Erica Garner Is Brain Dead

No, I’m not making light of the situation:

“Erica Garner, the oldest daughter of Eric Garner, who died after a New York City police officer put him in a chokehold, has been declared brain dead. The 27-year-old activist was in a medically induced coma after suffering a heart attack Saturday.

An asthmatic episode brought on her severe heart attack, her mother Esaw Snipes told The New York Times and Garner was brought to the intensive care unit at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. A tweet from her verified account Wednesday says a “cat scan shows Erica suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest.”

“She’s not gone, she’s brain dead,” Snipes told the Daily News. “Physically she is still with us.”

Garner remained on life support as family members went to the hospital Thursday morning to say their final goodbyes, the Daily News reported. …”

It’s probably not a coincidence though that BOTH a 43-year-old black man and his 27-year-old daughter ended up dropping dead from a massive heart attack. There might be something more going on here than, you know, a simple case of racism and social justice. Did you know the leading cause of death in the black community is obesity and heart disease, not police brutality?

Note: Why was Heather Heyer the only person who died from trauma in Charlottesville?

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  1. Most Blacks eat complete crap so it is nauseating to hear guilty White liberals insist that health disparities are due to racism or racist docs.


    Blacks in USA live longer than blacks in Africa.
    They get welfare, affirmative action, quotas, etc.

    Judaists glorify them and pander to them and the media shows them as smart.
    They are able to steal gullible white girls.

    Gullible whites jump up and down when they see a negro throwing a ball at a negro (sports).

    Compare that to how they are treated in 3rd world countries. Eg. as per Indian students at the uni, in India, they are called kala kakoos (a word that literally means black excretum, feces).

    America is truly a racist society–in favor of blacks.

  3. It suffered a heart attack and and is now brain dead? This implies that it had a normal functioning brain to start with! She was an…’activist’-that tells you all you need to know.
    Seriously though, I hope she fully recovers, and then goes and lives a happy life….in Africa where her activism is really needed. She can work to improve the lives of women, the poor and gays over there!
    Remember, she had a heart attack because of white racism. YOU are responsible. Always remember that.

  4. She’s not gone, not by a long shot. You see, she is a member of the highest class, a negro activist. She’ll stay on life support (at White taxpayer expense) for weeks, possibly months.

    Meanwhile, our (w/wife) disabled child, now 8, has been refused basic assistance since age 2. We have hospital bills in excess of one million dollars for a beautiful, functioning child with a genetic disorder and accompanying physical limitations, that will contribute positive things to her race and her Southern culture.

    Boo fucking hoo, cry me a river.

  5. The article suggests that the cop chokehold on dad had something to do with her condition. It’s BS but I’m not so enthusiastic about blue lives mattering anymore. Not when cops can murder unarmed Whites and get away with it.

  6. Several years ago, I read a book on how political correctness has distorted and warped the practice of medicine. This racism caused it story is a prime example of how pc prevents people from seeing the reality that’s right in front of their eyes.

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