FLASHBACK: Jason Jorjani’s The Coming Persian War

Thankfully, Daniel S of Majority Rights had the foresight to archive this Jason Jorjani article, which a lot of people are searching for now in light of recent events in Iran:

“On Friday the 13th of October, 2017, President Trump gave a speech on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that Persians will forever remember as “the Arabian Gulf” speech. Seven months earlier, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the United States was initiating a “comprehensive review” of its Iran policy, including the JCPOA colloquially known as “the Iran nuclear deal.” About a month after Tillerson’s April 19th statement, the Secretary of State accompanied President Trump on a state visit to Saudi Arabia where the President addressed tens of Arab nations in a speech that identified Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism. This, despite the fact that Iran has never carried out an act of terrorism on American soil whereas, during his campaign, Donald Trump himself rightly identified Saudi Arabia as responsible for helping to plan and organize the 9/11 attacks. A comparison of the remarks of candidate Trump regarding Saudi Arabia to the policies of President Trump on Saudi Arabia is one of the clearest examples of Donald Trump’s hypocrisy and charlatanry. Another is his not having included the Saudis in his “Muslim ban” that does prevent Iranians from immigrating to the United States. The candidate who lambasted Hillary Clinton for taking money from Saudi Arabia went on to literally do a war dance with the Saudis, and to form a coalition with them against Iran. Several weeks after this trip to Saudi Arabia, Secretary of State Tillerson referred to the Persian Gulf as “the Arabian Gulf”.

During his Friday the 13th speech decertifying the JCPOA and laying out a strategy for regime change in Iran, President Trump echoed his Secretary of State when nearly six minutes into the twenty minute speech, he said that Iran “harasses American ships and threatens freedom of navigation in the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea.” Trump’s speech presented the outcome of the “comprehensive review” of Iran policy announced by Tillerson back in April. In summary, the new Iran policy includes renegotiating the nuclear deal to remove the time limits on the heavy restrictions of Iran’s nuclear energy program, to target Iran’s ballistic missile development, especially its efforts to acquire ICBMs, as well as measures not directly related to the nuclear program but targeting the regime, such as the imposition of crippling sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which “has hijacked large portions of Iran’s economy”, and finally, to support “regional allies”, i.e. Sunni Arab states, in confronting the Iranian military and paramilitary presence in Shiite-majority countries like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. …”

What do you think?

Was this Big Brain Nibba telling the truth? Was there some plot to install Jorjani as the leader of the Alt-Right? Was it connected to this scheme to overthrow the Iranian government? I have a hard time believing that Jorjani simply made it all up.

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  1. Part of the reason that we trolled Jorjani until he quit posting articles on Alt-Right.com is that the Iranian Renaissance movement always looked like something that the Israelis would support.

    You can’t actually restore Zoroastrianism to Iran, but what you can do is use it to divide and conquer Iran (or more likely divide and disrupt). This is the standard playbook for disrupting a society with religious minorities.

    And indeed there is a now deleted article in Israeli linked magazine “The Tower” profiling the Iranian Renaissance movement and neo-Zoroastrianism as “The Religion That The Iranian Mullahs Fear Most”, copies can be found on google.

    It’s a safe bet that if the Mullahs fear it, the Israelis love it.

    Very strange period of Alt-Right history, some of Jorjani’s articles on Shahin Nezad could have been pulled from Israeli shill sites almost verbatim.

    • Well, this is somewhat late, but something can still be said about neo Zorastrianism.

      There seem to be many misconceptions regarding Iran and Persia, enabling people like Jorgani to hoodwink the gullible.

      Iran=/=Persia and Persia=/=Iran.

      Modern-day Iran is, indeed, ethnically diverse and, in addition to the Farsizabonon(Persian-speakers), it contains Turkish speakers(Azeri, Qashqai) as well as other Iranic speakers like Kurds and Baloch.

      Now, the Persian-speaking world is divided into two sectors: west of dasht-i kavir(tr. as “the great desert) and east of it. The eastern portion—which we call Khurasan-i-Buzurg(or Greater Khorasan)——extends past the boundaries of present-day Iran into northern Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Actually, the cities of modern-day Turkmenistan like Marv and Khiva were legendary and had large Persian-speaking populations before the Mongol invasions destroyed them.

      The Persian spoken today is called “New Persian” and came to be spoken sometime after 8th century CE, radiating outwards from the Greater Khorasan region, with cities like Balkh and Bukhara playing a critical role. It evolved from Middle Persian which came to be spoken among the previously Bactrian-speaking population of Khorasan during Sassanid domination. In fact, much of what we consider to be the pinnacle of the Persian golden age in the arts and sciences took place there, too. Avicenna(Ibn Sina), for instance, was from Bukhara in modern-day Uzbekistan. Mowlana Rumi was from Balkh(modern-day Afghanistan).

      Persian speakers from Khurasan are referred to as Tajiks today, but the term “Tajik” traditionally applied to ANY Persian speaker, characteristically by their urban and sophisticated liestyle(relative to Turks and tribal non-Persian Iranians).

      Aside from SOME fringe western Iranians in the diaspora, there is no collective longing to return to our “Zoroastrian roots”, let alone a desire to pressure US political system in attaining such goals!!!
      First off, not all Persians have Zoroastrian roots. There were just as many Buddhists among our ancestors as there were Zoroastrians.
      Second of all, no, the Arabs didn’t “rape and cuck” us to Islam as many erroneously believe. In fact, it was we who developed Islamic theology in the first place and some even wonder if the “Arab conquest” was so “Arab” to begin with. When 7/8 Hadith writers were Persians and when even some of the most important Arabic language grammarians were Persian, it ought to make you wonder.

