Cuckservatives Want Immigrants From Shithole Countries 2

Erick Erickson says he prefers African immigrants to socialists from Norway:

“To be sure, the well educated first generation Norwegian would probably do better in the United States than a first generation African immigrant in terms of income. But that African immigrant would be more likely to embrace this country and its ways and indoctrinate his children into a long term love of this country because this nation means so much more to those of little means in s***hole countries than it does to Western socialist democracies who already turn up their noses at the notion of American manifest destiny.

I would rather the immigrant from Africa, Asia, or South America who lives in a kleptocracy and wants a better life, not just a better job. They will be the American families that will yield a patriotic love of America through generations. And that the President does not understand this should be a warning sign on his ability to deal with immigration policy at all. His understanding is clearly superficial and lacks substance beyond the power of positive thinking. …”

Lindsey Graham isn’t any better than a Democrat:

“Yesterday Senator Durbin and I met with President Trump at the White House to discuss our bipartisan proposal on border security and immigration.

Following comments by the President, I said my piece directly to him yesterday. The President and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel. I’ve always believed that America is an idea, not defined by its people but by its ideals.

The American ideal is embraced by people all over the globe. It was best said a long time ago, E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. Diversity has always been our strength, not our weakness. In reforming immigration we cannot lose these American Ideals. …”

David French can’t see how a conservative could look a Third World immigrant in the eye:

“At this point I simply can’t see how a conservative could look a concerned third-world immigrant (or descendent of a third-world immigrant) in the eye and assert that this president judges them fairly and without bias. The intellectual and rhetorical gymnastics necessary to justify not just Trump’s alleged comments yesterday but his entire history and record of transparent hostility to certain immigrants are getting embarrassing to watch. Some of his comments may “work” politically — divisive comments often do — but that doesn’t make them any less damaging to American political culture as a whole.

For all too many Americans, Trump once again got personal. My youngest daughter is an African immigrant — we adopted her from a desperately poor region of a country that has suffered in the recent past from terrible corruption and oppression. Yet she’s been a delightful addition to our American family, and her story isn’t unique. …”

David French’s daughter is from Ethiopia. 46 people were recently killed there in a garbage dump mudslide. These are the people who Erickson and French prefer to European immigrants. These are the people who conservatives in the Senate want to give amnesty.

We need to dispel this argument that conservatives are “the lesser of two evils.” Maybe that was the case in the past when they at least pretended to oppose changing racial and cultural demographics. It is no longer true today when evangelicucks are adopting African children as a fashion statement. These people are not on our side. They aren’t any better than the Left on racial issues.

Conservatives are so politically correct that they want America to become a Third World country. They’re attacking Donald Trump over mildly pushing back against this. Think about that. Ask yourself why we have developed the habit of voting for these people.

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  1. 95% of Norwegian immigrants would have voted for Hillary. Not that it matters very much as the Presidency is clearly ceremonial at this point in history.

    • @Hans,
      It makes no difference who one votes for-thats now been largely agreed on. Its either a leftard in the white house who’s with the establishment, or someone who wants to effect positive change, but can’t do so.
      The system, or the establishment-whatever you want to call it-will never work in our favor. Jewish puppet masters are in charge regardless of who the public presidential face is.
      Democracy is the great farce of our time.


    The Judaists are over reacting to Trump’s comments, since black people are looked down upon in other countries too.

    My friend once told me that in his university, there were some Indian students and when they saw a negro, they would run away and whisper to each other “kala kakoos”, “kala kakoos.” He found out from them that kala means black, and kakoos means what comes out of the other end of the alimentary canal.

    Literally translated, kala kakoos means “black po…p.”

    Loosely translated, it means “black manure” or “black shit” or “black trash.”

    So Trump’s comments are not too out of line, in comparison.

