Axios: Trump Softening On NAFTA

Apparently, Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin’s argument about the stock market being a proxy for the economy and pushback from Big Ag is getting to him:

“The White House will never admit this publicly, but the president is developing a softer attitude towards the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Five sources who’ve spoken privately with Trump about NAFTA say he’s taking more seriously the risks of withdrawing the U.S. from the trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

A conga-line of Republican senators have met with the president and explained to him why they consider NAFTA so important to their states. Two arguments have helped change Trump’s thinking:

Withdrawing from NAFTA might interrupt the stock market’s record-breaking run under his presidency. When it comes to bragging rights, Trump views the Dow Jones Industrial average as a useful substitute for his poll numbers. Though he told the WSJ that he thought U.S. markets would go up if he terminated NAFTA, sources who’ve spoken with the president say that privately he’s less certain of that — and is loathe to jeopardize the stock market’s record-breaking streak.

Withdrawing from NAFTA would harm farmers and agricultural communities — whom Trump considers “my people.” …”

The argument is raging over imposing tariffs on China too.

In the end, I don’t expect much of real significance to come of this. The common thread of the Trump administration has been “winning” for big business and conservatism. Withdrawing from NAFTA and imposing tariffs on China seems like a throwback to the campaign.

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  1. The problem with looking at wall street as our basis of health is that when Kim Jong Un sends an army over here he isn’t going to run in fear from 23,000 points.

  2. The Republicans deserve to get thrashed in Nov. and Trump is destined to be a one term president or to get impeached.

  3. I think we all should be in whatever works best for America. I know there were so many campaign promises. But in reality, we know all cannot come true… As in all other president’s w their promises. Yes, Trump hit the road running. And is still running. In all that he has done seems to literally outdo any other President. When u look back at how and what Trump talked about years ago, when he wasn’t in the plan to run for president… He’s said everything he promised on the campaign. So, he knows very well what he wants to do but has so many oppositions working against him. Maybe he thought being president meant all of this would automatically get done. He may have bit off more than he can chew but he is working on everything he promised. We were not happy with the Israel deal but I think everything he does is for a better plan in the future. He hears about all our chatter n Trump is a proud man. He refuses to go down as a failure like Obummer. Like everything else, it’s a hurry up and wait. We’ll see…

    • That’s harsh words but whatever. Of course, he has let us down. Of course, he has backpedaled. But he is a very smart man. Just bc one thing seems like something now doesn’t mean it won’t change. He’s a deal maker. In this stupid crap of political correctness correction world we’re in now is all push n shove. Obama promised hope n change … Just not what hope we thought and the change we thought. I didn’t vote for the nigger. Trump being in office is a lot better than the alternative. Like I said, he’s been fighting amongst Democrats that totally oppose him. You’re going to win some n lose some. But right now, I’m better off than what I was a year ago. Just saying. I still believe he hears the chatter of us. I still believe he wants to go down as the best President… So, I believe he will do everything in his power to make this happen. He’s had a bunch of shit he’s had to undo n fix. Obama f’kd everything up. Rome wasn’t built in a day

  4. P.s. the only way for us to get what we want is to do it ourselves. Wanna go all out and over throw the government, kill all the niggers n Jews n Mexicans n mudsharks n half breeds. Do a reset n try to get it right this time? Just let me know when. Until then we really don’t have much of a choice but to hope for the best. Unless u have a better plan. And I love how some white folks belittle other white folks just to say something. This is the very reason some ppl are talking about “infighting” so much. Makes it hard for ALL white ppl to stick together when one is belittling other white ppl. Bc as I see it now… I wouldn’t piss on u if u were on fire

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