retard. The actual Bill the Butcher is not known to have killed anyone.

      • That’s why St DyRo got it wrong. Why get jailed for doing what blacks do to each other with relish every day anyway?

      • Its actually 3% of population commit over 50% of homicides. 13% / 2 for males only = 6% and then 6% / 2 for under 35 years old = 3%. They are a plague anywhere they exist!

    • We’re shipping the niggers back to Africa. The jews will be sent to forced labor colonies in the Arctic Circle. And you cactus coons will be confined to the ratlands of the Mexican desert. WHITE POWER!

    • Yeah, because poor whites act like pavement apes running wild.

      Oh, wait, they don’t. Compare dirt-poor whites in Louisiana helping people during various hurricanes, and the groids going out to loot and murder the second the lights go down.

      It must have something to do with not being stupid as a box of rocks, combined not having a randomly violent nature, plus the ability to plan more than about 5 minutes in the future. Also, we’ve thrown countless billions at the groids and licked their feet for generations, and guess what? They’re still groids.

      Your simpering sanctimony about “socioeconomics” shows that you’re a fake beaner. Hispanics don’t give a fig about blacks, other than hating their guts and driving them out of their neighborhoods.

      Some on here suspect you of being a Jew. Myself, I think you’re a chinless low-T half-faggot soyboy sitting in Seattle or somewhere similar, thinking that your treason to your race makes you magnificent, when in fact it makes you a low-down, despicable traitor far more vile than any Negro.

      Another “tell” that you’re a mealy-mouthed white shitlib and not a real Hispanic is that you say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” Mexicans have enough balls to not care about that level of anti-Chrisian virtue signaling. You should have said “Feliz Navidad,” but your desire to virtue signal made you blow your incognito once again.

      Merry Christmas, you piece of walking trash.

      • @Ironsides

        “Mexicans have enough balls to not care about that level of anti-Chrisian virtue signaling.”

        Mexicans, like most people outside of North America and Western Europe, don’t give a damn about Judeo-Honky Liberalism. They really couldn’t give a damn less what White SWPL/SJW Yuppie types in Hollywood, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boston and NYC, think.

        Mexicans think those places and people are weak and are too arrogant and stupid to know it.


      You sound like a left wing libbarbarian and a negrophiliac.

      Most Mexicans won’t have the brain to write a single English sentence right, but you can write English.

      All these suggest you are a Hasbara troll.

      Also, on the subject of blacks, do you know what Indian students at the university called dark skinned people? They call them “kala kakoos” (which word literally means melena, or black stools, or black feces).

      Are you ok with your female relatives associating with the raping murdering kala kakoos? Are you ok with that? As a libbarbarian, you should be fine with that.

      • @Arnold


        If you know enough to ask the question, you already know the answer.

    • El Chapo,

      How then do you explain the fact that even upper income Blacks have a lower avg SAT than lower income Whites?

    • @EL Chapo. The poorest places in the country are the rural areas of West Virginia, Kentucky, and rural Appalachia. Yet these places have some of the lowest crime rates in the U.S. Violent crime is rare in rural West Virginia and Kentucky. So no poor whites don’t commit as much crime as poor blacks. Not even close. Poor whites actually commit less crime than upper middle class blacks. These statistics exist, but something tells me your not interested in the truth. So, if poverty doesn’t cause blacks to kill and be violent what does? You already know the answer. It’s their race that is violent and animalistic.

      • SMcDonald, I’ll back you up on that, too. I’m here in South Central Ohio, across the river from Kentucky. Very little if any crime down here, even with the so called opioid “epidemic” & abject poverty. Keep in mind there’s a lot of guys around these parts that fit the description of the protagonist in the song “16 TONS.” You just don’t mess with them & vise versa. Ironically, the public schools around here, in spite of a lack of money & resources, out perform all the big city, predominately black systems here in the Buckeye State. They may not be sending their graduates to college but those who do finish have the skills & knowledge to lead a productive life. Those who don’t, still have enough sense to stay out of trouble & are willing to work at whatever job is available.

