The Goyim Know

They had a great year. We slept.

“We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning. you’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don’t win so much. This is getting terrible.’ And I’m going to say, ‘No, we have to make America great again.’ You’re gonna say, ‘Please.’ I said, ‘Nope, nope. We’re gonna keep winning.’ – Donald Trump

Note: Next year is going to be different though.

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  1. Maybe next year Trump can propose that every Jew gets a lifetime supply of Rogaine, to help combat those godawful receding hairlines they all seem to get by age 30.

  2. Most goyim don’t know, a major problem

    I lamented before Xmas Eve how shitty it is that I’ve moved into a comparatively sandnigger-free area, that’s a last holdout in my state, of decency. Townspeople are nice and try to preserve the humanity and community.

    But when you cross that line into Jew-wise, you’re on your own. I can’t talk to these people about the jews, yet can’t seem to feel comfortable living a double life, either.

    Women are especially avoidant of tribal thinking and awareness and society punishes them if they cultivate it. 2017 should be a year of striving for more humane dealings with each other – those who are capable of it, that is. Welcoming more women should be at the heart of this.

    I for one am tired of the anti-woman attitudes and resulting atomized life it leaves we few intrepid female souls.

    No more Jack Ryan, Captain Jackass, et al. No more making excuses for promoters of violence against us or for their enablers (and there are even more of those).

    If you have ‘anglo’ or ‘aryan’ children consider what their future looks like if we don’t change it.

    • I am not anti woman but as a single guy that has been rejected a lot I can tell you we can expect about zero help from women. If we have gone past the point of no return it IS BECAUSE of these horrible women in our society. Frankly, they just have zero religion and act like Satan himself. I’m not even just blaming feminism here, these feminine men have allowed these women to step into a manly role in society. Just observing state of affairs, the other day I saw a white girl smile real friendly at a nigger, when I walked past my arm froze from the coldness. Most women I talk to attack or put me down within 5 minutes of trying to talk with them.

      For a long time I thought the problem was me, but there are a lot of single white guys. It’s no coincidence.

      • No, you’re not alone and here are some nasty facts: in the 1960s, 98% of white men were married, today the percentage is only 48%.

      • @Professional:

        Adding my own two cents worth. I’m of the Echo Boomer (Wonder Years) era. There IS something weird going on to foster a lot of distrust and suspicion between young White women and White men. I think social media is to blame with all these sites trying to get hits by putting out either misogynist or misandrist click-bait.

        Then you have the internet as echo chamber. Some person will have a horrendous relationship that ends badly with a significant other and thanks to social media, it takes them no time to find some one else with the same awful experience. It becomes very easy to assume an ill-fated union is the norm. Then you have the PUA sites (oddly geared mainly to White men). Enough single young women have heard about them where they are on high-alert lest they be manipulated into some scalp on some guys belt. I honestly believe that you can correlate the availability of cheap internet with the number of people getting married plunging.

        I’ve seen quite a few potential couplings misfire badly at work. Work used to be a good place to meet potential dates. Not any more. Men are too paranoid about being accused of sexual harassment or having their careers scuttled by a vindictive whackjob. That’s a shame. I casually dated some coworkers and we still remain friends years later.

        Despite that, I know three young men who have recently gotten into serious relationships. The one consistent thread between them was that they were involved in social activities they enjoyed when they met their significant other. Because it was a casual setting, both they and their girlfriends didn’t feel any sense of pressure and could just be themselves.

        A lot of cities have meet-ups where you find things to do that appeal to you with people who share the same interests. My suggestion is that you investigate these meetups. That way any meeting revolves around what interests you and you don’t feel stressed. That way you can shine.

        Best of luck to you.

  3. I just skimmed over some of the comments sections of the preceding days.

    Do any of you have any grasp of how degenerate you sound? Of how pathetically low morale, ‘skanky’ and repulsive?

    Do you really believe this vein of speech will attract newcomers? Or is 25 people at some rally going to continue to be enough after all these years (4 for me)?

    Why are we being led by teenagers in grown men’s bodies?

    Every time I determine to show up at the next rally even it it’s a 15 hour drive I read on here and become convinced it’s either a waste of time or dangerous for me as a woman.

