Israel First: Nikki Haley Announces $285 Million UN Budget Cut

Breitbart is calling the move a “Christmas miracle”:

“Nikki Haley, United States Ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.), announced Sunday night that the federal government has reduced its contribution to the U.N.’s annual budget by 285 million dollars. …

Haley’s statement comes after the U.N. voted to condemn the United States for President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The resolution, backed by nations with long records of extreme human rights abuses, passed 128-9 last Thursday. Haley immediately responded by threatening to reduce America’s U.N. funding.

“The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the General Assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation,” Haley told the assembly in New York City. …”

This is symbolic of where we are at with the Trump administration.

If you had told us two years that President Donald Trump was going to cut the UN budget by $285 million dollars for attacking our national sovereignty, we would have thought it was a great move. It sounds like we are putting “America First.” He is standing up to the globalists and asserting our national interests. This is a sort of Christmas present for his nationalist supporters.

Now, let’s suppose you had sat us down two years ago and told us the following: it’s true that Donald Trump is cutting the UN’s funding by $285 million, but that is because AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson have bought our foreign policy and have even more power than they did under George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In order to reward Sheldon Adelson for the millions of dollars he invested in the Trump campaign, we recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Hanukkah, which outraged the rest of the world. We appointed Nikki Haley as our UN ambassador, who believes that Binomo is a real country, and she threatened foreign countries for asserting their independence from the Israel Lobby. Then in a bold assertion of our “America First” principles, we cut the UN’s funding on Christmas.

In other words, the Trump administration has managed to create a situation where the globalists at the UN come across as sympathetic, and the “nationalists” come across as the villains. This sort of “populist nationalism” is nothing more than a cat’s paw of Zionist billionaires. The real threat to our national sovereignty is Bibi Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC, not the UN!

Note: The Alt-Right and MAGA are not the same thing.

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  1. $285 million is just a symbolic drop in the bucket. The UN gets billions from US taxpayers every year. Everything about the fraudulent Trump regime is symbolic gestures, nothing of substance.

  2. Now, I usually don’t like to talk about all-encompassing conspiracies, but this makes you almost wonder whether this whole thing was to demonize Nationalism once and for all.

    • It’s a good point. Yet…The USG did unanimously condemn Nazis of C’Ville.

      So the nationalism on trial with Trump isn’t nationalism at all.

      It’s Zionism.

  3. Defunding the United Nations is a good move – the next step is to expel the United Nations from the United States or else move it to Baltimore MD or Selma AL.

    So the cause is just UN reps dissing Israel’s annexation of all of Jerusalem.

    I liked this to the Crown Heights Brooklyn Black riots against Jews in ~ 1991. Sure White Gentiles were beaten robbed, beaten, gang raped and killed in New York City 1985-91 (I was there) and this didn’t bring about any political change, but when mobs of Blacks specifically targeted Jews “Kill the Jews” led by Rev. Al Sharpton, it brought about real change. Rudy Guliani was elected mayor and Black criminal anarchy shielded by liberalism BlackLiesMatter that all ended.

    I was hoping the 9/11/01 illegal immigrant, Muslim slaughters of our people in our country would have brought about similar positive changes in immigration policies, but they did not. The victims/targets were just White Americans, not Jews, so the result was spun by Jewish Neo Conservatives, Cuckservatives in to 25 years of US military interventions, wars against Secular Arabs in Iraq, Syria, Libya etc.

    Unless we can somehow get the invading Muslim migrant terrorist to target Jews in their mass murder, nothing is going to change and the Jews will still support the Muslim migrant invasions. The worst the Muslim migrant invaders have done is to burn a few Israeli flags and Europeans respond with more calls for “education”.

  4. I respectfully disagree with any here that recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a bad thing.

    Every country in the world decides where its capital is. Standard operating procedure is to build one’s embassy to that country there. The real bone of contention is NOT where to place our embassy but whether to recognize a country to begin with.

    Truman already screwed the pooch where Israel was concerned and the rest of the western world followed suit back in the forties. Not building our embassy in Jerusalem doesn’t mean a damned thing if we recognize Israel as a legal country and then pour billions of dollars in aid into it.

    Not building an embassy there is only an empty, meaningless symbolic way to pacify the Arabs (who are only too well aware that Washington is Israeli-occupied territory anyway) which only further inconveniences our own diplomatic personnel.

    Not only do the Jews claim Jerusalem for the capital of Israel, the Palestinians want it as the capital of Palestine assuming they ever fulfill their national ambitions and toss the Jews into the sea. Do you think the Palestinian Authority is going to be okay with no US embassy there if they take over?

    George Washington warned us about getting involved in foreign entanglements, advising us to simply do business and trade with whomever is in charge and let it go at that. Of course, we haven’t listened to that advice anymore than the idea that we should mint our own money.