  3. How about stopping all immigration until this country gets it’s priorities straight. People in America so desperately need the help and resources that would be spent on an immigrant thru America’s wonderful welfare system. I say America first! We have 55k+ homeless veterans. We have dirt poor ppl that could use a helping hand by sending them to a vocational trade. It’s looking like the DACA deportation is going to be a bust. And yes, they flip us off n spounge off welfare. But I sure hope those hateful, nasty acting Mexicans get deported & take their whole family with them. These are unappreciative leeches for us. We have elderly ppl in need of help. We have major cities in crisis of warfare that needs correcting. There’s plenty of work that needs to be done in America for Americans. America first!

    • Maybe French and Lisping Graham can have a ‘huppa’ wedding in South Carolina, together, when criticism of that “shitty little country,” becomes illegal in the United States.

      God help us!

      Revolution. Secession. “Rivers of blood.” It’s coming to this. Are you prepared?

      Death to the oligarchs.

      May God defend the right.

    • @jedediah: The Frenches have a biological daughter of their own who’s in high school. But Momma French has pimped her out to the school’s nigger basketball players. Mr. French loves watching his wife get tag-teamed by sweaty black bucks while he watches from inside the closet and plays with his pee-pee.

  4. I like what James Woods had to say which was that a country that can’t separate potable water from sewage is literally a shithole country. Liberia is a good example. If you haven’t watched Vice Guide to Liberia you should.

  5. There are at least 100,000 Haitians in the Miami area. There must be a final solution for Africans in America along with their jew handlers.

  6. Haiti is the arse end of the world. So the theory goes that you can import people who live like this, from places like this, and suddenly they’re your new doctors, scientists and engineers who will pay taxes and contribute in a positive way? Well they couldn’t do it where they came from…
    They could always go to Africa. Oh hang on…no welfare.
    Haitians in particular have no right to be anywhere near white people due to events in 1804-events I’m guessing are never talked about like say the Holocaust or police shootings.
    We owe these people nothing.
    If these people treat their own nations in this way, well, umm, they’re not going to give a shit about yours.
    Keep these equals where they belong.

  7. Jewish wealth and power is bringing the Old South to its knees.Gov.

    “Henry McMaster called upon his state senate on Wednesday to pass a law that would make South Carolina the first US state to codify a universal definition of antisemitism.

    That definition would be taken from a US State Department decision in 2010 and an accompanying fact sheet that singles out demonizing, delegitimizing, and having a double-standard for Israel.”

    The jewish lobby wants to nullify the US Constitution and subvert the rights of Americans.

  8. Old queen Lindsay Graham attacks the historic American nation.

    “America is an Idea, Not a Race”“America is an idea, not a race,” Mr. Graham said, according to three people familiar with the exchange on Thursday. Diversity was a strength, he said, not a weakness. And by the way, the senator added, he himself was a descendant of immigrants who came to the United States from “shithole countries with no skills.”

    • So, the rhetorical question is this

      -can one augur for the death of a sitting senator, in a state that then prohibits criticism of another nation state that isn’t even truly Shemitic, as part of their law, contrary to the constitution?

      My head hurts.

    • “… the senator added, he himself was a descendant of immigrants who came to the United States from “shithole countries with no skills.”

      Graham’s an albino nigger? That would explain a lot…

  9. A great essay, yet again OD! The “conservatives” are truly no longer the lesser or two evils; there is no longer a lesser.
    I am sad to say that one of the most racially liberal places I have ever personally been was a Baptist church that was politically “conservative” and where some of the men were into patriot/restore America/tax protest stuff. They rejected the social/racial worldviews of the men they admired. What a shame.

    • @Joe,
      The Progressives and ‘Conservatives’-who don’t actually conserve anything-may have token differences here and there on minor issues, but really, none of them speak for us, or have any true differences.Away from the cameras, behind closed doors, they probably suck each other off.
      Being just politically conservative without acknowledging the racial factor is useless to us as it fails to link race and IQ. Our culture, progress and way of life can’t be sustained under changed demographics. If it could be, Africa would now look like Europe. If we can’t just be honest with ourselves and speak this truth, our race and culture will not be secured.
      Pretending that all races are equal insults and downplays whites, whilst giving credit to lower IQ races who don’t deserve it. I pray that the viewpoints on alternative media will wake enough whites up in time….while there’s still some of us left to be woken up.