    Yet that danger isn’t coming from ‘the jews’ ‘the nigs’ or even the grease ball romanists.

    It’s coming from you all.

    Happy Same Shit, Different Year.

  4. Well dontcha know, this all got me thinking of the Battle of the Sexes way back in the 70’s. Looked it up and here comes the remake for 2018 starring Steve Carrell and Emma Stone.

    The Jews do this stuff, this cyclic playing of either and both sides against each other, because they know it maintains their control over us.

    Gentile Minstrelsy

    [Mods please delete repeat comment]


    Women seem hell bent on the avoidance of reality, men seem to have abandoned it because women and the jews have made it white hot. ANY man that marries ANY woman in modern day USA/Canada/UK/OZ is unable to perform proper legal, monetary, emotional and spiritual analysis. When a church going, Aryan, otherwise majestic wife of 15 years can have multiple affairs while you work, blame you, shame you, hide behind skirts, the no-fault divorce laws, ethereal courts that worship her and despise the male, and walk off with alimony, child support, 50%+ of current assets, title to your retirement, your children, house, cars…marriage is a game of nearly 100% carnage for a man.

    • Only weaklings think splitting life’s burdens 50/50 with their mate is ‘carnage.’

      Hello? Any alphas out there?

      Tick tock, tick tock.

      • Mel Gibson was large and in charge and trolling the Jews.

        Then his second wife took $400,000,000 out of his hide. I’m sure she earned it. Really I do. Her Jewish lawyer earned his $200,000,000 as well.

        • The same number of women died by the hands of their male partners (usually ex) as men died in Viet Nam (my cousin included).

          I’m sure they really earned it. Really I am.

          At least (((characters))) like you demonstrate the lie behind ‘different but equal.’ Women sharing responsibility for raising a family don’t truly carry their weight 50/50 according to your ilk.

          Now eff off troll.

      • That tick tick sound in your head is your ovaries draining of the life force. It’s your body clock shutting down trapped inside the ever decreasing circle of your existential purpose on earth.

  6. Our movement must FIRST seek to repeal the 19th Amendment in the US. Matter of fact, we should obviate the plebiscite entirely. Alabama recently displayed the futility of trying to deal honestly, with amoral (((people.))) The jews wield melanin and the XX chromosomal sorts with precision and skill. Their army uses dependency and perpetual grievance to subvert the male portion of the normal curve from -1 to +1 z-scores. We need to take away the power of this group to elect jews and their Bolshevik army. They will not volitionally hand it back. ‘Nuff said.

    • Integrating women into colleges significantly increased the average SAT scores in most of them, particularly the top-rated ones.

      Bottom of the Fool Chain

      • As an academic, the only degree a woman should ever seek is her MRS. Degree.

        Having taught for over twenty years in this fetid hellhole called ‘higher education,’ I can honestly say that the higher the educational level a woman achieves, the less feminine she becomes. When my wife was working, she said she couldn’t stand the idiocy that paraded as independent thought among her female colleagues. All they ever focused on was that ‘life should be [sic] fair’… when it never is. Her viewpoint was formed by always coming to her husband (me) to check her ‘privilege’ and learn from the head of our household…as she agreed to do, when we were married (“…and obey.”)

        Onceler, women don’t ‘deserve’ to be in higher ed. They should be married by 20, pregnant soon after, and only after raising at least three children, THEN (in their 40’s) be allowed to finish their Master’s degree. God has ordained that men should rule, and women should follow. While I have had arguments with Lynda from OZ on this forum, she at least (as a Trad. RC) understands her created hierarchy FAR better than you do. Your comments are very ‘mannish’ in that you think you can win a war of words with men.

        But you clearly don’t seem to realize that, once you transgress the bounds of a ‘decent woman,’ no man takes you seriously- either as an intellect, or as a woman. Are you truly willing to be reduced to ‘skank’ status? Think on these things….

    • Onceler is a domineering, screeching, brainless feminist harpy who hates men and wants us to grovel to the Almighty Pussy. I have no idea why she is here rather than over on Salon. where she would fit.

      She just openly stated that she thinks Womyn are smarter than men, improve the educational system, and should be having Kareers instead of families.

