Is The Alt-Right In Decline?

Antifa got a little drunk on their narrative of victory in 2017.

In 2017, we got deplatformed by crowdfunding services, banned from social media and stabbed in the back by the Trump administration. In some cases, we were sued or had domains stolen. And yet, even though things have been quiet lately there is no evidence we are a fading force.

Get ready for 2018.

Note: This is a cool NS rightwing deathsquads video.

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  1. If the bar graphs that show radicalization among Gen Z are to be believed it’s not yet started.

  2. With the passage of “The Charlottesville Resolution”, I’m not too stoked about our chances of gaining much ground in 2018 or thereafter. Especially since that so-called resolution specifically blamed “torch-bearing White nationalists, White supremacists, Klansmen, and neo-Nazis” for the death of an obese “protester” and for “putting two state troopers in harm’s way” in a fatal helicopter crash.

    But that doesn’t mean we ought to throw in the towel and stay home, HELL NO. Despite all the bull crap thrown our way and the legal traps set for us, there are still a lot of folks, world-wide, who are already on our side and others being red-pilled each day.

    But it ain’t gonna be a hay ride.

    • Unlawful laws are meant to be disregarded.
      God does not judge us unfavorably in disregarding demonic attempts to stifle our cause.

      “Our cause it is just, when in God is our trust.”

      The Left is demonic to the core.

  3. The decline is from the social media we have been kicked off. If u include Twitter and Facebook and YouTube in the polling, then yes it shows a decline bc these sites do not honor the 1st amendment. Now we are spread all out to different sites. If we could combine everyone to one true site they would see we are all still here, just silenced from the major sites

  4. The Alt-Right is doing OK, considering that we’re no longer in a presidential election year and can’t rely on crutches like “memeing” Trump and Pepe and that we’ve met with actual opposition in the form of deplatforming.

    When the Trump movement eventually divided up into its component parts, WN / Alt-Right got some of the younger, more intelligent and more active people and Ricky is jealous that MPC’s intellectual civic nationalism basically didn’t have a constituency; he’s stuck somewhere in between the brainless Trump worshipping zio-cons like conservative treehouse and /r the donald on one side and WNs on the other.

    • I hope you’ll spend more time on GAB, HW. I find your smack-downs of Lil’ Ricky to be especially entertaining.

  5. I don’t think the alt-right is quite up to the job of defeating ZOG. We’ll probably need a movement that is a lot more extreme and hardcore to do that. Which is fine with me!

    • The Alt-Right is suffering from rapid success. There is no Plan B and probably never will be. White nationalism is increasing rapidly but does not exactly = Alt Right.

    • I think it’s probably important to remember that there’s basically 3 subgroups in the alt-right: the normies who do basically nothing for the movement, the goys who run the various sites, and the people who go out in the street. Unfortunately, we seem to constantly have a problem with getting people to transform from normie to street goy.

  6. The Liberal PC forces are still scrambling to silence us. Our team has had to endure several days of nonsensical “anti-harassment” talks by our supervisors this week. What’s amusing: we’re a freaking SKI RESORT, not a big Wall Street corporation. Yet all it took was (likely) some whiny feminist #Metoo-ers to go complain to management about some tiny offhand joke, then all of a sudden our morning safety meetings are being usurped by PC speeches about “not saying the ‘wrong thing'” even in jest, lest we inadvertently offend someone within earshot.

    Oh well…no chance of the Overton Window being nudged to the Right at our resort.

  7. The way you move the window is by defying the taboo. Complain about ‘too much of this PC shit” or tell old standup jokes about “my wife.” Of course there’s a fair chance you’ll be fired and blacklisted, but that’s revolution for you. No war without casualties. I’ll be rooting for you while I drink beer on the couch.

  8. You’re in decline because you have no BRAND AND BRAND IDENTITY. You march, yell, and write. 10 years from now you wo9n’t even be allowed to do that … because while you had the chance you did zero to actually reorganize America. Solution ?



    • I do agree with James that a brand and brand identity is very much needed. The Confederate Party would do me fine but I’m not a normie. You need a brand that even the most feeble minded of them can grasp and then give it the hard sale. Suggestions?

