How Liberalism Is Killing Us

This is the flip side of how Rightwing Extremists Are The Happiest People In America. Americans are dying of loneliness. This misery is undoubtedly related to the progress we have made in increasing the level of divorce, drug addiction and suicide in the 21st century:

“Social isolation is a growing epidemic — one that’s increasingly recognized as having dire physical, mental and emotional consequences. Since the 1980s, the percentage of American adults who say they’re lonely has doubled from 20 percent to 40 percent.

About one-third of Americans older than 65 now live alone, and half of those over 85 do. People in poorer health — especially those with mood disorders like anxiety and depression — are more likely to feel lonely. Those without a college education are the least likely to have someone they can talk to about important personal matters.

A wave of new research suggests social separation is bad for us. Individuals with less social connection have disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems, more inflammation and higher levels of stress hormones. One recent study found that isolation increases the risk of heart disease by 29 percent and stroke by 32 percent. …”

Liberalism is a disease.

It promises freedom, equality and individual rights. In reality, it is a solvent that undermines and destroys all types of collectives whether it is religion, families, cultures, communities, ethnic groups, traditions or nations. It brings about a condition of extreme social atomization and alienation. Everywhere you find liberal democracy you will find that the underlying culture has gone into decline.

Human beings are not meant to live under this perverted social order. As George Fitzhugh observed, the desire to escape from this unnatural state is what generates all -isms. These people try to marginalize us by labeling us “racists” and “Nazis,” but it has dawned on us that something far bigger is going on here. Thanks to these “humanitarians,” we now live in a world where millions of people no longer have a sense of identity, strong morals, friends, a spouse, children or stable employment.

No matter. In this Sweet Land of Liberty, they have the iPhone8, a Samsung flatscreen television and Netflix. In the place of traditional morality, they have substituted the dogma of political correctness. They abort their children and replace them with pets. They dump their elderly parents off on retirement communities where, sadly, “your world dies before you do.”

Some of us will always sneer at their smug sense of “moral superiority.” Behold, they have created a world where their fellow citizens would rather kill themselves than go on living.

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  1. Goy Goddess, there is something deeply wrong with our society that makes it hard for us to fight off opportunistic parasites and that makes it quite frankly, not worth fighting for.

    We can discuss that problem without excusing the Jew or letting him off the hook.

    (We should still fight for it (and fight to reform it) because it’s our duty and because frankly there is nothing better to do)

    • CB is correct. Jewish influence/control is a symptom of a much greater problem. Either that, or Western European folk must be the biggest, most clueless dupes ever to walk the Earth.

      • Either that, or Western European folk must be the biggest, most clueless dupes ever to walk the Earth.

        Ya Think? Just spend time talking to people to confirm your suspicions. The ignorant, gullible, white goyim are undoubtedly the most clueless twits that ever walked the planet this long without going extinct; but not to worry the Jew’s sweet-worded, “genocidal” program will soon fix that.

    • I think the problem is simple. There can be no direct counterattack when one side is kept in the dark and unable to identify the enemy. The cleverness of the Jews has been to conveniently hide themselves and to build a defense called prejudice that disallows they ever be pinpointed as the cause of our demise. This all goes back to their inbred hatred of Christianity and their revolutionary act of killing Christ at which time they rejected truth and forever more have been nothing short of destroyers wherever they go. It is no accident that they have been expelled and hated thruout history. Now though they own this country and we can say nothing about it.

      Someone posted somewhere that we need to call them out and display a case for their involvement in each of the destructive isms of our time. Unless we get the courage to go public and run the the risk of the negative branding they contrive we will forever be at their mercy. The old Catholic Church had the right approach. It granted the Jews the priviledge of living in the West but refused to allow them to undermine the culture. Better they leave but barring that restrict their voices and access to our institutions.

      • I agree, they were able to hide their infamy for decades because of their control of the media. And remember, the police and army will protect these parasites before they will protect us. These are the only reasons why ‘natural justice’ has not been performed as yet.

    • The problem is that we will be incarcerated by the police if we try to actually do something about it, Hundreds of years ago, when the people saw that something was drastically wrong, they just boiled into an area and did away with the malefactors; there were no police to defend the criminals like we have now.

