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  1. I read recently that our first monkey president deported more illegal aliens in his first year than Chump Trump did in his.

    • yes but the POtuS 2009-2016 allowed many, many more in than any previous POTUS. His 2016 % deported is only 5%, Trump’s for 2017 is over 10%. Trump is much more effective. Now you self deport

      • Do you really think that I’m defending the previous POTUS over the present? Trump, the Chump, simply took the first-monkey president’s baton and is going in the same direction. Now you “self report.”

  2. Anyway fellow believers, its now 2018 down here in Australia, so greetings from the future to those still stuck in the year 2017. So far it feels no different-so nothing to fear yet. I turn 50 in August but already feel that age because the year I turn it is now apon me.
    Greeting from 2018. I don’t drink so I’ll wake up in the morning actually feeling human, unlike every other dickhead around here who insist on smashing themselves every time a year ends.
    Here’s to a happy and safe new year to all. God bless.

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