Heckuva Job, Paul: Democrats Virtually Certain To Win House In 2018 Midterms

I want to emphasize this has nothing to do with us.

Instead, the 2018 midterm elections are going to be a straight up vote on the True Cons agenda pursued by Paul Ryan in the House of Representatives: healthcare reform, tax reform, banking reform, DACA amnesty, the Charlottesville resolution, Russia sanctions, Iran warmongering, etc.

“Republican strategists have turned decidedly pessimistic about their prospects for the 2018 midterm elections.

Prominent Republicans are now saying privately that Democrats are virtually certain to win control of the House of Representatives.

As one senior Republican on Capitol Hill told ABC News, “If the election were held today, the House would be gone. Fortunately, the election is not today.”

Another prominent Republican strategist working on the midterm elections went further, telling ABC News point-blank that Republicans will lose the House and that this prospect unlikely to change. …”

House Republicans voted to unanimously condemn the Alt-Right.

Let’s be clear: the Republican majority in the House has been pushing the same old 1980s Reaganite conservatism. It hasn’t pushed an Alt-Right agenda. It hasn’t even pushed the MAGA agenda. From the moment the dust settled after the 2016 election, the Alt-Right was elbowed out of power by mainstream conservatives and the same was true of Bannonism. Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have presided over what has essentially been George W. Bush’s third term.

It’s not difficult to see why the Republicans are about to be hurled from power. It is because they are fundamentally incapable of listening to anyone but big donors, multinational corporations and Jewish interests. That’s who has wielded the power within the party. They have pursued their same familiar conservative agenda which voters have rejected at the polls time and again.

The GOP seems incapable of passing legislation that doesn’t have like a 20% or 25% approval rating. They are going to continue losing until they stop doing this.

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    Though I agree the stupid party has been quite stupid in many ways, I do not trust the ABC’s anonymous sources.

    My Jewish anonymous sources in the Democratic party often tell me that most Judaists are deranged and all the aliens hate the Demogangsters and Judaists anyway. Even they say that Jewish scum who let scum like us in must be real scum.

  2. The Republicucks are comfortable being the party that’s out of power. That way they can complain about what a bad job the Social Democrats are doing without taking any responsibility for it. And they know that they can rely on continuous campaign contributions from White voters, because those voters have no other party to turn to.

    Death to jew-mockracy!

  3. They got their tax cut and they have trump or pence to veto any tax increase.

    Job done for Ryan.

  4. Trump will lose yuge in 2020 and the Left will be energized like never before to implement anti-White policy and a massive immigration push.

  5. Had they all, including Trump, been faithful to Trump’s campaign promises they wouldn’t be in this predicament. It’s not the first time Repukes have thrown away a winning hand. GOP exists for one reason: To lose. It’s a party of backstabbing losers.

  6. Democrats seriously need to NOT be in charge of anything. If u think it’s not going the way u wanted now… Democrats would have us sold to Iran… They would seriously damage us. No matter what, we need to keep voting Republican and keep the Democrats out.

    • No, actually, we don’t “need to keep voting Republican” when the party doesn’t work toward our interests. That is known as “cuckery.” If the GOP wants our votes, it is free to pursue policies that we actually care about. Failing that, let the Democrats take over and let’s get the national breakup party started in earnest. The GOP can watch uselessly from the sidelines, as it typically does.

  7. I don’t understand why anyone would be whiny and butthurt about the GOPe denouncing us? Why is this a surprise? More important, how is it not a good thing? Did we want the GOPe to embrace us? I must have missed that episode of FTN. The plan has always been to destroy the GOPe, right? Then don’t we *want* them denouncing us, so when they fail, we’re positioned to be the ones with credibility? What am I missing? I recommend that people who just want to whine irrationally about the Trump do so into their pillows.

  8. IMO the GOP is better than the Dems for only 3 reasons: They’ll confirm less wacky judges (the 2nd real power in the country after jews), they seem to value the 2nd amendment, and they are less likely to raise taxes. More than that there isn’t. On some things they are worse than Dems.

    I expect them to win a majority and impeach Trump.

    That will be a highly-significant event to be covered in future history books…

  9. Republicans might win by encouraging an “Us vs. Them” attitude. They can logically portray the Democrats as the party of identity politics, hedonistic sinners, minorities, and anti-Americanism. They can portray the Republican Party as the party of healthy heterosexuals, Christians, Whites, and patriotic Americans. Drawing the lines, making it all black and white, can motivate the majority of voters to make the right choice. This could be a national strategy of the Republican National Committee. This strategy, combined with giving credit to Trump for the booming economy and increase in employment, could result in success for Republicans.

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