  2. This essay made some very good point. Libertarianism, like liberalism, is really just a (((drug))) to destroy our people. They both promise freedom and peace, and libertarianism throws in promises of prosperity also.
    As my published works show, I used to be a libertarian, several years ago. Race and the JQ are why I left libertarianism for ethno-nationalism. Man on his own is empty, no matter the wealth or decadence level he has achieved. Without his people, his ethnos, he is nothing. And the joke of it all is that many far-libertarians dream of taking over and abolishing the state without an army -when one man is powerless against the state. In “Profile in Populism”, the late Willis Carto commented that libertarianism is a religion, not a serious political ideology. True.

  3. I came across a statistic last week that illustrates this problem: in the 1960s, 95% – 98% of white men were married, today it’s 48%.

  4. Changes in the economy, in demographics and technology are largely to blame for the sense of isolation that many Whites feel these days. Joining a Stormer Book Club or other pro-White organization would help, along with going to the Y to work out every week. Retirement doesn’t look very appealing, so maybe starting your own business after you leave your regular career or working part time in a low-stress/low bullshit job is the answer. The main thing is to keep your mind and body active. And to always remain White/anti-jew.

  5. I think I understand your point and agree that it is the Jews and they should be exposed but Liberalism is Judaism writ large. By attacking the components of this mess that are destroying our civilization and identifying each and tracing it back to the originators it becomes easier to convince the deplorables that it is in fact Jews who are making their lives miserable. There needs to be a logic flow that connects the dots and then people may wake.

  6. The Jews most fundamental process for destroying western civilization is the ongoing push for “progress”. This from a race of people that postulate vandalism is good for the economy because when a Negro breaks windows, it provides jobs for glaziers. Therefore it’z not difficult to imagine the profits to be made when Negroes burn down entire cities. Progress – it’z a chooish thing. This is the very kind of Jewish insanity that the gullible goyim lap up like dogs eating their own vomit.

    All my life I have watched every place I ever lived disappear entirely under the weight of Jewish “progress”. My grandparent’s homes, along with their quiet, genteel neighborhoods have completely disappeared, replaced by corporate parking lots. The old mom and pop stores are gone replaced by soulless Walmarts and shopping malls. I return to locations I once knew like the back of my hand and I have to read a map like I have never been there. Most of the places I’ve lived, if not entirely obliterated, have been turned into ghettos I no longer wish to visit.

    In the name of this demented lust for progress, Jews are now destroying the monuments and landmarks that once defined white, American culture. Of course the need for all this progress is to accommodate the mud races being imported wholesale into this country. After all, third world immigrants people need homes and living space, so you must pay for them in more ways then you imagine.

    The Jews abnormal lust for progress instills a mind bending sense of detachment among normal people that is most likely the greatest demoralizing and destabilizing factor faced by the white race. Of course, Jews have no problem with this regressive “progress” because they never had any allegiance to anything outside their bank accounts. So it’z no surprise that the money-belt is where one finds the Jews only true allegiance.

    Jews have uprooted and inverted America’s entire culture, not only physically, but mentally and morally as well. Nothing of substance remains for the white race; no culture, no history, no morals, no sense of balance, justice or direction. Nothing remains but crass consumerism and entertainment that leaves no vision of any meaningful future, especially for the white male. All that remains is the ongoing, headlong rush to obtain more meaningless bits of Jewish jetsam at Walmart’s “black Friday” sales driven by ever increasing inflation from worthless Jewish script. But not to worry, Trump will save America and if he doesn’t, Jesus most certainly will.

    • Excellent piece Arch. That about sums it up. I for one am sick of most whites. Most are beyond truth or redemption. Too vested in the narrative or afraid of truth. But, I will contribute in my own way. I donate, troll and when the time is right mount kippahs on my wall and collect gold teeth I will store in a mason jar.

  7. The JYTimes says that social isolation is increasingly recognized as a problem. What they should say is that more and more people are getting socially isolated. This isn’t big news. We knew that would happen. And it has not recently been discovered that social isolation made people unhappy. That has always been known.

