President Trump Calls For Regime Change In Iran

Despite what you may have heard, Jewish-controlled conservatism hasn’t skipped a beat: behind the facade of Donald Trump’s “America First” rebranding, it is the same old program of tax breaks for the wealthy, regime change abroad, lying about immigration, etc. It is eerily similar to W.’s first year in office which started off with an air strike on Iraq and the Bush tax cuts.

Notice how these freedom fighters had nothing to say about the protests in Palestine. As long as Israel is shooting Palestinians, democracy is working beautifully.

UPDATE: Now that his man on a white horse has arrived, John McCain has chimed in on Iran. He might get his dying wish to see us Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran.

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  1. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Iran does not. Israel first Jews in the State department and other government agencies are beating the drums of an Iran war. A Sunni group blew up an oil pipeline in southwest Iran.

    • The SAS raid on the Iranian Embassy in London was directed against Arab separatists in Iran. Most of the public think it was directed against the Revolutionary Guard.

      Things are going to get weird again.

  2. Donald Trump is very smart

    He recognized Jerusalem at the moment when Hezbollah just won the war and hot headed testerone filled fighters want more.

    He launched the coup etat at the the moment when testosterone filled hotheads has best moment to overthow the stagnated Iran Govermet and go to war with Israel.

    Now all this shitstorm heading to israel. and somebody still comlpaining that we lose.

    Learn how to fight. It is very important to use nemy weakness aganinst hmself. How will be regime change in Iran. Stagnated myllahs versus battle decorated heroes who won the battle and thay want more.

    Trump gives Israel a deadly blow.

    • 3 godzillion dimension cosmic hyper megachess!!!
      No, this isn’t a master plan to destroy the Jew supremacy state (walls and negro deportation for them, not us rayciss Gentiles tho!). It’s just an arrogant blowhard once again deferring to anti-white heebs

    • A nuke will have to go off in Brooklyn or Golders Green, Bel Air or Tel Aviv.

      Even then it’ll just be a pretext to escalate the clearance of Arabs in the Levant.

  3. For too long, the American people have been oppressed by their government, which cares more about sowing instability abroad than its own citizens.

    Fixed it for you, McCain. By the way, can you die already?

  4. If anything, dumbshit Trump tweeting out support for the pozzed Iranian bugmen “Revolutionaries” will just sway the Iranian people to support the Ayatollah. The Iranians remember the 1953 CIA Coup and our support for the Shah and aren’t likely to stand for American meddling in their country again.

    • Then you have to figure out what to do with the 85% of the population that produces nothing and has no useful skills. Just let it collapse.

  5. Only when the monkey ball game is interrupted. it’s a side show of pompous grandure.Israel fight within the border expanding the holy land. Western borders contracting the troops shipped over seas. Boy oh boy, are we over due for a regime change.The voting for party A or Party B is of parasites.

  6. Last time I checked, Iran was stable, ordered and lacked the kaos and suicide bombings common in the shitholes that were blessed with wonderful ‘regime change’- which certainly helped them didn’t it?
    Please prepare yourselves for the millions of Iranian refugees that this Jewish/US war will generate-refugees the Jews want to create, none of which will be accepted into Israel-just the West.
    Dictators always kept a lid on bad behavior in the Muslim world. Just leave them be.
    Same thing will happen in NK eventually- bomb them, pretend to offer something better, it turns to shit, millions seek asylum in the West-but not Israel, China or Japan. It happens every fuckin time we meddle.
    Its time for regime change… the white house.

  7. Notable campaign promises:

    Jorge W Bush (2000): “No more nation-building”

    Trump (2016): “No more regime change”

  8. Israel first jews in the American government tried to incite an insurrection in Iran in 2009 during the beginning of the Obama administration but were thwarted by Obama. Valerie Jarrett, the influential advisor to Obama, was born in Iran and spoke Persian. There is nobody like Valerie Jarrett in the Trump administration.

  9. No need to become an Iran cuck though. No one in Iran cares about us, whatever the designs on Iran the US establishment may have.

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