Infowars: Was Steve Bannon Deep State All Along?

Thank God I never associated with these people.

Here’s the latest insane outburst from the Alt-Crackpot on Steve Bannon. After suggesting that Bannon is a Deep State plant, Paul Joseph Watson comes on to hawk Brainforce.

Note: Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watson is hyping the Iran protests in the name of feminism which is an actual Deep State operation to destabilize the Iranian government.

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  1. Infowars is always good for a laugh, and not much else! Would any normal male put any supplement in their body that the effeminate little PJW told him was good for him? Not me.

    • PJW is very good at exposing and humiliating idiot celebrities like George Clooney and actress Emma Watson (Harry Potter) or pop singer Katie Perry who are always virtue signaling about welcoming millions of Muslim migrants but who live in giant castles, estates and don’t take in any migrants.

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