    This may be counter-intuitive thinking on my part, but consider my position that the United States recognizing Jerusalem and moving our embassy there, not to mention bullying the rest of the world into doing the same is going to end up being a Pyrrhic Victory for Judaism. Jews have cleverly instituted the Hierarchy of Victims throughout the West and put themselves at the very top of the totem pole as the world’s biggest victims as poor, wandering exiles persecuted wherever they go.

    As a result, they have been making out like bandits since the Allies defeated Hitler, proving that only the Jew won World War II.

    There is a very good reason why a lot of leftist liberal Jews don’t like this idea of moving our embassy to Jerusalem. The concept of “Killing ’em with Kindness” is pretty old. That’s what Donald Trump is doig and they know it. They see the handwriting on the wall, realizing the fallout is going to be … interesting to say the least.

        • I don’t believe Trump is playing any kind of chess game. He’s got children who were co-opted by and married to Zionist Jews. His grandchildren are Jewish. Trump’s motivation may be from the POV of the biggest philo-semite in history He may honestly believe he is doing the best thing imaginable for the Jewish people.

          As long as Jerusalem wasn’t recognized as Israel’s capital and there was no relocation of the American embassy by her USA golem from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it was very easy for Jews to force their globalist multiculturalism orthodoxy on other countries, particularly White Western countries. All the while unofficially maintaining an exclusively Jewish ethnostate.

          The Jews have proven that they have made the greatest gains as a stateless people, functioning as a country of their own within other countries. They have been most successful wielding soft power. They wielded hard power in the Soviet Union and the ethnic Russians ultimately drove them out of power, leaving themselves and Whites all over Eastern Europe with incredible Semitic realism.

          Well an established country with an official capital must inevitably resort to hard power. Which is why all the threats and saber rattling are coming from Ambassador Nimrata Haley on Israel’s behalf.

          What kind of fall out do you think there is going to be from White Western countries who are forced by their treacherous leaders to erase themselves to make room for diversity particularly diversity coming from areas that are now occupied by Greater Israel? I think that the people are going to be so infuriated by the idea of losing their own ethnostates even as a Jewish ethnostate is upheld that right wing parties are going to win all over Europe.

    • “…This may be counter-intuitive thinking on my part, but consider my position that the United States recognizing Jerusalem and moving our embassy there, not to mention bullying the rest of the world into doing the same is going to end up being a Pyrrhic Victory for Judaism…”

      I see that. I feel the same way. The Jews have gotten way over their heads. I know some people believe the TV version of 9-11 but I see it as the Jews believing way to much of their own propaganda. Jerusalem as a capital is just more of the same. They’ve done this throughout their history and as their power grows their arrogance grows. I notice that many Empires, Powers, or rulers the more their power grows they tend to back off control of the populous and be less vicious. Look at the Jews history and you see them all sweetness and kindness when they are lower on the scale and complete ruthless unyielding bastards when on top. The more power they have the more ruthless they are. This sort of attitude I think plays a great part in why they are eventually ruined.

  5. American Christian leaders have sold their souls to Zionists. American support of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state of Israel represents Jewish victory over Christianity and a renunciation of the Christian claim to Jerusalem.

    • You’d have to start a religion with Rachel Corey as the Messiah and maybe have a bulldozer or plough as the sacred symbol.

      Then send the legions in to kill them all again.

    • Jim- NO true Christian ever desired a renascent Earthly Jerusalem. Those that do, are complete heretics, and devoid of the grace of God – i.e., Dispensationalists

  6. Nimrata Randhawa (and Tim Scott!) are currently being defended on Gab by Todd Kincannon. Kincannon claims that because ‘prom queen’ Randhawa ‘wishes she were white’, ‘grew up in South Carolina’ and ‘speaks with a Southern accent’, by George, she’s practically 100% Anglo-Saxon! LOL. Similar claims are made about the nigger Tim Scott.

    How widespread is this willful Southern retardation, of the Thomas diLorenzo ‘Yankees are the real racist’ variety? Cuckfederates make me want to vomit.

  7. It makes one wonder what commitment the US has to the UN? Perhaps it should leave. Has Nikki Haley thought through this option as a realistic solution to her problems with ‘American bashing’? I suggest that this is the correct action – the ‘deplorables’ would be well-served by having no payment burdens to meet for UN salaries, etc. The money saved could go a little way towards some road upgrades or tunnel rebuilds, etc.

  8. say waht you want, but this is absolutly great. The UN is full of left wing radicals, who are responsible for the destruction of europe via mass replacement policy.

  9. It’s futile to drain the swamp if you are then going to appoint swamp critters to top administration posts. Contrary to popular opinion America does not have a Middle Eastern policy. Instead Israel has a Middle Eastern policy that America implements. All this can be blamed on the Darby heresy that has infected just about all of Protestant Christianity especially the Southern Baptists.

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