MAGA: Vice President Pence Lays Wreath At MLK Monument

This seems to be a ritual with Vice President Mike Pence. He did this a year ago with Tim Scott. We didn’t notice it in the euphoria of the Trump inauguration.

In the year that has passed, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have done nothing but reaffirm the politically correct, multicultural narratives that are the myth from which the American state derives its legitimacy. This is a particularly cringeworthy example at the MLK monument.

Don’t listen to the conservative cheerleaders who say “oh well, they are moving the Overton Window.” In reality, they are moving it in the opposite direction at lightning speed.

Folks, it doesn’t get anymore cucked than this:

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  1. Well, at least he’s insulated himself from any “shithole” fallout. Way to be accepting and open-minded, Mike.

    I, on the other hand, will be celebrating the holiday tomorrow as it is meant to be done: with some fried chicken, cornbread, and grape juice. May the worms gnaw lightly on your bones, Dr. King.


    MLK was just a puppet. The real criminals were the Judaists who pumped him up.

    Meet MLK’s Jewish owner and operator:

    Also see:

    Some of the Rabbis who marched with MLK were so evil, they carried the evil Torah with them, as if to confirm their depravity.

    For it is written: “there is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament”–Jewish author Samuel Benjamin Harris.

  3. Will there be any official recognition anywhere of Robert E. Lee Day? That’s the man whom we should be honoring, dammit.

      • A very astute observation…figures that we’d go and whitewash his statue like that. If only we weren’t so racist, we’d have carved his likeness out of obsidian.

        • Actually we hired some Asian artist to do it if I remember correctly. I remember thinking it was funny how an Asian depicted a nig. When the statue was unveiled a huge outcry came from the darkies-MLK had slanted eyes and looked Asian. So America had them fix this monument. White and Asian eyes…..racially insensitive Asians haha.

  4. How is Pence a Christian?? Christians defend the weak and the innocent and Pence is empowering a people that prey on the weak and the innocent.

  5. That monument is the most ungodly, ugly, communist-inspired work of public art I have ever seen. It’s a disgrace. It looks like it is straight out of the Soviet Union or Maoist China (and in fact it was sculpted by a Chinaman… I guess they couldn’t find an American Negro talented enough to create even something as hideous as that).

    It absolutely does not belong among the beautiful, white-created national monuments like the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials… The idea that we have purged the names of Jackson, Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington from our national holidays, but have created a national holiday explicitly honoring Michael King (whose records were sealed from public view until 2027) is sickening.

  6. Why hasn’t some good White spray-painted a proper description of “MLK” across that slab of rock? You know, “Communist. Racist. Womanizer. Liar. Plagiarizer.”… the correct descriptions?

  7. There’s something missing from that MLK statue…oh yes, a white prostitute on her knees in front of King, with an inscription on the base that reads “I’m not a Negro tonight” and “I’m fucking for God!”

    • That would be a good vandalism. Make a big whore float that bums up to the nigeface of that MLKberg

  8. Blacks are so completely equal and non shithole to us that they had to find a gook to chisel the statue.

  9. MLK was a serial abuser of women and prostitutes — given the current year standard of judging historical figures by today’s #metoo hysteria, the MLK statue has to come DOWN !!

  10. We know that MLK embezzled money from foundations to hire prostitutes to engage in Orgies for his entourage.

    We know that his PhD was plagiarized and that Levison wrote his speeches and pamphlets.

    Mike Pence is worshipping a useless nigger.

    He’s a sick individual.

  11. Trump and Pence are whores for the (((powers that be))). If MLK was a true “American”, why would any self-respecting White man wish to be so also.
    As to the garbage Pence said about the Founders and “the all men created equal” line for the Dec, I will just refer people to my 4th of July piece that analysed the Declaration of Independence published over at Identity Dixie last year.

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