Vegas Tenold: The Rise and Fall of the Racist Right

I came to know Vegas Tenold at Auburn, Pikeville and Charlottesville:

“As we stood in an abandoned coal field in western Kentucky in April, amidst a group of Nazis, Klansmen, and college kids, Brad Griffin, a popular blogger in the movement, told me that the defining moment of the past year hadn’t been the election of Trump, but rather the punching of Spencer. It confirmed my suspicion that the sometimes violent reactions to hate speech were having the undesirable effect of growing the movement. …

And they were also buoyant. They felt their movement was coming together, which was the driving sentiment behind the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August. They wanted to celebrate that unity and cement it further. Except that’s when it all fell apart. …

I embedded with the movement at a time when it was nothing. I bore witness to its unlikely rise to prominence, and to those ugly days in August. It was a bad year, but it also exposed the limitations of the far right as a political force. Unity turned out to be an elusive goal, even for a group of racists, Nazis, and ethno-nationalists. The past year showed us how far the far right could go—too far for most, even if they didn’t really get anywhere at all. …”

In a sense, I agree with Vegas.

Overall, it was a terrible year for the Alt-Right, but I never shared the movement’s absurd expectations about the Trump administration. In fact, I had to be dragged by my wife into attending the Inauguration. In my New Year’s Eve post, I said that I was going to do a lot of political punditry and chronicle the Trump administration as it unfolded. I said that we are about to enter the gates of “a false paradise” and that the Alt-Right wasn’t going to be locked in the “basement of a reinvigorated mainstream conservatism and treated like a retarded cousin for the next 4 years.”

A year later, I was absolutely right. I also predicted the demise of MILO which came about for the exact reasons that I said it would too. Going further back into the campaign, I tried to anticipate the political landscape of the Trump administration. In hindsight, I gave Trump far too much credit by assuming he would act on his populist campaign promises, but I also said that, “It is safe to say that a Trump victory will be interpreted by Middle America as the moment they succeeded in “Taking America Back.” By promising the world to his followers, Trump will have raised expectations like never before. They will soon find out that not even Donald Trump can “Make America Great Again.” The disillusionment and radicalization that will follow will be something to behold.”

As we enter 2018, we have finally arrived at the moment that I anticipated two years ago, which was the real reason why I backed Donald Trump so strongly in the 2016 presidential election. I wanted him to win the election precisely to show his millions of followers that the system cannot be reformed through conventional methods. Donald Trump ran as a nationalist and populist, drew those enormous crowds with his unrelenting assault on the establishment, promised sweeping change and now has shed his skin and returned to conventional, wildly unpopular Republican policies.

In the wake of Charlottesville, Vegas Tenold was unable to see the real story. Clearly, he didn’t anticipate the next move. Charlottesville is already receding as the facts about what really happened on August 12th came out in Tim Heaphy’s independent review. The real story about White Nationalism is where does all that radical energy that flowed into Trump’s campaign go after his followers lose faith in the nationalist and populist promises of their God Emperor? Where does all that radical energy that flowed into the Left go after it returns to power?

It’s a simple pitch, really: the Jews took over social media, and it was also the Jews like Jared Kushner and Gary Cohn who subverted the Trump administration. It is impossible to “Make America Great Again” so long as Jews continue to have so much wealth and power in American society. Even if you win the election, Jews are still setting the agenda and controlling the administration.

So, I am not really looking backwards at 2017, but forward to 2018 and at long term trends. It was always going to be a confusing year after the heady days of 2015 and 2016. The Alt-Right had convinced itself that everything was going to change when Donald Trump entered the White House. It took months for the movement to shed those illusions. Then it kind of drifted into what the Alt-Lite had been doing with MILO’s college tour and the street fighting with Antifa in Berkeley.

But doomed? I don’t think so. It’s like saying we were doomed by Pat Buchanan’s failure or Ron Paul’s failure. We haven’t gone away. Those people haven’t gone away either. We’ve lost our access to mainstream social networks and crowdfunding platforms, but at the price that the ADL has officially assumed the role of hall monitor and thought police on social media.

