Bannon Was Warned: Lay Off Jarvanka

Read the whole thing.

“Friends and allies of Steve Bannon had been warning him for weeks to lay off Jared Kushner — telling him that President Trump would turn against him if he kept publicly attacking the son-in-law.

What we’re hearing: Tommy Hicks, a Trump campaign fundraiser and the chairman of the favored pro-Trump outside group America First Policies, relayed a message from the White House to Bannon to “knock it the f— off” or else Trump would blow him up, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

Republican operative Arthur Schwartz was another of Bannon’s friends who warned him about fixating on Jared too much and pushing Trump over the edge. …”

I think the Alt-Right has been too quick to turn on Bannon.

While we have major differences with Bannon’s project of civic nationalism, the fact remains that Bannon was right to go after the Jewish pit viper “Fredo” who has singlehandedly derailed the Trump administration. In between Trump and Bannon, it is also Bannon who has the more populist ideology and is pressing the case on trade and immigration. Clearly, he is the lesser of two evils here.

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    • In the case of Trump it’s a collaborator. He really didn’t need to go all in with Israel like this. Some of this unfolding disaster is the responsibility of ideological leftists who are unaware of Jewish machinations. They place Trump in a position where he is increasing forced into the arms of Likud and Netanyahu. Leftists who are reliably anti-war couldn’t cut Trump a little slack on immigration and race relations. So now we hurtle toward Iran because Trump is going to need to curry favor with Israel to survive.

      • Call me naive if you like but he’s backed into a corner on foreign policy as a way out of the impasse domestically.

  1. Right on Hunter!

    I agree.

    At least Bannon is willing to stick his neck out which is more than can be said for anyone else associated with the 2016 Trump campaign.

  2. If you forget about all the hype, and look at Bannon as just a normal Republican, who shares their problems like worshiping Israel and obsessing about helping black people, etc.

    Then Bannon is better than normal for a Republican because he’s solid on immigration and has at least played with a few slightly edgy ideas.

    I have a strong personal dislike for him because we’ve heard so much about him as this great nationalist, and it was all BS, but the fact remains that his niche is likely to be filled by someone even worse.

    And the fact remains that Kushner seems to be a literal Israeli agent who is also responsible for some of Trump’s more egregious domestic policy screwups.

    Certainly they’re both bad from our perspective, but if shabbos goy Bannon had gotten into power (not that he ever will) we might actually have gotten that breather on immigration that Trump was supposed to provide.

    Some people have valid reasons to turn on Bannon (BB has been making life difficult for Spencer), but the MAGA tards are just doing it out of a cult like devotion to Trump… but we know that Trump also has feet of clay, bigly.

    So we should take a more sober look.

    Good article.

    • I thought about things a bit since this book came out, and while I have personally lost a lot of respect for Bannon over the Nehlen thing, I suppose he could be used as a “useful idiot” in order to wreck the Cuckservatives once and for all.

      That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Bannon were to outright reject all of us because racism – it’s probably an 80:20 that he would.

      • I don’t think he’d ever support us (BB’s long running goal seems to be making all nationalism non-racial) and I don’t think we can really help him if we wanted to.

        I just object to the herd mentality of the MAGA people gloating about how Bannon got owned, when it looks like everything is being set up for some kind of Trump betrayal.

        • Yeah, I agree. He would likely rather die than work with us evil Anti-Semites.

          But if he wants to go rogue and fight a GOP civil war with President Cuck, then I’ll be glad to sit back, eat my popcorn, and watch them annihilate each other.

          And on the Trump betrayal, read my newest article – it’s bad, very bad.

  3. “They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV,” Mr. Bannon was quoted as saying.

    The Kushner’s are involved in money laundering and are going to betray Don Jr. to save themselves.

  4. Fredo…..snark. It is to laugh. What an apt comparison. Exactly, the incompetent hanger-on. Except in Jewish form.

  5. The reality is Bannon is calling the Trump administration for what it is. As I recall when he left the staff position he made a comment about being more effective in his past role. The alt right needs to RALLY HARD, gear up and be ready to rumble during this Trump administration. We need to make it VERY clear to Trump that MAGA parade is over!

  6. It’s the Boomer thought process that we all hate. They have these frustrating blind-spots that prevent them from ever seeing the real problems we are facing. They have fierce debates over the specific arrangement of the deck chairs while everyone else is worrying about the fact the ship is sinking.

    • Don’t go there. How can any nationalist ideology survive if it denies the forefathers who went before them?

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