      There is NO PLACE for women in politics other than as a destructive, divisive force. Their role is to make a family, have kids, take care of them, and create a stable home. It’s not the Jews in this instance who are laying about them and causing all kinds of problems, it’s the women, in a situation they are not designed for by nature.

      As Exhibit A in the “destructive, divisive force” — to which one might add “motivated by insatiable shrewish malice and narcissism,” I present this banshee Onceler, who manages to be simultaneously more useless and more obnoxious than even that scumbag El Chapo.

      Congrats, wench — you’ve made me almost LIKE that fake beaner, compared to your incessant negative, condemnatory shrieking and bawling.

          • Men who perceive women as ‘walking yeast infections’ will help build and defend white society, sure… Most women I know who’ve struggled with yeast infections got them from some slimy male.

            I said ‘slimy male.’ As in, a male who is slimy. Losers will not put words in my mouth.

          • Yup. AA is really funny. So successful with women! a real Don Juan! He’s got so many women waiting for his seed, he doesn’t know which one to impregnate first. Why don’t you run along and cook him a nice dinner, you walking AIDS infection?

      • My guess is that she’s scratching a living at The Nation or The Atlantic or is subeditrix on Huffington Post.

      • El Chapo is mildly amusing though. I rather enjoy the fencing between him and Spahn (funniest commentator on the web).

        • I hate to end that for you but if El shit-stain ever shows up at a rally that I’m at the traumatic brain injury I’m going to visit upon his skull will end that fencing you so enjoy.

          Apologies in advance.

          tick tock

      • Ummm….reality challenged Tin sides – Jews, Negroes and even MUSLIMS use women to enormously successful effect in politics. I didn’t want to jump into this tedious fray – but that just reality -denying STOOPID.

        I disagree with a lot of what Onceler writes – but that idiotic LARPING about women not being in politics blah blah blah – women ARE n politics, darling. We ARE. You have to GAIN ACTUAL POWER before you can take away our vote. Do you understand this? Do any of you women-fearers understand this? YOU make WN look like morons when you post that idiocy.

        I wish I could write this in crayon, on your foreheads – but JEWS NEGROES AND EVEN MUSLIMS USE WOMEN TO UNBELIEVABLE SUCCESS IN POLITICS. You women-fearers must GAIN POWER TO TAKE AWAY OUR VOTE, You don’t have power. You may get a little more power if you don’t drive off over half of your potential voter base.

        I don’t know why these FACTS are so incomprehensible, when these FACTS are obvious to even 80 point IQ Negroes.

        Onceler entered this thread simply posting what ought to be simply, drearily obvious helpful suggestions. YOU women-fearers attacked her. She started writing about the JD – the Jew Disester It’s NOT a “Question” – yet you started insulting her.

        So just shut UP. Go out to the kitchen and make me some latter and tiramisu. Don’t yap again until you have something useful to write. Hunter’s post is about how the JEWS KEEP WINNING. Why don’t you focus on THAT, little Twinks?

        • You even write like a Traitor…

          I know that the LORD has given this land to you and that a great fear of you has fallen on us, so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you. We have heard how the LORD dried up the water of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt, and what you did to Sihon and Og, the two kings of the Amorites east of the Jordan, whom you completely destroyed. When we heard of it, our hearts melted and everyone’s courage failed because of you, for the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below. Now then, please swear to me by the LORD that you will show kindness to my family, because I have shown kindness to you. Give me a sure sign that you will spare the lives of my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, and all who belong to them, and that you will save us from death.

          • Very creepy that you think the Book of Joshua is somehow relevant to this debate, but highly revealing in regards to the disgustingly Semitic and dispritingly primitive mindset of the typical Amerikwan male.

            I bet you just love Joshua 5:4 and the “Hill of the Foreskins”, too, faggot

          • These are the words of Rahab as she betrayed her own menfolk to the Jews and allowed a Jewish hit squad to shimmy up into her apartment to breach the city wall.

            The whore of Jericho sided with the invading Jews against her own.

            The Jewish military play book is full of subversion aimed at non-Jew women. In exchange for mercy, money, prestige and flattery.