      • 1. Normies and allmies subconsciously don’t respect cowards. If they see us backing off the stars n bars … to appease who (?) we’ve lost them. Stand tall and be proud of our heritage. It’s C.A.I.R. that started the push to remove Confederate, ( and US., ) monuments, etc. Imagine, TOWEL HEADS STARTING A MOVEMENT TO REMOVE US, AND WE SAY “OK … WE’LL CHANGE TO SOMETHING NEW !!!!!”

        2. Reorganizations of entire countries don’t happen over night or turn on a dime so to speak. Slowly methodically REPAIR AND ENHANCE THE “BRAND” AND “BRAND IDENTITY” of The Confederate States as cool … new … elite … and super high quality. Then show all the “ies” 🙂 what the alternative is.

        3. Form a think tank on this and really think it through … hone tweak, polish. Come up with a new, “contract with America ?” It’s 90 % analysis, 10 % doing.

  9. Antifa has always been a fake movement astroturfed by the mainstream media and billionaires like George Soros. They were literally paying people to come to their events. There was never a strong grassroots element to Antifa. Their presence on social media has always been very weak and nearly non existent. Where are the great thinkers and leaders from Antifa? The only youtube videos I know are parodies.

    The Alt-right on the other hand has always been mostly grassroots and that’s why it’s so strong and hard to kill. Most people aren’t in it for money or fame, they are doing this stuff because it’s something they actually believe in. Rather than gain wealth and comfort, they sacrifice it to speak the truth. People aren’t going to just walk away from this. The jews know this and it scares them, that’s why they’ve gone to trying to deplatform and censor those in the alt-right.

  10. Maybe you haven’t noticed all the jews and cryptojews that infiltrated the vaunted ‘Alt Right’.

    With jews you lose.

    I could never be a part of the ‘Alt Right’. I don’t enjoy jews controlling me.

    But ya’ll enjoy.

    • “…Maybe you haven’t noticed all the jews and cryptojews that infiltrated the vaunted ‘Alt Right’.

      With jews you lose…”

      BMan is exactly 100% right but…I’m not so sure that their control of Alt organizations is such a winner as it used to be. In the 60’s and earlier they were the only source of information. Now what they’re doing is the same old tell a little truth then lather on the lies so that people will look at it and say to themselves, “this makes no sense” and block it out. Ignore the whole system the Jews have created. That was the past. Now it’s true that the same tricks will happen but with a simple search people can see many more sides to the story. MOST IMPORTANTLY, any little lies they tell will be shown to be untrue and people can tell others exactly what lies they are telling where and why. There’s error checking so when they tell a little truth about their evil it just CONFIRMS what people see around them. I think it’s backfiring on them. This is why I believe they are pushing for censorship. The old ways are breaking down.

      One thing I do know is that things are getting worse faster and plenty of people know plenty of the evil ways of the Jews. I think we need to concentrate on getting rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can get it but they must go.

  11. We are still at the beginning. We will not lose because truth is on our side.
    Get to work-

    Each one teach one:


  12. James Jackson,”…You’re in decline because you have no BRAND AND BRAND IDENTITY…”

    This is silly. I see a lot of this lately. I commented on another site about this same sort of tactic. Notice all of these are “something we must do”. In this case it’s “we need a brand”. Well we’re “White people” how about that? That’s our brand. In comments elsewhere I saw the, assumed, Hasbara telling us we needed to all be super moral Christens and they went on and on about the fall of the church and Catholics and Orthodox and on and on and on but we don’t HAVE to have that.

    What we need is to get rid of the Jews.

    All this self improvement stuff or dealing with Blacks or dealing with Feminism or dealing with Trannies any of of this stuff can be dealt with, or not, after we GET RID OF THE JEWS. I’m willing to bet any problem you could think up would be easier to deal with if we got rid of the Jews first.

    I used a simple example to show how all this sideways thinking of Whites needing self improvement, brands, etc. is.

    If a dog has fleas he doesn’t need to learn to fetch better or roll over or stop barking so much or whatever. He needs to get rid of the fleas.

    We need to get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can get it but they must go however. All our efforts should be to stubbornly say that the Jews must go no matter what. The only reason we need is they are destroying our country. Now I know this is a little silly idea but concentration on one problem and banging away at it is a surefire way to make something happen. We should focus on figuring out how to get rid of the Jews.

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