John Bolton: “Our Goal Should Be Regime Change In Iran”

If you wondered what happened to John Bolton, the neocon throwback who advocated the disastrous Iraq War, he is back to educate normies on how tell deal with Iran.

Follow the money to President Donald Trump:

“Indeed, the influence of these key donors—Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus, and Paul Singer—over U.S. foreign policy, particularly with regards to Iran, doesn’t stop at the White House, where combined they contributed over $40 million to various pro-Trump political groups and causes.

Those three donors also contributed $65 million at the congressional level. That represents nearly half of the individual contributions made to the Senate Leadership Fund (CLF) and Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), Super PACs dedicated to maintaining Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Those contributions provide a considerable incentive for Hill Republicans to stake out a hawkish position on the JCPOA. …”

The GOP has a lot of shekels riding on this!

Bibi Netanyahu wants you to know it has nothing to do with Israel even though it came the day after the announcement of the Trump administration and Israel’s joint plan to counter Iran.

It is all just one big (((coincidence))).

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  1. Problem is reality does not accord to what ought to be right, but to what entity has power. Iran, Islam, all the powers aligned against Zion – you’ve had your chance. It seems like Israel rules the region. Sorry but that is reality.

  2. The Movement is off to a great start in 2018. 1 of 1 days passed building positive momentum! Just keep stringing them together!

  3. As awful as Bathhouse Barry and Crooked Cunt are I don’t think they would ever have given the Zionist war-mongers this much of a free hand in dictating US middle eastern policy.

    • Obama always tended to see Israelis as whites attacking brown Arabs. Which did constrain US aggression against Palestinians proper.

    • Trump is trying to overcome widespread Jewish hatred of him. Obama had a little more freedom because he was a Dem and a black guy. Trump talks like he’s ready to get on the neocon bandwagon but his actual behavior is a mixed bag. If Jeb Bush were president we would be in 3 more wars by now.

  4. Do you think Normies see the coordination, or not?

    Every-one I speak to is a “NAZI”. You know – pro-White. I’ve been so busy, for months, in 3D world, that I haven’t had a real chance to talk with Normies. I must make a point to gauge the Normie POV. Get my finger back on their pulse.

    • From what I’m seeing on Twitter the normies are pretty much behind this, even some seemingly pro-Whites as well. Just throw “freedom and democracy” shit at the crowd and they’ll forget how little of either they have here. Start waving the Murrican flag and the normies will follow our traitors anywhere. Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  5. I HATE Bolton. A certain (((faction))) of White Nationalism – the one that drools and blathers over “White Sharia” blames women for everything bad that’s ever happened. But Bolton is actually White – and he acts against EVERY second of his vile existence. He is in the Top Ten of my Oven List.

    • I don’t blame women as a group for anything but the feminist and gay SJWs have been so aggressive and destructive that there needs to be brutal trolling as pushback, Calling for “white sharia” is a way of doing that. Don’t take it personally.

  6. I have watched that creep Bolton for years now and have never understood what drives him. He isn’t Jewish, but he advocates for the disgusting neocon agenda with such ferociousness that it boggles the mind.

    Despite having been wrong on so many things, he is a very frequent commentator on Fox. No telling how many people admire him. Really depressing.

  7. These vulchars in the white house are just itching to pounce aren’t they? What else can we say?
    You didn’t vote for this, and your taxes are paying for it. What do Americans get out of these ‘regime changes’? Dead soldiers, refugees, more diversity, rapes and welfare payments.
    Its time for the military to head straight to DC to
    effect regime change there.

    • Another term for it, is Theonomy. It is unavoidable. All you whiners hate AA, but at least he corroborates his views. AND, has a highly viewed website… we’re any of YOU on the cover of the Atlantic? Just sayin’…

  8. John Bolton doesn’t look Jewish and his name doesn’t sound Jewish but sure enough he is descended from a Jewish immigrant named Borodin. It never fails. At bottom these guys are using the US Army and the US taxpayer to punish Israel’s enemies, and you will never see any of them in uniform fighting for us. During the Vietnam War most of these “hawks” were waving peace signs and praising the Communists.

  9. Bolton needs to buy himself a copy of Larry Brom’s The Sword and The Flame Colonial Wargames Rules, the supplements: “The Sun Never Sets” and “Boilers and Breechloaders;” paint himself up a batch of 28mm figures, and get on down to the local wargames club.

    Table top wargaming is a good hobby for a retired Cold Warrior.

  10. Bolton-Borodin is your most frightening swamp creature. At least in the media frame. A crypto-jew behind an 19thC mustache, or a semitic rat behind Europid spectacles? One naturally feels a jolt of dismay when he intrudes into the world. Does he wear both suspenders and a belt? He has the air of an extreme hoarder.

    Similar terror tier: Micha Chertoff, although his terror presence is from opacity and absence.

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