General Bannon Throws Paul Nehlen Under The Bus

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me:

“But Breitbart and Bannon recently severed ties with Nehlen. Schwartz told CNN the decision was made earlier this month after Bannon was alerted that Nehlen had appeared on a white nationalist podcast.

Nehlen, who previously published material on Breitbart, has seen his author page scrubbed entirely from the far-right website. Moreover, Joel Pollak, a senior editor at Breitbart, publicly denounced Nehlen on Twitter.

“We don’t support him,” Pollak tweeted late Tuesday night, adding that Nehlen had “disqualified” himself.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Breitbart had not denounced Nehlen on its website. A Google search returned no articles this week about Nehlen’s latest tweets or statements.

Neither a spokesperson for Bannon nor Breitbart responded to a request for comment. …”

In the previous article, I raised the question of where Trump’s disillusioned “nationalist and populist” followers would go in the wake of MAGA. Steve Bannon throwing Paul Nehlen under the bus for flirting with the Alt-Right is a kind of Ghost of Christmas Future.

Every previous wave of rightwing discontent has been coopted and purged by the conservative establishment. It happened with David Duke, Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan in the 1990s. It happened with Ron Paul and his followers in 2008 and 2012. It happened with Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party after 2010. In hindsight, paleoconservatism, libertarianism and the Tea Party were merely holding tanks for rightwing populism. The same is true of MAGA on a much larger scale.

The ultimate enemy – the Emanuel Goldstein of conservatism – is White Nationalism. Over the years, this beast has become more fearsome and powerful as wave after wave of refugees has ultimately landed here. When heretics are purged from mainstream conservatism, they never really go away. Now in the “Alt-Right” incarnation, it has developed a heretical worldview on immigration, trade and foreign policy, which it inherited from paleoconservatism. From libertarianism, it has inherited a humorous, irreverent tone, a love of transgressing taboos and a reflexive opposition to wars.

MAGA is a superficial attempt to coopt the Alt-Right: in rhetoric, it is “America First” in foreign policy, but in substance it is always “Israel First.” In rhetoric, it is for the White working class and against the globalists, but in substance it is for aggressive neoliberal corporate tax cuts, deregulation and renegotiating free trade deals. In rhetoric, it is for “free speech,” but in substance it never challenges political correctness. In rhetoric, it is against endless foreign wars, but in substance it is the same old bellicose Reaganite foreign policy that is always threatening Iran, Venezuela, Syria and Russia.

Over the course of 2017, the differences between MAGA and the Alt-Right have become harder to conceal: the latter was outraged by the Syria strike while the former saw it as a sign that “America is back.” The latter groaned about healthcare reform and the tax bill while the former celebrated it as a great success. The latter sees the betrayal of populist campaign promises while the former has because indistinguishable from cuckservatism. MILO was the mascot of the Alt-Lite because he is a glittering con artist. No wonder Steve Bannon was so fond of him and believed he had so much potential.

Steve Bannon’s purge of Paul Nehlen is revealing because it is one of the most vivid illustrations yet that MAGA or the Alt-Lite – we’re talking about the same thing here – is nothing more than the same old conservatism. It even purges people like cuckservatism for crossing the same lines. At the end of the day, it is the same Jew-controlled scam being marketed with a new set of dog whistles to appeal to a more racially conscious audience. It is crystal clear who cracks the whip at Breitbart.

Paul Nehlen has been purged by General Bannon, but he rides eternal with us, shiny and chrome.

Note: The Times of Israel has a new article about how Breitbart’s senior editor Joel Pollak got “woke” in South Africa and volunteered for Antifa’s predecessors.

I also loved this article by Eric Striker at Daily Stormer about how the Alt-Lite is “repackaging Ronald Reaganism using power washed versions of our memes.” I think here of Paul Joseph Watson’s video about the soyboy meme. It was a revealing example of how the substance of mainstream conservatism has remained the same, but the style has changed in the Trump era.

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  1. Bannon just killed his own potential base. Do the honorable thing and kill yourself, Bannon, you lard-assed rosacea-nosed jew-fellating git.