  10. Everyone knows 3rd world countries are shitholes. Anyone that says otherwise is lying. Our #AntiWhite rulers want 3rd worlders here to perpetrate White Genocide, something Norwegian migrants couldn’t do.

  11. Gallup poll: Who should be liquidated first?

    1) cuckservatives

    2) jews

    3) Christian Zionists / Mormons

    4) the coloreds

    5) the queers

    6) antifa

    7) Doesn’t matter, just kill ’em all

    • The Christian Zionists. Knock that leg from the chair and the entire dining set goes over.

      • Sadly, they (((CZ’s))) are deluded enough to believe that such a pogrom against them would be legitimate martyrdom for Christ.

        I would hate to see their faces when they awake in hell, for following a heresy known as Chiliasm.

        Christian Zionists… Are neither Christian, nor part of God’s Zion. The Church is Israel now, and has been for 2000 years. Jews are imposters, and sons of their father, the Devil. As are all who follow them.

    • Antifa and the rest of the liberal whites. Eastern Europe went after them and at least now it`s working out.

      “””…..Speaking of the after, a young nationalist Pole joins us tonight. He’s from the Black Bloc — a Polish alliance of Neo-Nazis.

      I saw them at the march the other day. They came in like a war-machine, ranked up in a Roman-style Testudo formation, with their banners wrapped all the way around the group like a shield wall. Black suns and Celtic crosses were flying proudly behind the first ranks- these guys were the real deal. Protecting the flanks of the column were black-clad young men with their faces totally covered in black ski masks. Turns out our young friend was one of them.

      Older Poles would run up, yell out abuse and some even tried to start fights. But the Black Bloc just kept marching in perfect discipline. Even the soccer hooligans didn’t dare touch them…..””

      • Wow. That article says it all. We HAVE to restore White hegemony, for all our brethren. RAHOWA is not an idea, it’s real. Just like the American people’s Whiteness.

  12. I think thr vast majority of Whites just wants this all to go away, and deep in their marrow, know that they must FIGHT all this SHIT, and have no real will to do so. So the White Race has decided to take that last White Flight into the grave. When we are gone, we will still be blamed for everything that happens, until no one even knows what a White person is anymore – but we will still be blamed. But the attacks will cause no more harm to our dead. the Dead no longer care.

    • Madam, do you remember that scene from Beneath the Planet of the Apes where Charlton Heston drags himself up to the button that sets off an atomic bomb, so that he not only destroys the invading ape army but everything and everyone else as well? That’s what will happen if the coloreds and their jew masters ever win RAHOWA.

  13. This discourse really reached the level of insanity last night when a professor of African-American Studies was on Tucker Carlson and made the point that Nigerians would make better immigrants to the United States than Norwegians because Nigeria has a higher GNP than Norway because of oil production. But if instead of GNP what if we measure by QOL (Quality of Life) regarding literacy, crime, poverty, and corruption…who then comes out on top?)

    • `The problem with that is not that the nigger “thinks” that way, because that is the level of their mentality – but that Whites don’t splain to the nigger that that means to extract, refine, transport, and USE oil are WHITE THINGS, and Whites allow niggers around White Things AT ALL. Did Tucker correct him?

  14. If most of the criminals in the Government think that the poem by that Jew poetess on the Statue of Liberty represents immigration law as well as practice, maybe we could play along and refer to their immigrants henceforth as “wretched refuse?” Fits nicely with shithole.

  15. The shithole country that is at base of America’s woes is located on the Mediterranean. Flooding the US with immigrants from shithole countries destroyed by the Jew revolutions and wars of the past and present is part of the Greater Israel project for its military arm: ZOGusa.

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