Richard Spencer vs. Sargon of Akkad

My wife has been telling me about this.

She told me this Sargon of Akkad, who I understand is the goofball behind Kekistan, lost 50,000 YouTube subscribers after this ass whooping by Richard Spencer. I’m not familiar with the Skeptic community. I don’t spend much time on YouTube. These people are supposed to be smart or something. Anyway, everyone is talking about, so I am about to watch it.

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  1. I think the low point was Spencer suggesting Affirmative Action be used as a criterion for whiteness/non-whiteness.

    • Whoa, you must be a commie or Jew! You noticed something stupid Spencer said and called him out on it!

      If you actually listen to Spencer he says a lot of nonsense. His racial policies are absurd.

      The key thing about that “debate” was Sargon made such a abject fool of himself he made Spencer look good in comparison. Sargon is a fully cucked sophist, and Spencer is partially cucked.

  2. Groom Spencer for President of The New Confederate States Of America. Under THE CONFEDERATE PARTY ticket … first run a Michael Hill / Richard Spencer ticket, ( knowing we won’t win the first round, but to get the ball rolling. ) Then, for 2024, run Spencer / ( and who ? ) and we WILL WIN.

    • Spencer has antipathy for the South. He is not a Southron. He’s not remotely worthy of the position nor does he desire it. Spencer is just a media personality. He’s prominent because he’s more willing to put himself out in public than almost everyone else. Not necessarily because he’s the best person for the job.

    • Nah. Just run well known, beloved Southern College football coaches, ex coaches of the University of Alabama, University of Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn etc. The regular voters only go for celebrities, not for policy wonks even if the policy wonks like Richard Spencer are on our side.

  3. Call him Carl Benjamin instead of Sargon of Akkad.

    It’s an error to repeat his nom de Youtube.

    • Sargon. LOL. What’s with this dude? Is he some kind of an internet Nostradamus. Not that there are not thousands of internet Nostradamus’s on YouTube.

  4. Spencer needs to study debate technique. Instead of answering ridiculous questions he needs to turn them around on idiots of Benjamin and question his intelligence for asking them , although Benjamin became so ridiculous with the “puppy” line.

    • Spencer is actually NOT a good debater. He’s not quick. When he debates blacks he’ll just concede Afrocentric lies to move the conversation forward. He admits this. Spencer also tends to treat it like a tiresome game. He’s such a narcissist and thinks he so above everyone. The guy is boring. How many do you think actually pay him for his “plus member” talks? LOL!

  5. It’s not that Spencer really destroyed him. It’s that Sargon is a total fraud and jackass Britcuck. Sargon destroyed himself. He’s the type of Brit that makes me relish the destruction of Britain.

    Not impressed by that Styx character either. Ranting and raving like a hysterical woman about paranoid nightmares of white nationalists abusing him with his shirt off, that little Satanist faggot. Although at least a little credit to Styx for bringing some humor such as the Nazi scientists remark to the convo.

  6. I hate saying it but the Brits have become a bunch of pathetic, cowardly pansies. I blame it on the Great War. Western civilization never recovered from that conflict.

    Spencer is no leader, nor does he seem to have any aspirations towards being one. He is a scholarly, academic type who would be more comfortable teaching the classics at a small private girls college and having his pupils develop crushes on him.

    • They said he was only a B student. He’s not an academic nor scholar by any stretch. Dr. KMac is an academic.

      He has an above average IQ and he’s read enough books on some issues where he can have an intelligent conversation even if he’s wrong. You will rarely ever learn anything of value from Spencer. His history is in theater. He’s an actor. You can see him performing when he gives his speeches. His style of performance reminds me of early William Shatner being amateurish and you can tell he’s acting.

      • I tend to agree with the idea that he’s a Theater Major.

        Not an actor but more a Director.

        He’s getting other people to act. You missed the difference.

      • @ Jack Burton

        Beggars cannot be choosers, i.e. pro-white advocacy ‘in the streets’ (publicly) doesn’t exactly feature many luminaries at this juncture. Look around you, i.e. as long as Spencer remains on message & defends whites, he should be supported.

        As for the finer details & small differences of opinion, that’ll always be the case & it’s just something people need to accept. I mean if people within the Alt-Right, WN & other racialist movements can support Trump aka a honorary Jew buffoon in the White House for reasons of ‘expediency’, I find the extensive critiques & psychoanalysis of Richard Spencer from the same crowd highly hypocritical.

    • He’s mixed race, part black by his own admission.

      Spencer is arguing with a nigger of some sort. One called Carl Benjamin.

