Excerpt: Why Liberalism Failed

H/T Rod Dreher

Patrick Deneen’s new book Why Liberalism Failed is off to a great start. This paragraph is essentially what I have been saying here for years now on this website:

Where have I heard this before?

Lactatia is the end of the liberated, self-actualizing, rights-bearing, expressive individualist. Well perhaps not the end but certainly a milestone on the road to Progress.

Deneen even understands why Trumpism and Ben Sasse’s American Idea isn’t the answer – the ideology of the Founding Fathers is the cancer that has brought us to this point.

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  1. Sounds like a good read. These views are very similar to the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin and his book 4th Political Theory. Liberalism, the oldest of the 3 major political theories of the 19th and 20th centuries, promptly began to destroy itself in the 1990s after defeating the 2nd major theory, Marxism. 4th Political Theory definitely offers a lot for Southern Nationalists like yourself. Dugin comes across as an agrarian in parts of the book.

  2. Communist notions, which are manufactured in the minds of the demented, simply cannot withstand the limitations of reality.

    -Robert Frenz.

  3. I once read that liberalism is all about erasing borders, be they physical, ideological or moral. This why White Genocide thrives and the West is dying.

  4. There’s nothing in this life that’s fair, free or equal. Liberalism tried to circumvent all three & failed. It’s even been said, life itself is not fair. If that’s the case, why bother with the other two?

  5. Liberalism is not failed. Some issues failed but genetical madness in your society still remains unnoticed.

    Long time age we got rid from witch hunt only go after public enemy,s and later after razizzts, holy hoax deniers and other targets.

    Of course you get rid from razizz but only result is new boogeyman. Genetical liberal does not care what madness he follows. Genetical liberal just hates everybody around him and does not care under what reason violence is provided.

    We see this now in Ukraine where liberals transformed to nationalist and young white males are sent to slaughter in most horrific way to defend “nationalism”

    Are you ready that white nationalists known as antifa will surround the small villages in the midnight , take all young males and send them to war with Mexico without any reason and without the weapons so lot of them get killed less than 24 hours ? Who resist this madness, he will executed by white nationalist hero Eric Clanton with bike lock because he was not pro white enough.

    This is not fantasy, this is what currently going on in Ukraine. Communists rebranded themselves to liberals and then rebranded themselves again to nationalists and patriots. That what happens when somebody refuses to admit liberal. For Eric Clanton, there is zero difference, how young white male get killed. First Eric will kill white males because they are nazis, later because they are anti nazis and when US will be christian country and will burn witches, I am sure who lites the first stake.

    In my country the great awakening was the moment when we discovered that the leading homosexual marriage lawyers were the most evil Soviet prosecutors. They just wanted put people in jail and they did not care, for faggotry or for “faggotphobia” . False accusations, faked evidence, innocent person and witch trial was the only thing they cared.

    Genetical liberal is the problem. You can remove the jew but only thing you will get is “patriot” wars with all other planet or very christian witch hunt with US first bishop Eric Clanton and witness virgin Trigglypoof in charge.

  6. Well we can philosoph all day long but it proves my point that 2018 we need to push our views/agendas VERY hard. Something will replace this dying regime. What will it be?

  7. “By faith alone” is not an ideology.

    “By faith alone” is the anti-ideology and recognition of the (t)ruth of a dominant modernism infecting everywhere and all the way through the Church.


    “Founding Fathers” were the “cancer” is anti-racism in its most collectively virulent form.

  8. Liberalism = radical autonomy = self-annihilation…

    A Founding Father, by definition, is not set on a course of self-annihilation.

    A Founding Father has his eye on (S)upremacy.

    His children may succumb to radical autonomy in their absolute denial of objective (S)upremacy.

    Liberalism is anti-white (S)upremacy.

    To realize “liberalism” is to know the total destruction of the white race.

    So a white son who blames this on his white father (blames his father for a son’s conversion to self-annihation) can be a most petulant kind of anti-racist. He also might be absolutely righteous in the case of a liberated cuck sperm donor playing “father.”

    So every white male shall be completely accountable to his own racism thereby solidifying his own case against “liberalism.”

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