Marc Thiessen: If It Wasn’t For The Alt-Right, Trump Would Be Popular

Conservatives have come up with a new myth. Donald Trump’s negative approval rating is due to his association with the Alt-Right, not their wildly unpopular policy agenda:

“President Trump has kicked Stephen K. Bannon off the Trump train once and for all. Good for him. Now he should kick off a few more noxious passengers whom Bannon brought along — the racists and anti-Semites of the “alt-right” whom Bannon promoted and who are like an albatross around Trump’s neck, dragging down his presidency.

Trump should be extremely popular today. Under his leadership, the economy is entering what is expected to be its third straight quarter of economic growth above 3 percent. Unemployment is at a 17-year low, consumer confidence is high and the stock market is soaring. He has enacted historic tax and regulatory reform, put conservative judges on the federal bench and driven the Islamic State from its caliphate. With this record, he should be riding high in the polls and expanding his base.

Yet Trump’s support is contracting, not expanding. After his inauguration, Trump enjoyed a 41 percent approval rating and 46 percent disapproval, according to the FiveThirtyEight average of polls. Today, Trump’s approval has dipped three points to 38 percent, while his disapproval has skyrocketed 10?points to 56 percent. …

President Trump should be “extremely popular.” But he isn’t.

In 2017, he did all this stuff that mainstream conservatives wanted: the Syria strike, tax reform, arming Ukraine, Russia sanctions, the Charlottesville resolution, firing Steve Bannon, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, spending nearly a year on repealing Obamacare, etc.

Donald Trump became strongly associated with the Alt-Right and Steve Bannon during the final months of the campaign. Bannon was hired on August 17, 2016. Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right speech was on August 25, 2016. Trump went on to win the presidency at the peak of his association with the Alt-Right and Steve Bannon when he was doing the Bane speech about bloodsucking globalist parasites. In the final month of the campaign, Republicans like Marc Thiessen had thrown Trump under the bus.

As I documented on Occidental Dissent, the Alt-Right became disillusioned with Trump over Ryancare and the Syria strike. Steve Bannon was fired in mid-August 2017. President Trump rebounded in the polls after his response to the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the NFL tweets. He steadily become more unpopular as October, November and December was spent on tax reform.

The real reason that President Trump has become so unpopular is because he has changed his spots like a chameleon. During the campaign, he ran as a hard charging populist against the Republican establishment and attracted the support of disaffected voters. Since becoming president, he has governed as a plutocrat and a rubber stamp for the True Cons agenda. All the polls of healthcare reform and tax reform which together consumed all of 2017 showed that both were massively unpopular.

President Mitt Romney lost in 2012 because the electorate rejected his policies. President Trump found a different route to the White House with Steve Bannon and the Alt-Right, but now that he has done a bait and switch and embraced the True Cons agenda it has poisoned his image. The 2018 midterm elections are going to be a verdict on True Conservatism, not the Alt-Right.

If Trump had listened to the Alt-Right, he would have protected Confederate monuments in 2017. The Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville is far more popular than tax reform. The same is true of the cause of free speech on college campuses. Conservative ideas are a political albatross. Paul Ryan was behind Social Security privatization when the GOP got blown out in 2006.

Note: Remember the 2012 presidential election? Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan like a drum in Belmont, MA and Janesville, WI.

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  1. After these tax cuts start putting money in peoples paychecks—Trump will be very popular! Just depends on what he does with his popularity.

  2. Trump will never be popular with the Jews. Trump is not completely under Jew control and Trump still hasn’t proven he will kill for the Jews. Which is what the Jews really want.

  3. 9/11

    “FBI/CIA-Mossad anti-terrorist operation gone awry with duplicity on the Israeli side. The cui bono benefits to the Zionists of drawing the U.S.A. far deeper into active military operations in the Muslim world are obvious. The Bush Administration Synagogue (Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby et al) make no secret of their desires for active military operations against every non-Jew anywhere near Israel. There are other circumstantial reports for this proposition of a Mossad sting job. The outline is simple. FBI/CIA go to sleep thinking the Mossad has al-Qaida well watched. The Mossad instead consciously allows the operation to go forward. The Mossad is documented to have engaged in these kinds of tricks in the past.


    “Ostrovsky also charges that Mossad framed Libya in the April 5, 1986 bombing of the West Berlin discothèque in which two U.S. servicemen and a Turkish woman were fatally injured. The background was that by planting an unmanned radio of its own in Libya, Mossad broadcast fraudulent orders for terrorist attacks to Libyan embassies around the world. Although the orders were rejected as false by the Spanish and French intelligence services, they were picked up and accepted as real by U.S. intelligence. As a consequence Libya was blamed by the U.S. for the La Belle discothèque attack.”

  4. From (((their))) perspective they are factually correct. Rolling out the Reagan/Nixon bullshit War on Drugs says to me this agenda is their Plan B when someone they don’t completely trust attains a few reins of power. Expect a photo friendly Alt-Light stooge for 2020 if the country doesn’t collapse before then. Ramadingdong Haley would awesome if she enters the race. I want to see the Pakis and Hindus freak over the USA’s insane support for Sunni Pakistan. Sikhs were ethnically cleansed from more than half of the Punjab during and after partition. If she voices either supporting the current policy or changing I think this will erupt bigly. Kind of like a hedge fund 🙂 You win both ways.

  5. I follow the Gallup daily tracking poll. Trump is a 6 point swing from being at his 2016 vote % of 46%.

    When I look at the RCP poll average, I see Trump not that far from his starting point near the election; 40% vs 44%.

    These aren’t good numbers, to be sure, but they are not horrible. Trump’s biggest and perhaps only asset is the robust economy. The economy is cyclical, but here is something to be said for the positive impact of expelling illegal immigrants. If that was all he did for 4 years, it would merit reelection. The tax cuts are quite popular with average folk who live inside of personal bubbles.

    Trump won because of the desperation of his base, and the weakness of his opponent. Change in any one of those would doom him in 2020. I see our movement’s best play as hurting the GOP in 2018, and then rallying in 2020 with an actual alternative. Is three years too short of a time to field the alternative, complete with policy papers, maps, etc?

  6. What is all this economy talk on this forum, we still are not seeing pure job creation, reduction of debt, production, and restoration of small town America.

    I am starting to cock an eyebrow at some of y’all.

    • Instead of talking about tax cuts and who we want to vote for the next time around we should be preparing for RAHOWA.

    • @ Professional

      Americans have been conditioned into believing Wall Street + massively rich corporations = the economy. Yet look around US streets, whether in cities or small towns, & the devastation to the actual people as a result of globalism is massive.

      Political Spin master Assholes (whether left or right) like to throw numbers in people’s face & scream “look at good things are!” – just like in Soviet Union when ‘officially’ everything was supposedly hunky-dory in their house of cards.

      • @TheldMonster

        Yeah, I have heard that so many of these companies, like McDonalds for example, have an ungodly amount of money in their deposit accounts. That money doesn’t ever “trickle down” to the people. And don’t get me started on Wall Street. The whole notion of Wall Street is prospecting and futures, something the Bible has a lot to say against. But it’s a lot more sinister than even that. Wall Street gurus/banksters have made it so the people, average everyday Joe’s, use THEIR money to fund the futures/prospects of business. All the rewards with no risks……just buy our stocks.

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