      The Abbasid caliphate centered at Baghdad(a Persian word) was resulted from a coup against the Umayyads. It was led by various Muslim Persians, chief among them being Abu Muslim Khurasani. Many Zoroastrian Persians participated in this revolt alongside their Muslim kin. In fact, massive conversions to Islam did not take place until two centuries AFTER the so-called “Arab” conquest.

      You will find that Persians—-Sunni and Shi’a alike—-are traditionally devout Muslims who revere the Prophet(PBUH/SAW). The veil isn’t worn by many women in Tajikistan, for example, but rest assured that they have no intention of taking “gender studies” and regularly attend Friday prayers. 🙂

      Aryans…About that—–It’s abundantly clear by now that Indo-European languages originated in and spread from the Pontic-Caspian steppe(Ukraine and Russia) in all directions by various horse-oriented cultures(Yamna, Andronovo, etc.). As you might guess, Persians and other Iranic speakers derive a sizable chunk of our ancestry from these groups, but not exclusively from them. After all these steppe nomads encountered settled civilizations along the Oxus basin as well as in western Iran(Elam). Over time, they mixed. We Tajiks and various eastern Iranians like Pashtuns usually get ~30-40% of this ancestry, while the more “middle-eastern” looking people from western Iran get like 15-20%. Swedes get ~40% as well. Despite this, you won’t find THAT many Swedish-looking people among Tajiks or eastern Iranian people as a whole. 🙂

      It doesn’t at all make me feel inferior and I feel sorry for that fringe minority that feels otherwise. We’re not Europeans and have our own illustrious legacy to be proud of. We’re Muslims, but we certainly are not Arabs. (Btw, don’t let the legacy of Abdul Wahab and the Saudi Royal family mislead you about the nature of Sunni Islam.)

      At the same time, I don’t feel any sense of hostility towards the peoples of the west and admire your achievements.

  2. From this wing of the Alt-Right there have always been hints that they are imperialists presenting as nationalists. Jorjani is just a bit more honest about it.

    His latest book got a glowing 5k-word write-up on Counter-Currents (https://www.counter-currents.com/2017/08/the-geopolitics-of-jason-jorjani/) where he makes the case for a global Indo-Aryan Imperium. Personally I’d like to have a millennia or so without Euros being ruled over by one Middle East faction or another for a change.

    As a nationalist, it’s hard to know what side to take with Iran. Already, it’s not a true nationalist entity—it has several distinct people’s under one Islamic roof.

    But I’m completely against an Israeli war (fought with American blood and dollars) to conquer the place, carve it up, and install a Rothschild bank.

    I sympathize with Jorjani’s hope for a renaissance/revolution that will see the Iranians cast off a foreign religion and embrace their ancient religious and cultural roots (something very close to what is also bubbling up in Europe). But I’m skeptical they’ll be able to topple the power structure, fill the power vacuum, and fight off the Jews all at the same time.

    • Could you elaborate on the Caspian? I’m not as much of a national security nerd as some, but there is some interesting history in that region. Stalin had an interesting chapter of his life there. As for Jorjani, its very easy to make fun of him, but the protester chants line up with nationalist and anti-muslim sentiment, and yes Zoroastrianism has been on the rise in Iran, although I wasn’t aware of an Israeli magazine boasting about it.

      One thing that strikes me as odd is how transparent BiBi and Trump have been with this Iran thing. They’re saying they support the protesters, going all out everything short of saying they funded them, which is kind of the last thing any organic uprising would want, the assumption of foreign collusion. It almost makes me wonder if this is an organic thing.

  3. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Jorjani was fishing around for some big coins no matter how questionable the source.

  4. Ha ha suckers, fooled you about nation building, being my own man and America First. You should have known better by now. You’ve been fooled so many times before but you always go for the same old bait. Happy New Year!

    • You’re acting like the other candidate was splendid and we just got fooled into voting for a liar. Yes, we did vote for a liar, but hellary was so ghastly and corrupt that even the donald looked good.

      • Hillary is ghastly but Trump has shown himself to be part of the same corrupt system as she. He fooled many of us, myself included. Voting D or R is voting for the same corrupt, anti-White system.

        • Oh, I agree, we got taken big time. We were fooled by Trump. My husband and I have decided we’re through with voting after this fiasco.

    • He’ll still need a 9/11 to justify invading Iran.

      Deposing the Mullahs might be easier to cover up though.

  5. Something was up with Jorjani. But this speech is telling. Basically, Jorjani wants to remake Iran into a secular Greater Persia. That’s the opposite of what CIA/Mossad wants. The Deep state wants to destabilize and dismember Iran. Iran has huge numbers of racial and linguistic minorities.

    • It’ll play out just like it did in the SAS siege breach of the London Iranian embassy.

      When the Arab, Azeri, Kurd, Baluchi separatists attack Iranian diplomatic posts around the world the Jewish led media will make everyone think it’s Iranian terrorists holding hostages and not CIA and Mossad assets.

      20 years later someone will point out that the terror that Iran exports was actually paid for by Sheldon Adelsteinbergwitz.

    • His goals don’t matter in and of themselves, what matters is the practical effect of trying to implement those goals.

      Anti-Islamic Republic Zoroastrians trying to remake a secular Greater Persia could easily find themselves used as tools to dismember and disrupt Iran.

      Just as Avoz Nazis helped bring Jewish rule to Ukraine

  6. I wasn’t entirely fooled by donald. I knew his foreign policy talk was BS. Just like when oboingo first took office. He said “not another brick” about kike settlements. Took a while for him to understand he was just a puppet. However, the kikes did let him control domestic policy that was all antiwhite.
    I assumed Donald would be prowhite. He tried to remain neutral, but has now been (((subverted))).
    We cannot vote out way out. Until the average white is homeless, and uncomfortable, things will continue as is.

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