Whistling Dixie


As we kick off 2018 with more bellicose tweets threatening the Iranian government, I am reminded of why I decided to become a Southern Nationalist so many years ago.

It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I realized during the Obama years that trying to reform the system is futile. There is a disconnect between elections and public policy. In spite of the smoke and mirrors of the campaign trail, the fundamental trend is always continuity. The American state has its own goals and pursues its agenda even as administrations come and go.

Do you remember the Crash of 2008? Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama sprang into action to bailout Wall Street. It was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA into law, presided over the deregulation of Wall Street, the creation of the World Trade Organization and who granted PNTR (permanent normal trade relations) to China. George W. Bush picked up the baton of free trade and carried it forward with CAFTA and free trade agreements with Australia, Chile and Peru. It was picked up by Barack Obama whose administration negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership, signed Trade Promotion Authority into law and added free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

George H.W. Bush proclaimed the “New World Order” in 1991. He called the Gulf War the “first test” of the NWO. We have been mired in Iraq ever since. After 9/11, George W. Bush declared Iraq, Iran and North Korea were the “Axis of Evil” in 2002. Sixteen years later, Donald Trump is going after Iran and North Korea. During the campaign, Trump said NATO was obsolete, promised a new relationship with Russia and pledged to stay out of Syria. He has since imposed sanctions on Russia, added Montenegro to NATO, armed Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles and launched a missile strike on the Syrian government. As the mirage of “America First” and tough talk about “globalists” evaporate, we’re still on the same course in foreign affairs that we have been on for the last quarter century.

The American state has a mind of its own. We vote to ban refugees. Jewish organizations find a federal judge to strike down the refugee ban. We vote for Voter ID laws. Federal judges swoop in and strike those down. We try to legislate tougher immigration laws. Federal judges swoop in and strike those down. We pass laws that outlaw gay marriage. Federal judges strike down those laws. While we have the vestigial organs of self government, the American state continues to pursue its own unpopular agenda, which is why 84% of White working class voters don’t feel represented by Washington.

So yes, maybe I am whistling Dixie. I AM nostalgic for those bygone days when transsexuals weren’t enlisting in the US military to go fight Iran’s mullahs. I DO wish the South wasn’t chained to Washington, DC and perpetually dragged along for this unpleasant ride. I DON’T want my people to be cannon fodder for New York neocons and Israel’s regional geopolitical ambitions. Let someone else go “liberate” Iran in the name of feminism to transform its women into whores.

Are you ready for Generation Z to die to Make ZOG Great Again? I’m not.

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  1. It’s kinda interesting watching Lorde (the Kiwi singer) navigate the the treacherous waters of BDS right now.

    Poor lass doesn’t know what she’s done.

  2. The Southern Identity movement needs to become a lot more militant, IMHO. I don’t say that to cause trouble or promote violence, I say it because the Confederacy cannot keep on providing the cannon fodder for ZOG’s endless wars of imperial conquest. Dixie is also losing its traditional demographics and its very identity. It is being over-run with third world savages and ruled by a hostile, inbred, semi-autistic jewish “elite”. The only solution to all of this is total secession from the Occupation Government in Washington City.

    • This is necessary, 2018, needs to be a year of painful protests for us in hopes that 2019 sees an awakening.

  3. The Southern Monopoly…

    The return of the plantation…

    The King of sugar and cotton production…

    At least a secessionist can romanticize.

  4. I feel the same way about North Korea as I do about these middle east wars, the North Koreans haven’t done a damn thing to the American people and I see no reason to start a war nuclear, or otherwise with them.

    I pretty much see the federal system the war Hunter does, the ruling class, i.e. the oligarchy pursues it’s own agenda irregardless of who’s president or what party is in power in congress. I don’t think we even have a two party system anymore, just two factions of the oligarchy, they mostly argue over patronage, over who’s going to be in charge, not that there’s really all that much difference between them, not as far as the ordinary voter is concerned. We go through the motions of having democracy without really having it.

    The oligarchy for me is: CEO’s of fortune five hundred companies, military brass, including CIA, NSA, FBI, too big to jail banks, defense contractors, main stream media (usual limousine liberal doucbags), entertainment media types, and anybody else with a lot of money.

  5. The water flows down the shute … divides up and flows in the directions the gate keepers have arranged the flow over the last umpteen decades …

    WE need at least 60 % of that water to flow “Dixie.” “Confederate States.” “White. ” “Christian.”

    That won’t happen with “talk.” Although talk is part of it.


    Get r done, or, just KEEP, “whistling Dixie.”

    The bad thing about JUST whistling Dixie is … you just keep blowing off steam a little at a time and help the sheeple do that too. We need to let that steam, ( water, ) build up, then redirect more than 60 % of it to the creation of a new CSA.

  6. I’ve given a great deal of thought to the idea of restoring what was the Confederate States of America. Honestly, under the present circumstances, I don’t believe that can be accomplished anytime soon. In my humble opinion, using an amateur demographic analysis, the most practical solution, to a problem that doesn’t have an easy answer, would be to carve out the territory north of the Red River, east of the Rockies, west of the Mississippi, and south of the Canadian border, and call it a W.A.S.P. reservation.
    If the Aborigines can have land that is set aside exclusively for their use, then we should be accorded the same rights. The preservation of our faith, culture and traditions naturally require a degree of separation from the diverse elements that tend to dilute and overwhelm us.
    Let the Negroes and Hispanics battle it out with eachother for entitlements and territory. They can try to accomodate and assimilate the hordes of Asians that are flooding over here. I think that it’s quite possible that, within a year or two, the coastal and border states would sufficiently destroy themselves to permit us to reoccupy the lands that were ceded. With proper planning and readiness, law and order could be restored before the U.N. could intervene.
    Part of the problem with this idea is the state of ignorance that prevails in the Mid-West. The very fact that there are large swaths of land in this region where nary a Negro can be found keeps much of the population in a relative cocoon. Few of them know that the sparsity of Negroes in their midst harkens back to the Free Soil movement and the determination of the early settlers in those States to prevent Negroes from moving there. I’ve encountered many who remind me of the “American Gothic” painting, and they appear too pious to engage in anything controversial. The Mid-West is largely, from my observations, a Neo-Con, M.A.G.A. land, where the residents believe that Trump is going to bring their high paying, Union jobs back. Further disillusionment may serve to shake their confidence in a quick return to American prosperity, and their bitterness might make them more open to alternatives. We, Southerners, do, and have always had, more in common with Mid-Westerners, than with New England or the Left Coast.

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