South Africa Formally Protests Being Labeled a Third World Shithole

Words fail me.

“Johannesburg (CNN)South Africa issued a diplomatic protest to the United States Monday over President Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” comments, according to its foreign ministry.

South African diplomats also met with the US Embassy’s Charge d’Affaires Monday to express their concerns.

In a statement, the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) didn’t specifically mention the vulgarity but said it was concerned about “statements that were allegedly made by President Donald Trump” concerning African nations.

DIRCO noted South Africa’s contributions to the United States and said international reactions “clearly serve as a united affirmation of the dignity of the people of Africa and the African diaspora.” The statement also noted that Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the United States. …”

My sides.

Why would anyone think post-apartheid South Africa – the home of the Rape-aXe condom – has become a crime-infested Third World shithole? I have no idea.

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    • It’s worse than that, I’ve seen footage of African niggers with their asses literally covered in flies/maggots. I’m not easily disgusted but that really grossed me out. Even a warthog will make the effort to keep bugs off of him.

    • I’ve written to Trump four times about this, and the reply, as they said, is crickets. Now, I’m even banned from emailing him about anything. Guess he just doesn’t care.

      • I tried to post this on Brietbart, but of course they disallowed it, but you might find it interesting and useful in the future. Some of the odd spelling occurred when i was trying to sneak it past the censors.

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        • Gabby,

          For me, it was most beloved quotes of Ovadia Yosef. I’m sure you’ve seen them. For some reason BB would put up one of there “hold on there” notes before deleting the post.

          • Well, I had never heard of this lusus naturae before, but I do now. I got some of his quotes on BB by adding extra letters to the ‘offensive’ words, such as ‘goyyim’ and ‘genntiles’.

      • It’s still a good question. You’d literally have to point out that it’s to prevent whites from fleeing shitholes.



      First deport at least 30 million 3rd world darkies. Then “import” 1/2 that # of whites from Europe and South Africa.

      Leave the big mouth jigaboo with even fewer whites, then his “country,” will be even lower than a shithole.
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  1. Truly, the past is a foreign country. Thanks for that slice of nostalgia.

    Try to imagine that beach as it used to be: reserved for White people only.

    • Isn’t it so, AnalogMan. I still remember the white beaches of Durban, when it was white (I was in a Natal hostel near Pietermaritzburg during my high school years in the 1970’s. Some weekends we could visit fellow scholars at their homes. I visited Durban, and some sugar reed farms on those occasions).

      One consoliation prize is that at least the problem of white South Africa seems to have become mainstream in the American Alt+Right. It seems to consist mostly of younger people, some of whom will be tomorrows decision makers.

      This one lady Lauren Southern is currently touring South Africa and holding interviews with farm attack victims. It will be interesting to read about her findings. She must take care herself not to become a victim, but I trust the locals will keep her up to date where she needs to be careful.

      • This film is more or less correct, although with some errors in the finer details (thus my status of “for further investigation” – there are Afrikaans books not yet translated into English which go in some depth on this topic):

  2. There should be sanctions imposed on South Africa immediately-due to its anti-white discrimination and racially motivated murders that the government turns a blind eye to, and even encourages. There were sanctions prior to the early 90’s, so why not now? Things are much worse.

  3. What happened in S.A. is what the Jews have planned for every White European nation and every nations where European heritage has the racial majority. In S.A. and British East Africa we saw it in fast forward because the Whites were never a majority.

    But in the White nations of Europe and in the European heritage nations where the Whites are the old founding stock of the state and the majority – the plan is to diminish their numbers with ethnics hostile to them. Demographics is destiny. Then when the numbers tip – these nations decline into shitholes under Sharia, communist African rule or whatever. You get leaders like Zuma in his animal skins and lion grease calling for the death of Boer.

    God have mercy on South Africa and God have mercy on us. The ONLY power that will turn back the Jew hegemon and the organised forces of Anti Christ is what has kept it out of power in the past: God’s kingdom order for nations. The Church becomes the foundation of the social order and the social kingship of Christ is established. The population is baptised into Christ and the government is upon His shoulder. Christ Law is the only solution to this.

    The Jewish racial supremacy is the strongest racial supremacy of all time. And it is in power. To attempt to organise a White supremacy is to attempt to construct a servile imitation and contest their power on their own ground. Nothing less than another racial supremacy has a (hopeless) chance to challenge it, certainly not the plea : ‘it’s OK to be White’ (which it is).

    However, God’s kingdom order for nations will claim victory on this field with or without the post Christian Europeans. As a population targeted by the Judaic supremacy for genocide this population above all the others has every reason to understand our perilous time and return to the social order that gave the nations which inherited classical civilisation victory over pagan barbarians, Islam/African invasions in the West and the Khazarian ‘Jew’ Turks in the East.

  4. They’re just doing what yall want to do to non-whites in the USA… except their not doing it on STOLEN land, but land that was stolen from them…

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