        • Onceler, Denise and I absolutely love White men. That’s why we constantly criticize the WHINING FAGGOTRY of ‘White’ men who are too STUPID to realize the Jew’s divide-and-conquer tactics and too IMPOTENT to do anything about it.

          Whites are becoming quite helpless against kike predations here in the West. White women are being raped and bred with muds at an absolutely alarming rate. Yet the only things White men seem to get excited about nowadays are niggerball, (((feminism))) and Islam. I just roll my eyes every time the LOS or Identity Evropa stage another ‘no sharia!!!’ protest. Will White men ever smarten up and stop the destruction of America? We are becoming a a mix of Brazil and South Africa, and nominal ‘White’ men seem to like that just fine so long as they’re comfortable. 30k of their women raped and assaulted by niggers yearly, but comfort, video games, Christian Zionism, football and MGTOW fantasies will sustain White men right up until the point where we become the Boers. We’re at that point already. Very pathetic.

          • @Dr Seuss;

            WHY DID Rahab betray her people to Joshua’s army?

            Maybe her family sold her into prostitution to be raped and abused by her countrymen. Did you think of that?

            Just like La Malinche of Mexico was sold by her mother and stepfather into sexual slavery so their son could get her inheritance. She was given to Cortez as a slave and because she found kindness, love and happiness with her European master, she is damned as some sort of traitor.

            Jews don’t turn women against their men. Jews find alienated goyim, male and female alike, and use them as fifth columnists against their own countries.

            Just like the sting perpetrated on that young White man who became a Muslim. The FBI felt that he could be a Muslim terrorist, because they know how his country had failed to keep the citizenship compact with him.

            Don’t blame women or even that unfortunate young man when things go awry, look at the leadership of this country if you want to blame someone.

        • What I don’t get is how quick White men on sites like these are to blame White women for every thing that an Anti-White government has perpetrated against them.

          I could write a long post illustrating how it is White men that were elected by their fathers and forefathers who betrayed them. How the demographics in our Anti-White Congress are predominantly composed of White men. How women didn’t even have the vote when White Congressmen created the Jew owned Federal reserve on Jekyll Island (which is when America was technically overthrown by ZOG).

          Only on a site like this is the belief even plausible that White women are perfectly okay with seeing their White husbands on the unemployment line to give their jobs to diversity and want their sons reduced to a third class, persecuted minority in their own country.

          Look closely at the ethnic demographics of feminists. White women of Christian European descent are nowhere numbered among such lovelies as Germaine Greer, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

          The big shocker this past election, after the talking head on the news shows kept asserting that White women would sweep Hillary Clinton into the White House by such a commanding lead that Trump would look like a big fat loser. They were so sure of it that they dug up his locker room talk and created pussy-gate. They were confounded when a majority of White women voted for Trump.

          One reporter did a post-mortem on the Women Issue and discovered that IF ONLY WHITE WOMEN had voted, Trump would still have won by a landslide, albeit by a smaller landslide that he would have won if only White men had voted.

          Fifty-three percent of all White women voted for Trump and sixty-three percent of all White men voted for Trump. Which means that forty-seven percent of White women and thirty-seven percent of White men did not vote for Trump. Your problem does not lie with White women but with lack of White unity. All other races, male and female, vote pretty monolithically, especially Blacks. Only Whites would split their voting clout in this idiotic fashion.

          Instead of bashing each other, I would like to see some brain-storming as to what we can do to foster White unity, not only on but off this board.

      • Well-stated.

        You’ll note the slip above where she refers to men as adversar(ies).

        Truly a hate-filled hag.

        • None of us think of men as adversaries. Our only adversary is the Jew. We only wish White men felt the same.

          • Rest assured, this one regards Jews as the number one enemy of all whites wherever they may be, not just in the South. They’ve done great harm to my family, race and to me personally, and that is why I have a perfecthared towards all Jews.

        • Her spirit is that of Rahab, if she’s not a member of the tribe, the Jericho whore who sold out her people to Joshua in exchange for mercy while the Jews slaughtered the non-Jew men in Jericho.

          • I believe you belong on a Christian Identity forum, ‘Dr Seuss’. Run along, we’re trying to have a serious discussion

          • Not so. The Jews in the Exodus etc etc etc are the ancestors of the criminal gang we know today. These stories are the record of Jews slaughtering others or the fantasy of them staughtering others retconned into the history.