    Let’s see what Nehlen does. He’s crossed the Rubicon. There is NO “redemption” for Naming the Kikenvermin on Twitter. He must go Full Fash, or fade into eternity.

  2. Not that Nehlen is a winning ticket but Bannon is rapidly becoming a loser.

    He’s literally there to pick pro-life losers for the media to beat down.

      • Yep. I’ve been banned several times for telling people the ‘holocaust’ never happened on a supposedly “ALT Right” site.

        • I’ve never been banned from Breitbart for spreading holo truth and I do it a lot.

          You really want to get them worked up, talk about the massacres at Deir Yassin, Shatila and Sabra. They don’t like reminders of how they began their occupation of Palestine.

      • Im permanently banned from breitfart for naming the joo. It’s the easiest way to test the cred of something portraying to be legit. That’s how I knew the chimpout was jewed. Banned for naming the joo.

  3. you wrote: “MAGA is a superficial attempt to coopt the Alt-Right: in rhetoric, it is “America First” in foreign policy, but in substance it is always “Israel First.””

    I disagree….MAGA and Conservatism Inc is “Big Business First.”

  4. The alt right needs it’s own political party, the Republicans are never going to do anything except throw money at the pentagon, and think the rich haven’t grabbed enough yet, they need a big tax cut.

  5. The only way this will change is if every single one of us gives back as good as we get. Whenever White nationalism is condemned, we need to hit back harder with the term “Jewish nationalist.” When we are called anti Semites, we must use the term “anti Gentilist.” Of course the establishment will tamp this down, but over time, the double standard will be obvious to all.

  6. Bannon has alienated himself from the alt-Reich and will never again be trusted by La Kosher Nostra. So I think he’s just plain ol’ SHIT OUTTA LUCK.

    @Daniel: The term I use is “anti goyism”. It tends to irritate the jews quite a bit when they are forced to be on the defensive.

  7. Make no mistake, Nehlen is only *slightly* less kiked than Bannon, who is slightly less kiked than Drumpf, who is slightly less kiked than Shmuli Shekelberg himself

  8. Bannon the shabbos goy gets his read on the zeitgeist from Pollak.


    Nehlen just suckered Bannon into discrediting his own kike-shill website by driving a huge wedge between White Americans and (((White Americans))).

  9. Bannon is so far up the Jew’s butt you can’t see much of him but his feet sticking out. And Kushner still wanted him gone because he wants to make America great again.

    It’s the story of the boomer generation in a nutshell.

  10. Like the Alt Merchant Right, Bannon has been co-opted by Jews. Once you accept Jews, they take over and make demands. You are no longer in control of your own decisions. You become a codependent cuck holding your wife’s purse and always consulting her before you make decisions.

    Curious how Jared is always lurking in the background, sometimes you see him sitting behind Trump at the WH conferences, making sure Trump does the Jewish-approved agenda. Bannon said Jarvanka tell Trump what to do. Jared being told what to do by other powerful Jews.

  11. Bannon publicly says he supports economic nationalism and is against ethnic nationalism. But what matters is that Breitbart is against immigration and actually helped Trump get elected. I’m glad it wasn’t Hillary or Jeb Bush.

    Bannon said he would fight the anti-Trump establishment in the Republican party. That is a good thing too, since the anti-Trump establishment is anti-White. I like Bannon better than Paul Ryan and John McCain.

    Maybe Bannon would like to hijack the energy of White Nationalism. But it is also possible that he thinks it’s easier for him to oppose immigration if he remains semitically correct. We don’t know.

    HW: “In rhetoric, it is for the White working class and against the globalists, but in substance it is for aggressive neoliberal corporate tax cuts”

    This is how Pat Buchanan describes it, in his article “Republicans Bet the Farm”:
    “By how they voted Wednesday, Republicans yet believe in “supply-side” economics. In the early ’80s, this was derided as “voodoo economics” and “trickle-down” economics” (…) “The problem for Democrats is that Reaganomics worked, and is seen historically to have been successful.”

    Maybe it won’t be so bad for the White working class?

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