  7. Benjamin is not White. I don’t want to accuse it of being kikenvermin – but there’s something funny ’round the eyes of that infestation. It claims negro ethnicity – but……

    It needs to be ejected from Albion, preferably via trebuchet.

    • I suspect the black in him is mixed up with some Jamaican Jewish family. He spends far too much time on pinning down Jewish Questions in the Questionaire for example. Who but a Jew would ask “Are Jews oppressing Whites?”

      Why ask?

  8. Spencer’s problem is that he lacks gravitas and a strong enough will to push through weak arguments.
    This is part of the reason he’s been given a platform by the prestige media.
    He makes white advocacy look weak and juvenile.
    He’s David Duke 2.0

  9. Dear Mr Wallace, it’s bad you’re so wrong on international politics (Israel, Ukraine, Iran,Cuba, Venezuela, Russia…) because you fight very well against stupid conspirationnist theorician like Jones, and for good economics (single payer, protectionnism, minimum wage, etc.) and politics (white america).

    Russia is a neosoviet power, wich use a lot of medias to seduce some right-winger, but use more often ANTIFA, and I mean REAL.TRUE.ANTIFA narrative on their medias (sputnik, russia today, etc.). They are against so-called (by Russia) “little nations”, wich where part of true Europe (building a powerful-and-white Europe CAN’T be made with deny of nation-states wich are in DNA of Europe).
    BTW, jews and muslims are powerful in Russia tood.
    Iran ? Fuck the theocracy. I prefered a pro-western monarchy, like the Shah (who knows the Shah didn’t destroy the nationalisation of oil made by Mossadegh ? For Jones conspi inc., Mossadegh was overthrowned for…oil and big business. WRONG.
    Venezuela : all communist parties in Europe suck chavezist balls, every day. Chavez and the retarded with wool shirt in Bolivia fought for more “refugees” in Europe.
    Ukraine : I know perfectly this country is full and doom of jew oligarchs (but Russia too). At least, true white nationalist risk their lives in Azov bataillon and others. Is it hard to understand 2 sides can fight together against another side, wiithout having same agenda ? This is why Azov and jew oligarchs are in the same side actually.
    Israel : jews were a problem for Europe and america before 1948. At least, Israel is a good exemple of a true ethnostate. And if people don’t want Israel, ok, but so, they have to admit they want to kill 20 millions of jews (because I guess they don’t want them in the future white ethnostates, right ?).OF COURSE, Netanyau is hypocrital beyond all limites (fighting against the new austrian alt-lite gov, and in the same time, deporting black migrants outside Israel). So what ? Is this hypocrisy destroy argues presented here on the beginning of this paragraph ? No.
    Cuba : communist shit, sucked by all marxist of Europe too. See “Venezuela”.

    See ? Some can agree with you on economics, race, and conspirationnisme without being agree on international politics. And this make not us evil cuck traitors. At least, I hope you would agree I add some argues to my point of view.

    Long live Orban, PIS governement, Azov, greek Golden Dawn, Baltic Waffen-SS veterans’s marches, and true nationalist american right !
    Cheers from France

  10. Hunter! Do you remember when I exhorted you to visit VT, when you flirted with being a Bernie Bro during the 2016 POTUS campaign? I told you that VT is a Jew bug-out state. Jews hold the positions of power, and the native Whites are their unknowing helots. And that even though Whites are silent, accommodating, hard-working, uncomplaining slaves, who console themselves with suicidal opiods – the Tribe of Satan can not resist replacing their hated Nazi Helots with Vibrancy? Well Vibrancy just hit VT with a machete!

    32 year old Somalian Muslim “Burlington resident” Abukar Ibrahim attacked a 73 yr old White woman, with a MACHETE, when she was delivering meals on wheels to homeless folks.

    The recent Hangout featuring Soygoy of Mossad and Styxx against Spencer, featured those 2 chiding Spencer because the creation of an ethnostate might involve a purge of non-Whites, and violence may be necessary to encourage non-Whites to find a more accommodating locale

    Some-one tell Styx that he’s about to get a taste of Real World Diversity, in soon-to-be-no-longer Lilly White Vermont.

      • I posted this news item on one of the videos Styx published today. I have repeatedly told him he needs to move out of VT, and live in Diversity for a while. A month or so. But I suspect he’d be unable to deal with Vibrancy for less than a week, I, and others, have told him that the time will come when he will have to CHOOSE. He may not care about skin color, but the POC’s sure do. The only time he ever responded to me was when I told him that Libertarians are really Libertines. He got very cheesed.

        • Styx lived on the Texas border for a number of years. So he is familiar with hispanics. I’ve lived in Texas also. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Mexican peons clogging up the highways with their drunken revelries and the welfare lines with there large families, but they are not nearly as triggering as blacks.

