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  1. All I can say is the commies, the queers and the coloreds had better hope that I never get anywhere near the levers of power, because if I do we’re going back to the good old days of Ivan the Terrible and Vlad the Impaler.

      • Ole Chapped Ass, you’re projecting.
        But remember it’s (((okay))), the (((talmud))) says as long as they are younger than three years old, preferably goyim, (((hashem))) approves

      • El Twinko is one of those faggots you see strutting around in camo fatigues he bought online along with all sorts of medals he didn’t earn.He was busted by that retired Navy Seal for wearing a Seal Trident.

      • The (((El Chapo))) is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Projecting Pedophile and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

        One cannot fight the (((El Chapo))), aka the Projecting Pedophile, by positive means. He is a negative, and this negative must be erased from the entire world or he will forever project his sickness within it.

        The (((El Chapo))) has nothing to say about White Nationalist questions. He is a foreigner, an alien, a troll, who only enjoys the “rights” of an unwelcome guest, rights that he forever abuses.

        A Pedophile such as an (((El Chapo))) troll cannot insult a White Nationalist. Jewish Pervert slanders are but badges of honor for a White opponent of the these vermin.

        • Jim, to offend me; your opinion must matter… the opinions of convicted felons who think that their skin color makes them somehow supirior to others don’t matter to me, and get laughed at as well

      • “Far too ‘ignorant’..”

        lol! What a fuckin idiot!
        Hilarious! You call yourself a troll?! What are you, fucking ten years old?

        I think I saw you say that you are some big tough mily-tary asshole or something. Or at least that is what you like to tell people. lol.

        That’s funny.
        Sad, but funny.

        I laughed. ?

          • Don’t you think a kike would have more clever comments? Seems more like the scribbling of a nigger spic. Again, I call for his removal. Why should we be hospitable as to tolerate insult? I can’t even tell the most basic truths on mainstream message board political forums without being removed.

          • I don’t know why El Kike-o is permitted to comment – but it’s not my blog. And it’s a Hebe. That ought to be obvious. The jooz are not especially clever. Simply foul, and persistent. Like black mould. It’s not a negro or a mestizo.

  2. Manning is a perfect representation of the moral rot and malignancy that is destroying our race and civilization.

  3. I actually agree with some of the things the little weirdo minces out, like taking the reins of power away from the kikes, but this tragic freak’s faggy little voice alone makes normal humans want to shove it in a bog. White men, degraded to his atrocious state – it breaks my heart. Mann-less should not….be….like this…..

      • Nope. I am not referring to El Kike-O. I’m talking about the Mannless campaign ad. It denounces police brutality. Israel teaches American cops to brutalize the populace. THAT needs to stop. Mannless objects to the current power structure, and states that “we” need to take the reins of power away from Washington DC. We don’t need THEM. THAT is a bajillion gadjillion percent correct. Everything else is horrid, though.

  4. This is good news. I wish Chelsea Manning well in his/her/it run for the Senate. That person will get along great with Lindsey Graham.

    • Doubt it, little Lindsey’s coal burner … he’s from South Carolina where the everyone’s knows, once you go black, you never go back

  5. I always thought the XVII Amendment was a bad idea. Imagine having this Tinkerbell in the Senate! What do you think, El Hebreo? Which one of you play the role of the “male” in your relationship?

  6. So whom is the running mate? Beau Bergdahl? Caitlyn Jenner? Kim Kardashian?
    If at first you don’t secede….

  7. If this traitor is allowed to run… Then it’s ok for Illegals to keep coming and committing crimes. All this ?? needs to stop

    • Didn’t know this site didn’t display emojis, so the ?? Was of a bull and poop.. so just put that together

      • Yep. We get it, Kathy, you hilarious vixen! It means “bull shit”, right?! OMFG, I love you!!
        (seriously though, you’re right, it needs to come to a screeching fucking halt.)

  8. It would fit right in with the other crazy traitors. Hopefully it will win and we will reach peak crazy and they will all form some sort of suicide cult and kill themselves on the senate floor.

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