As the demise of the NFL so vividly shows, we’ve only become more polarized in 2017. The center has continued to hollow out. Even shopping has become politicized. We can’t assume that American cities will uphold law and order. While this has imposed some new hardships on us, it is consistent with our theory of where this is headed which is toward the balkanization of America.

Here’s a toast to 2018. Cheers!

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  1. I would not categorically call 2017 a disaster, normal people are getting Red Pilled and that can only work for us and against the Jews.

  2. Proudly, the ADL comes forward to shut down “hate speech”, aka any speech that’s pro-White. A victory for anti-Whites in the short run only.

    • Correct. Liberals say that hate speech is not free speech. I agree and say that mr. Putin must decide where is the limit.

      When somebody claims that mr. Putin kills jounalists then calmly explane that hate speech has consequences and because of rumours that mr. Putin using muslims for those things, there were no such thing like killing, just nonviolent protest protected by constitution so dont be àngry that police does nothing…:D

      Learn how to fight liberal.

  3. “””…..Overall, it was a terrible year for the Alt-Right,….”””

    How it was terrible year for Alt Right? From nothing to worldwide hysteria less than two years. Alt Right did instinctively right from very beginning. Everybody fanning Hungary and Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe but we fucked up for whole decade before we got finally attention similar to C.ville.

    In Russia there is proverb that nobody kick`s a dead dog. 24 / 7 mass hysteria is a best proof that everything goes fine. All enemy`s are scared like hell because Alt Right did everything right and they are afraid that Alt Right may finally do the last thing also right. Point to the root cause of all problems…white liberal.

  4. “The Alt-Right had convinced itself that everything was going to change when Donald Trump entered the White House.” (That’s pathetic)

    “It took months for the movement to shed those illusions.” (Even more pathetic)

    “Then it kind of drifted into what the Alt-Lite had been doing with MILO’s college tour and the street fighting with Antifa in Berkeley.” (Why did you capitalize the name of that faggot neocon Jew? ‘Street fighting’ with the drug addicted ‘antifa’ rabble of nobodies would not even be considered in a serious movement. Let me know when Alt Kike starts protesting and taking out the Jew leaders of the Federal Reserve)

  5. 2017 wasn’t so bad. GAB has become quite popular with pro-Whites, the Negro Felon League is in free-fall, the economy is doing OK, jewish sex-deviants are being exposed and shamed and people are no longer afraid to say Merry Christmas to each other.

    Now we need to form serious political and paramilitary organizations to confront ZOG and its mercenaries.

    • The effect of the #Metoo thing has been a marvelously Anti-Semitic moment. Without Trump in office it wouldn’t have happened.

  6. Thank you. Thank you for growing up, and being a consistent Voice of Reason now that you have grown up. I participated in the God Emperor campaign mainly because It was fun! I always knew, and stated repeatedly, that ZOG and ZOG’s minions were not going to slink away quietly. They’ve dropped the masks this year. Their ugly, hate-filled demonic visages are on full display.

    I am very active IRL in my own little world. I used to “support” Adolf Hitler – because Hitler is flung in White Faces EVERY SINGLE DAY, as the Ultimate Bad Man, and has been for decades. The sick, evil, Anti White dispossession and demonization of 207 has been a boon for me. I don’t even have to BRING UP HITLER ANYMORE, Thank Lugh! The Anti White hatred is on full display, In Real Time, 24/7, God Almighty even Hallmalrk Christmas movies are being attacked. The thickest Whites can’t miss it, even if they try. And they do TRY to ignore White dispossession. FYI – I’m not “nice” nor delicately “diplomatic” with craven Whites anymore, who refuse to admit what’s happening. I used to be, IRL. Not anymore.

    Whites are the “Show Me” Race. We want to be “fair”. We “don’t want to judge”.

    Fuck that. You’re either pro-White – or you can DIE.

  7. Trump has run his course and is now used up. We can ditch the MAGA term and move on as the hard right not looking back at the Trump dust storm behind us.

  8. “The ADL has officially assumed the role of hall monitor and thought police on social media.”

    I’m skeptical that the general public will see this as the ADL assuming the role of hall monitor and thought police on social media.

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