          • New England is being larded with Muslim African Negroes. They are in his base. They will force him to deal with racial reality, sooner or later. He’s going to be forced to jump off the Libertine fence. I like his commentary on a number of issues – his videos about Charles Manson was terrific – but his attitude about racial reality is truly annoying. I KNOW he knows better. His BS, in the debate, about the “morality” of forcing orcs out was obscene.

  11. Richard did a pretty good job during the debate. There is no one any better or more presentable available to the Alt-right currently. I don’t know who you think is out there that is so much better as a spokesman for the cause. Please name them.

    • I actually thought Spencer did a good job as well. I haven’t watched the entire 4 hours yet. I am a busy gal, IRL, believe it or not. I’ve seen about half of it. I think the reason that people think Spencer did poorly is simply because of his mode of speaking. There is a certain “tone” deployed in formal debates………..I’ve known fellows like Spencer all my life. Gee whiz, he reminds me of a much younger version of my Dad’s business associates (cronies, and drinking buddies, really). I think a large segment of the population are totally unfamiliar with the way men, of Spencer’s social milieu speak to others, and to each other……….in this case, it really is a social class issue. God only knows what (((social class))) Benjamin derives from. Styx emerged from a poor family, in his own words. Woes comes from a “middle class” family – but I know he endured hardship when his parents split up, when he was a kid. I don’t know about housing and economic strata in his hometown, in Scotland, but the those pics, of his Dad’s house, when he was doxxed…..I don’t mean to be unkind – but that street would definitely be considered something you’d reside in the impoverished side of town, in my world.

      • Woes uses European sociologies to describe class. His family are all educated and he’s got a degree. He couldn’t credibly call himself working class.

        Spencer is a child of privilege. He oozes it. Oligarchic.

        Too a lesser extent Mike Peinovich reeks of an academic family.

      • Denise, all the houses where my relatives live in Scotland and Northern England are really small, even for middle class, compared to the USA and Australia. It’s always been that way in Great Brittan. The house you saw of Woes is considered middle class… I seen it…

        Suburbs with bungalows on 1/2 acre really don’t exist in Great Britain. It’s why the great march of Brits to Australia was always ever present, as we have more material wealth and space. Only in the last few years have the Chinese out piped the Brits as the major yearly mass immigration component.

        Even so before mass immigration started here in the 90’s, in the 80’s it was only 20000 people per year. By the end of Conservative PM Howard 2007 it was 300000 per year, yet slightly over half was British. Now we have over 400000 per year and the Chinese and Indians are the major migrant group consisting of over half. The Brits don’t even make up half the migration anymore.

        We screwed man.

        • Thank you, Craig. I wondered about that…….I lived in Philadelphia for a number of years. There are many neighborhoods that remind me of the houses on Woes’ father’s street. Row houses. They tend to look smaller from the outside than they actually are inside. The old houses are VERY well built .There’s a style called a “Trinity”. The house is essentially 3 stories tall, but one room per floor. Three stories, three rooms. These homes were built for the workers in the ship-building industry, in the 19th century. They range around the river wards. Funnily enough, they are very trendy for hipsters. I was astonished to learn that my old, White working class neighborhood of Fishtown is now going upscale and trendy. (NOOOOO! I lived in 2 wonderful, huge, houses there, for next to nothing, when I was a poor starving student!) I do appreciate that most Humans did not live in enormous domiciles. Thanks for the background info!

          • There is no summer that far north. Big houses are expensive to heat. Terraced Houses are the norm for rich and poor alike. If you had the American style summer you’d have more detatched houses as there would be a need for breezy interior spaces.

  12. I have nothing against Spencer, but when he talks, he pretty much sends me off to sleep. He lacks clarity, authority and excitement in his delivery, and tries to come across as too nice, or normal. He waffles on, and needs to be more on point.
    David Duke, Mark Collett and Michael Hill could really teach him something about how to articulate his position.
    Maybe its just me, so if any of you like his style, then you can have him…

    • Hill would be great but who would run with him as vice ? Spencer could hold a high cabinet position maybe ? You TRUE southern nationalists like Michael Hill, need to take extra care of your health to reverse aging as much as possible. Eat more walnuts … good for the brain. Not that I endorse the author but “1” book you need to read is : Ageless Body Timeless Mind – by Deepak Chopra.
      You need to be sharper … into 2030 …

  13. Can I be honest? Guess so since nobody reads or replies to my stuff here. I watched about 10 minutes and it seemed totally pointless — all this yammer about which ism is correct, hooray for our side, go team. Do we really have nothing more pressing to do than have ideological purity pissing contests?

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