John McCain – American Renaissance Traitor of the Year 2017

Amren has named John McCain as 2017 White Traitor of the Year.

This was a very good call. I take credit for convincing Jared Taylor and American Renaissance to restart Instauration Magazine’s White traitor of the year award and making Rand Paul the first winner in 2013. I’m a little disappointed that Jared Taylor hasn’t given me any credit on this or anything else, but Amren is great.

Here were some of Instauration Magazine’s previous Traitors of the Year. Manny are still around doing damage to our peopl:

1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glenn Miller

1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

1990 Conservative TV talking head George Will

1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 Conservative TV talking headFred Barnes

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)


  1. McCain is cucked beyond a level most can achieve in a lifetime. He has even trained his militant daughter to defend her rapists.

  2. It is the GOP in its manufactured guise as the white people’s party that politically validates anti-white racism.

  3. AmRen traitor of the year should be JARED TAYLOR, for being such a pusillanimous philo-Semitic traitor. Everything Alex Linder has ever said about Jared Taylor and AmRen is 100% true.

    • Jared said “Jews look White to me”. Funny how so many of us can identify them as Jews based on physical characteristics.

  4. Well, this liberal happily goes on his grave knowing that he worked all hes life for the liberals and againist humans and he is happy with that

    And western patriots still talking about saving the white race and wondering when college students finally understand. 500 years after the witch hunt.

    Maybe after witch hunt and all the horrors in white race history it is time to admit that there is two white races and istead of complaining when they understand it is time to admit that we are the guys who need to understand that the other white race will never understand.

    Mr. McCain is sick but I am sure that Hillary or Merkel will change their mind when they hear about all the horrors connected with immigration. After 500 years you just must believe that witchhunt was all big mistake and every witch hunter actually changes hes mind when you just show them a evidence.

    We had our own whtie race saving program. Back in the USSR and we complained that mr. Stalin is fooled and when he understand.

    We failed and we got 50 million liberal victims. in the time yor western partiots also understand that there ohther white race collegge studen twho never understand.

    Go after white liberal. This is root cause of all problems.

    • Too kind.

      His body belongs 6 feet under, and his soul belongs in the deepest reaches of hell.

      Hopefully 2018 sees this all come to fruition.

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