    “Liberalism Is Killing Us”

    I think what’s killing us is the third-world invasion. It destroys White society in all sorts of ways. The other thing that is killing us is the Jews, in all sorts of ways too.

    Another big problem is modernity: changes in the economy and technology, as mentioned by Spahnranch. I would list technical progress, better transport, the end of rural life, new types of jobs, the spread of bureaucracy, too much TV watching, too much advertising, economic concentration and centralization. There is also the problem that people are made to spend too much time in college.

    We could have tried to fix things by reorganizing society on a smaller scale, but ZOG would rather try to atomize White society even further.

    One thing I hate is how people speak in the professional field of public relations, whether it is a school principal, a chief of police, or people in newspapers, the administration, private companies, national or local politics… What you get from them is lies, cant, waffle, boilerplate, insincere language… strongly influenced by Jewish political correctness. It makes us feel as if we no longer live in a natural European world. It feels like we are ants living in a big administrative world, under ZOG’s supervision.

    I think that is part of the reason why White people have few children. Many White Nationalist blogs insist that the low birth rate is a result of liberalism, individualism, consumerism, feminism… In fact, the main cause is the third-world invasion, but I think it has also a lot to do with the fact that White people do not reproduce as well when they live in captivity.

    In my part of the world, I think people find it more difficult to socialize with each other than was the case 50 years ago. There is less complicity, less familiarity. People no longer know what to talk about. There are fewer customers in the pubs and the ambiance there is no longer as comfortable and relaxed.

    That is not a direct result of leftism and the liberal taste for freedom, equality and individual rights. There is the fact that half the people come from another part of the country. But also, I think it has to do with our gradual domestication by ZOG, by Jewish TV, by the administration, the schools and so on. A big part of our natural social life has been taken over by public relations professionals, and that too is killing us.

  8. It’s my understanding that 1 in 4 people currently residing in Texas was born in the State. I’m 7th generation Texian and can trace my ancestry back to the Republic of Texas. So many of the places that I knew as a child, or teenager, are now completely unrecognizable, aside from the edifices, which are, themselves, startlingly unfamiliar.
    The foreign faces are oblivious to, and disinterested in, the changes their presence has wrought. Those that are aware of the displacement that has accompanied their arrival appear to revel in it. Whether they’re cognizant of the corresponding decline is not always clear. Sometimes, I guess, when a taqueria replaces a formerly barred and boarded up establishment in an area that was previously dominated by Negroes, this seems a slight, but still ultimately detrimental. “improvement.” The one thing these Dreamers know for sure is that this is better than where they came from. The fact that they are replicating the conditions of their homelands here, and the misery that goes along with it, appears to escape them.

    Several times, I’ve witnessed a couple dining in a restaurant together while talking on their cell phones to other people. Not for a moment, but for an extended period of time. Families sitting together, each one talking on their phones, texting or zoning out, but not interacting with each other. Even when I was a member of the S.C.V., before being expelled (after 13 years) for my particular brand of activism, I was frequently appalled to see “compatriots” diddling with their doodads while the featured speakers were giving their presentations. Around the 50th anniversary of the opening of Six Flags Over Texas, I began a one man crusade to reinsert the Confederacy back into the park. I bought a season pass and I walked around the park posting the Battle Flag in different places and talking to people about the park’s original focus on Texas history. The thing that really took me by surprise was the number of young people sitting on benches twiddling their twitters.

    Whereas television, especially after cable and v.c.r.’s, allowed people to tune out their families and friends while at home, the cellphone has enabled people to disconnect from the entire world in a public setting and dwell almost perpetually in cyber space. Online gaming, a form of escape, with an idealized screen persona inhabiting a world of your own choosing, takes the place of developing character, honing social skills and dealing with reality. Movies are: Nonstop, over-the-top, cheesy c.g.i. enhanced, action extravaganzas without a plot or dialogue; Ridiculously vulgar, obnoxious, sophmoric, sad excuses for comedy, with a thin story line and no witty inuendo, clever wordplay or even well choreographed slapstick; Sorry suspense, intrigue, espionage, conspiracy, love triangle, dramas, with a little action, some brief nudity interspersed throughout, at least one extended sex scene, a Negro scientist – doctor – computer programmer – nuclear physicist, and an incoherent and inconceivable set of circumstances. Television is: Millionaires playing with their balls; Unrealisitic reality programs; void and vacuous sitcoms; Detective stories with gangsta rappers portraying policemen; and Cartoons, including the longest running program in television history, “The Simpsons.” It’s small wonder that the current generation of White kid’s heroes are all fictional; that they lack the ability to communicate effectively; or, that they are almost completely devoid of a sense of individuality (the sweatshirt hoodie with basketball shorts being the universal uniform of youth of all hues), they simply haven’t been introduced to anything else.