            The stories are the strategic playbook of the tribe. Work the boundless vanity of their women to dispossess their men.

            Ultimately you are just another Rahab.

          • Yeah, okay, I’m ‘just another Rahab’. FYI for those who are not Christcuck freaks like ‘Dr Seuss’, Rahab was a lying temple prostitute who helped save the lives of the Israelite spies, which in turn set Israel on the path to conquering Jericho and moving into the ‘Promised Land’. LOL.

            If White men can be so easily destroyed by their own women, what does that say about them? Not good.

          • I doubt the people in Jericho were white people and the story is just a record of subversive strategy.

            I could have used Euripides Trojan Women as an example but those women didn’t behave as traitorously so it didn’t fit the situation. All the Trojan men were dead when their women went over to the Greeks as concubines.

            Knowing Bronze Age stories do not equate with Christianity. Christians see Rahab as a godly woman of faith rather than a race traitor.

    • @Oncelor,
      Just take a seat, relax and take a few deep breaths. Allow the positive energy flow to radiate from one dimension to another. Find your inner you….and there lies the satisfaction of the discovery of your peaceful inner richness.

      • I feel fine, john. Are you okay?

        The truth is, whites aren’t and people need to wake up. Excuse me for having a little fun.

  7. The trouble with this website is that its mostly full of utterly deplorable politically incorrect Goyims!
    I am rather guilty of that myself, but my commentary is quite refined, subtle and has a good balance of humor!
    I’m the goodest commentator on this sight by far!!!

  8. In the words of (((Alain Finkielkraut))) –

    “Ah, how sweet it is to be Jewish at the end of this 20th century! We are no longer History’s accused, but its darlings. The spirit of the times loves, honors, and defends us, watches over our interests; it even needs our imprimatur. Journalists draw up ruthless indictments against all that Europe still has in the way of Nazi collaborators or those nostalgic for the Nazi era. Churches repent, states do penance…”

    • And, GG – the alleged White men would rather issue insults against the handful of women that bother to show up, than do anything about our real enemies and issues. Jews don’t do this. No matter how horrid they are to each other – they still look after each other, and stick together. The White males I know that are married and have kids don’t behave the way these eunuchs do.


  9. “Gay fags coercing normie men into believing their natural instincts to love women are oppressive.” Good line. I detest feminists, but male woman haters are just as bad. Our enemies want our men and women to fight. That way we don’t have families and children. It’s that simple.

    • This Gay man here does not want men acting like cucks. I may not be able to easily procreate, but that does not mean I want to see my people go extinct. Stop blaming it on “the Gays.” Focus your energy attacking Cultural Marxism, rather than any one group. There is good and bad among all groups. Being truthful to one’s self about sexuality does not mean I must hate hetero normative instincts among straight men. I applaud them.

    • There is a very strong undercurrent of female-despising homosexuality and narcissistic bisexuality fueling the ‘Alt Right’ (Alt Kike). I believe this stems from the race-mixing sexual ambiguity of the crypto-Jew and ‘white Zionist’ (lol) Richie Spencer. Colin Robertson, the man who calls himself ‘Millennial Woes’, has referred to himself as a ‘chain-smoking, alcoholic homosexual’. Richard’s pal Jack Donovan has made the statement that “I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad that they’re not.”

      • Woes’ channel now has 40K subscribers. Spencer’s 18K. Woes is not a homo, and he doesn’t drink booze. He said he went through a homo phase. I don’t know if it’s ended or not – but he doesn’t hate women. He doesn’t HATE women. He’s doing very well………..

        Where can I get definitive confirmation of Spencer’s kike status? Once and for all. Anyway – the association with Donovan is just repugnant, and gives confirmation of Spencer’s Hebrew proclivities.

        • There is no intellectual consistency with Goy Goddess:

          “the kikes hate Thomas because the stories were written by a Christian reverend, and you all know how the kikes hate Jesus. NO ONE will save them from the gas chambers this time, and for that I am so glad.”

          In this thread it’s ”Christcucking” to point out that Rahab was a race traitor. Strange all caps words included too.

