Saudi Sunni Islamists and New York Zionists – Strong Case for Birth Control

Middle Eastern intrigues and American presidential politics certainly make for strange bedfellows. It’s now a reality that on everything that matters to us: Saudi Arabian Sunni Islamists and Israeli American Neocon Zionists are all on the same side:

Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Kushner-directed American Zionists are inciting riots in Iran, pushing for American airstrikes, regime change.

Saudi Arabia and Israel took … zero Syrian war refugees

Saudi Arabia and Israel and the American Jewish media and political elite have strongly supported the Muslim mass migration invasion of Europe and to a lesser extent Muslim invasion of USA, Australia, the West – anybody that disagrees is a RACIST, NAZI, beyond the pale and gets purged from Conservatism, Inc or now even the Alt-Lite.

Saudi Arabia has generously offered to pay for the construction of +700 Islamic mosques in Germany and Western Europe for the 1 million plus young Muslim male migrant invaders welcomed by Angela Merkel.

This alliance between Saudi Sunni Islamists, Israel, and International Zionism is best represented by the marriage of Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff Saudi-raised Huma Abedin and failed Jewish New York City mayor designate Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner was derailed for doing Harvey Weinstein type sexual degeneracy.

Here’s a photo of this handsome couple:

I don’t think I have ever seen a better visual argument for birth control!


  1. I can’t even imagine what their offspring would look like, much less how horrific their characters are likely to be.

  2. Huma Abedin married a jew. She’s obviously not a very good “muslim.” You’d have to look far and wide to find any muslim father that would be okay with their daughter marrying a kike (and in islamic weddings the father must approve the marriage.) So either she converted to being a kike or she was always a crypto.

    • True enough, but the article’s correct. That couple is a good argument for sterilization. Indeed, they are a good argument for mass round ups and expulsion from western nations.

    • Human and Hillary were lovers since the days when Huma was her intern. Human was/is Hillary’s “Pillow Princess.” Look it up if you don’t know what that means. Huma’s marriage to Weiner was all for show, obviously. Hillary is a stone-cold lesbian who had a child with Bill just to make it look good. That’s why Hillary didn’t leave Bill Clinton when his sexual behavior was exposed (she could care less). Huma was going along with this because she would have been in a powerful position to “serve Allah” when Hillary won the presidency. Huma said in her emails that she was being handed the “keys to the kingdom.” Except that Hillary lost, and the kingdom Huma thought she would inherit disappeared into the sand.

      • Sounds believable. So devote Saudi Sunni Islamists are fine with their reps being:

        A: Lesbian?
        B: in Sham marriages to the worst NYC Jew Zionists, sexual degenerate?

        I’m going with the idea that we’re really not going to get a lot of milage out of trying to form effective alliances with Saudi Sunni Islamists who go this way.

        • Muslims are fine with any type of deception, as long as it is in the interest of Islam. Btw, Hillary is a notorious lesbian who had more pussy going in and out of the WH than Bill did. Dems have been winking to each other for years about this.

          • Humas inner circle of radical Muslims were thrilled that she got on the inside, even if it meant receiving oral sex from Hillary (whether she liked it or not, who knows?) Huma’s mother is such a radical Sunni that even hardline Muslims shy away from her. Thank the Christian Lord that this Arab whore didn’t find her way to the White House.

  3. Steve – I’m’ afraid you/we will not find many “honorable” Muslims who won’t take the Jewish $, work with the Js or intermarry with the wealthiest, most powerful, connected Jews.

    Just look at that last God awful Democrat National Convention – featured speakers were that hostile, hateful Pakistani Muslim immigration lawyer and his scowling Islamic wife who wasn’t allowed to speak. Everything was about threatening White America. Muslims in the UK and Europe vote 85% for anti White Leftist parties.

    American Muslims vote 85% plus Left anti White Democrat.

    It’s only on the issue of Israel vs the Palestinians that some Muslims will go against the Jewish/Zionist side. And obviously the Saudi Sunni Islamists have abandoned the Palestinian issue and are now on the same side as Israel, the Zionists, Neo Conservatives on everything that matters.

    Just read our history lesson about 15th Century Spain. The Jews got expelled from Spain or put under the Spanish Inquisition to become Converso Catholics because they took the Arab Muslim Moor side against White Spanish Catholics, served as Muslim tax collectors, sold White girls in to sexual slavery to Middle East Muslim buyers.

    Spain Might have had a good reason:

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