    One thing minorities are doing, that White people aren’t, is going to the park. Negroes get together and play basketball. Hispanics regularly have large family and community gatherings. This is what we need to do. Have our own recreational events, gatherings and activities. Avoid interference at these informal, leisure outings by not advertising them as part of the Unite the Right efforts, but only invite those who are part of the movement and encourage them to bring their like-minded friends.

    • “The one thing these Dreamers know for sure is that this is better than where they came from. The fact that they are replicating the conditions of their homelands here, and the misery that goes along with it, appears to escape them.”

      Obama’s dreamers are mostly Mexican mestizos. If we had to live among them in Mexico, what we would find difficult isn’t so much the lower standards of living (do they really live in misery?) as the lack of White people we can relate to and talk with.

  9. @Armoric

    The misery that I was referring to is that which Hispanics are apparently trying so desperately to escape from, and are so vocally opposed to returning to. How miserable things actually are, I don’t know. I guess, like anywhere, it varies depending on region, local attitudes, and other factors. I’m certain that there are quite a few Mexicans who are quite content to live out their days in their native land. However, it seems that there are a great many more who are, for whatever reason, willing to risk everything to come here. What I can state with all confidence is that where ever they reside in substantial numbers, the surrounding area begins to resemble the country that they left. And, it is not only a largely inhospitable environment, but a third world one. The area where I grew up was not affluent, but it was still visibly part of the United States. Now, other than street signs, there is scarcely any tangible evidence that the neigborhood is located north of the Rio Grande. Fences are tagged with grafitti, Varrio East Side (V.E.S.) etc… There’s a taqueria on every corner, but somehow the carwash is still the domain of the Negroes. The entire city school district is overrun with the “Dreamers.” And, although the city claims that only 10% of the schools received a failing score on their evaluations last year, 80% of the students are not performing at their assigned grade levels in even a single subject. I suppose that this is the brand of misery that is manifested in Latin countries and is brought to us here courtesy of Hispanics.

    • @Cowtown Rebel

      Bravo. Spot on for both comments. I left the Lone Star state after the Waco debacle. I lived just North of Waco when the feds moved in and all I heard were “Texans” saying “Weee Haw! Were gonna’ have us a Barb-B-Que!” At the time, the only redeeming Texans I heard were the Texas Rangers (“One riot, one ranger”) who politely told the feds to go fuck themselves after being asked to participate in that Jew mandated Holocausting of Christians. (Jews: If this abortion of justice at Waco works out, we’ll know we can move on to Oklahoma city and the trade towers.)

      While not a native Texan, I grew up there. (My Massachusetts birthplace has literally become a FEMA camp. Oh the irony of it all! But don’t get me started on that state, I would have rather been born in Texas.) I have lived and worked every corner of Texas from El Paso to Beaumont, Amarillo to Brownsville. Ever heard of Burkburnette, Winnie, Marfa, Dilly, La Feria or Archer City? Been there done that and a whole lot more. With rare exception, I find I know Texas and its history better than most natives. Shucks, I’m even a graj-e-ate of LBJ’s Alma mater, Southwest Texas State University.

      The original Texicans would have fought the government to the last man at Waco and celebrated the battle as the “Branch Alamo.” Instead, thanks to Waco, I moved to Alaska, where I discovered Texans are most unloved; something about their intrusion into that state during the pipeline years. For many years, my favorite song was Mac Davis’ “I got Texas in my rear-view mirror.”

      When I was a lad, Texans were called “friendly”. Today “commercial” would seem more apropos. I’ll soon be returning to bury my father at Fort Sam Houston. After that, a team of wild horses couldn’t drag me back.

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