          The attack on Woes as Mysogynistic was also bizarre.

          • ‘Dr Seuss’ troll – can’t believe I’m even wasting time with this, but whatever. Your definition of ‘intellectual consistency’ apparently refers to adhering dogmatically to whatever interpretation of Biblical texts strikes your personal fancy. LOL, you randomly compared me to the biblical Rahab (who was a lifelong prostitute, race traitor and spy) simply because you took personal offense to something I wrote regarding the current weakness of White men. FYI, White men are supposed to protect their women and their race, and they have objectively failed at doing so at the present time. I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings…I guess…

            Obviously, this is insane and nonsensical (and I would be offended, if I cared at all) – but hey, Christcucks aren’t exactly known for DEEP THOUGHT. And if the capitalization of text for added emphasis seems ‘strange’ to you, then you should probably read more. I also never said Woes was ‘mysogynistic’ (learn to spell, please) – I said he was a simpering bisexual faggot. He has admitted to this. Again, sorry to hurt your feelings.

            Revilo Oliver was absolutely correct in referring to Christianity as a ‘spiritual syphilis’ for the White race, and you are Exhibit A of said syphilis. Assuming you’re even White… I really don’t care. Go away

  10. Richard Spencer is a feminist. The future of the white race is threatened because of the behavior of women in modern society. If that doesn’t change, if the trends don’t change, there’s no recovery possible. Any woman who isn’t 100% in agreement with that diagnosis is part of the problem.

    • Spencer and Robertson have been keen to shut down male Rightist disputes with the Southern, McCarthy, Goldy women. More so with the Counter Currents writer Johnson who is very critical of anyone attacking the Wymyn.

      Why is “Goy Goddess” attacking either of these two as a source of anything mysogynistic?

      “It” repeatedly conflates all sorts of contradictory positions and inserts factual inaccuracies into the discourse. Who goes around calling itself cattle too?

  11. Trump is part of the ruling class, he talks some times like a New York street guy but he’s not, like George W Bush at times did a good impression of a Southerner, but he wasn’t.. He was a Yankee who moved to Texas.

  12. After agonizing over this for several months, I’ve made the decision to convert. I visit the Rabbi tomorrow. They are fundamentally good people and they want the best for the world.

    As a child in NYC, I spent many days instructed to duck under my school desk for that inevitable day when a Soviet communist nuclear weapon was dropped on my city.

    Having realized that the mossad obliterated those buildings in lower Manhattan with nuclear devices, I pretty much have got to surrender and go with the winning team. Malztov or whatever they say.

  13. Reading these comments makes clear how pointless it is to discuss ideology with women. Creating, debating, and fighting over ideology is a man thing; women just hang around so they can mate with the winners when the fight’s over. So don’t take it personally when a woman calls you a “loser”; it’s her way of saying, “I neither know nor care what you’re talking about, but if you’re man enough to fight for your beliefs and *win*, I’ll join your side.”

    Women reject Hitler not because he killed six bajillion Jews, they reject him because he *lost*.

    As for voting, men’s opinions don’t matter as long as the EBT cards get recharged every month. As soon as EBT stops working (and five minutes later, Obama voters loot and burn all the grocery stores), women’s opinions don’t matter.

    • You’re right, and the women on here challenging the men here to perform are right.

      The men of western society have utterly failed society and their women in the last century or so. Blaming women instead of leading them correctly is just more of the same.

      The last thing men should be doing is debating women challenging them for leadership. Weakness incarnate.

  14. I have an essay titled “Women in Journalism,” that was penned in 1893 by a female newspaper correspondent. She read the essay publicly at a gathering of old settlers. She wrote of the large presence of women in the field of reporting, and approved of its progress. However, she cautioned against women entering into politics. She wrote that the political arena was unsuited for a woman because it stripped her of her most endearing quality, her femininity. She explained that, due to the, oftentimes, abusive, crass and vulgar nature of political debate and campaigning, women were forced into entering into a dialogue that was both unflattering and unbecoming. She maintained that women could as easily exercise their influence by using their natural gifts of charm and grace, and that they sacrificed those qualities when they became a candidate for office.

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