  2. Chapo, the blacks under white supremacy actually had families. White Supremacy is a better arrangement for whites and blacks. Unlimited government money to blacks is not going to end well. For all the “normal” blacks out there who are being artificially propped up, there are twice as many blacks who will always be at the bottom.

    Blacks want to parasitize whites to the maximum, I predict it is going to end very badly for them.

    • Precisely. And if the beaners take over the country, you think they’re going to continue welfare payments to a bunch of violent primitives who are incapable of living up to even the standards of Mexican ‘society’? The groids will be out on their ear, and if they make a fuss, the Mexicans won’t hesitate to send in the troops to restore what passes for order in beanerland.

      • Lower class Blacks have already been ethnically cleansed by Mexicans from Southern California and all of California. Blacks have lost some but not all Lib Dem political representation and when old Black Congresswomen like M Waters dies off, she’ll be replaced by Hispanic congresswomen. The Lib Left Dems work really hard to keep everyone on the anti White Lib Left Dem plantation here in Chicago, even though the Chicago city Black population has decreased by 40% since 2000 they haven’t lost any Congressional districts, city government jobs are even more Black affirmative action – the Blacks having retakes the Police Commander’s job and the District Attorney Job. The new DA is a BlackLiesMatter woman Kim Fox who just hates the police and works to give “get out of jail” passes to Black criminals.

        Cook County Jail population has been cut in half since she got the job and of course our violent crime rate is exploding.

  3. Academics Please Respond!!1

    Is there a rational anthropological theory as to why blakes are obsessed with they feets? Thieving and murdering for a pair of globalist sneakers is observably consistent behaviour. Is it merely an adornment and status ploy? Could there be a negative psychological self identification with they feets such that the extremes of their acquisition behaviour to get sneakers is a escalated by an insanity invoking shame? To conceal, in this sense. Are new sneakers inordinately rewarded by other blakes with sex or social agency? Do the many stylistic variants of globo-homo sneakers, with the exception of New Balance, invoke a primitive tribal marker, possibly signaletic of mortal inter-tribal competition in this strange race?
    Are the commonly bright colours a factor in the attack behaviour, such as it would be with a fish or an old bullfrog? Are these behaviours the result of our technology and knowledge investiture derailing these groups from their natural evolutionary timeline? Has the vanity of charity in Christendom produced an extreme disjuncture in the authentic evolutionary time-space of these vibrant races? What of their identity and their authenticity?

    • I mean, all of these theories are possibly valid, but I would think it’s mainly because Negroes are primitive creatures that are by and large incapable of understanding the world of White Humans aside from base materialism.

      It’s been the same since the Africans first beheld White Civilization – they would sell their own families into slavery for little metal trinkets like silverware or other types of bobbles.

      • Thanks Cicero. Merry Christmas, btw. In Darwinian evolution, as limited as my understanding of it is, the conditions of the environment and species adaptation informs success. In europid homo sapiens evolution, technology, knowledge investiture and culture inform environmental adaptation to conditions. The role of leadership, kings and emperor’s and so on, used to be to conserve the commons of these creations to the ethnic group that authored them. Now our leadership is more like the behaviour of the jungle niggers you describe, selling their race and nation in trading away the ethnic continence of our investiture. Ecumenical egalitarianism, world peace, open markets, etcetera.
        So much of everything that is ours sorely needs to be clawed back. It’s all so unnatural.

  4. We should be air dropping huge quantities of them over major American cities.

    Corporate secrets revealed: Nike – doing the job Church’s Fried Chicken failed to do.

  5. One less nigger on welfare. Good riddance. Why are they obsessed with sneakers? For the same reason that if you go into black areas their houses are fall down and they are $80K cars sitting in the driveway. Liberals say its not true but I see this all he time. Its quite common.

    Niggers are niggers. Stop the intellectualizing and nonsense. They are empowered today because of the tribe.

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