Scoop: Andrew Anglin Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About

I’m so tired of this.

I woke up to the news that Andrew Anglin has published an article on his website about an alleged leak of the League of the South’s membership list:


I don’t call people out in the movement. The regular reader knows I don’t do that.

But right here we have an issue that is so extreme, that I don’t have any choice.

The League of the South, an old school pro-white group in the South, was keeping a real names list, and their entire membership just got doxed. Their real names and their addresses. Probably a majority of these people are going to have their lives destroyed, because the leadership of LotS wouldn’t listen to basic fucking reason.

This is absolutely insane, and it is inexcusable.

I have said from the beginning “NO FUCKING LISTS.” People attacked me when I told people to leave groups that keep lists of real names and demand that their names be taken off the lists, and told people that under absolutely no circumstances should they ever join a group that keeps lists.

You have a right to have whatever kind of disagreements you want with me as to how you run your groups, but you don’t have a right to destroy our guys’ lives. And every single group that is keeping a list of real names is going to end up destroying the lives of every member of their group who doesn’t want to be doxed. …”

If I was going to publish an article like this about a group, I would have at least have had the courtesy to reach out to the group to confirm that the allegations were true. My first reaction was to check my email. I have nothing from Anglin who knows my email address.

This is old news. We’re not sure where this list came from, but it started circulating a few months ago. The SPLC and Antifa have had it for a while now. We haven’t been concerned about it or felt the need to publicly comment about it because it isn’t real. It is worth noting that the SPLC hasn’t written anything about it either which is probably because they suspect it is a hoax too.

How do I know it is a hoax? My name isn’t even on this membership list. I’ve been a League of the South member since 2012. I’m one of the most prominent members. If this list was real, my name, address and telephone number would be on it. Surely, Antifa would have called by now.

Andrew should focus on the lawsuit relating to his Neo-Nazi invasion of Whitefish, MT. He should also look into this Weev situation seeing as how he runs the website:

“(JTA) — The mother of a neo-Nazi who co-runs the white supremacist website Daily Stormer and said Jewish children “deserve to die” has Jewish relatives on both sides of his family.

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer’s mother, Alyse, confirmed to Newsweek magazine in an article published Wednesday that her son comes from a “large, mixed race family” with Native American heritage, and that he has Jewish lineage “on both sides of his family.” His Jewish heritage was first reported by Gawker in 2012 when he volunteered the information to a reporter, but this is the first time a family member has confirmed his background.

Auernheimer, who runs the technical side of the Daily Stormer, with its more well-known editor Andrew Anglin, is believed to be in Ukraine, where he has lived since serving jail time in the United States on a computer hacking charge. He has been estranged from his mother for over a decade, she told Newsweek. …”

Weev doesn’t sound like a White guy from Arkansas to me:

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  1. When Weev is doing videos after drinking he sounds more like he is from Arkansas. Not that I would be an authority on southern accents. As for jew/non-jew I suggest starting with the Nuremberg laws. I suspect Weev would pass these. That said, I was disappointed at some of the snipes Weev took at Hunter. Not helpful to anyone.

  2. When I read that story on DS I was skeptical, because I know HW and Dr. Hill are not irresponsible scatterbrains. Anglin’s article had the feel of a hit piece, an excuse to make fun of “old timey” organizations like the LOS. Anglin has apparently also falsely accused the TWP of keeping their membership lists lying around for anyone to look at.

    Anglin is, in my opinion, acting like a punk. But I think if he was confronted by madam and gg he would straighten out in a hurry.

    • Spelunker had this list months ago. Strangely, my name isn’t on it and neither are lots of prominent League members. We dismissed it as some kind of 4chan hoax on Antifa until Anglin plastered this shit all over the internet and said it was real.

      • Relax, Hunter. I’m sure Anglin would clarify this if you guys could get together and have a discussion about it. Also, Weev is not one of (((them))). His mother is a loony lefty who adopts black children and she hates him. And he does talk like he’s from Arkansas but it usually only comes out after he’s been partaking in some John Barleycorn.

  3. Anglin’s post-Charlottesville decision to try and lead the entire movement over the internet and force it into a Paleo-Con mode is counter-productive. And very strange.

        • HR is a shit stirrer who contributes nothing positive.

          Anglin fucked up and should apologise. That’s all.

          • He did. This article was completely unnecessary, because within 24 hours-a period of 24 hours in which I neither read OD or DS, AA was man enough to apologize.

            Why are you guys infighting? It boggles my mind. We are engaged in a race war on our own soil, and all you children, can do is sit and fight like little girls on the playground. Grow up!

          • “HR is a shit stirrer who contributes nothing positive.”

            Yes. Probably Hasbara.

            Waste of space and time, IMNSHO.

  4. I’ve posted something similar at TRS. The Tribe has been studying us for a year or more, looking for sociological fault lines to exploit. They are now applying pressure to what they found. We need to deal with this crap in a way that isn’t destructive to us – and it’s going to be an ongoing issue.

    It’s an adult version of the jew kid on the playground, telling different goy children different things about each other (true or not) to cause fights – for the jew kid to laugh about, or benefit from in some other way.

  5. I think anyone in this movement who is contributing on a daily basis is subject to tunnel vision, a heightened sense of urgency, and burnout. All who write, organize, post videos, etc. would be well-advised to step back and chill on a regular basis, lest they lose perspective.

    Some of what Anglin has written recently tells me he needs a vacation from the stress (and not in Lagos either).

    Much as I’m getting old and it isn’t my generation that will bring in the changes, I can see the need for patience while things play out – once the US dollar collapses, then the game will be on, and, it will collapse, even if China isn’t actively trying to collapse it.

    Does anyone really believe that the directing minds of the world’s largest economies have a clue?

    • Regarding patience: the Jews are losing control of the narrative, a little bit more each day…

      Take a look at Wolfie interviewing Acosta – look at the bewildered, nay, frightened little rat face Blitzer – he thought he was king of the world – now, he’s having nightmares about ovens and lampshades.

  6. Leaving aside the truth of the particular alleged leak:

    Anglin is right about no lists for his type of group – loosely organized and trying to effect cultural change, but…

    he is wrong-ish about membership in organizations that intend to put boots on the ground – you need to know who is really your brother.

    I think that the kind of organization in cells used by underground resistance movements – where there is no central list – is wise, but those in the trenches need to know and trust the man they are beside. And, there will be many, many more Charlottesvilles.

    The world will not change without bloodshed – too many psychopath billionaires will see to that.

  7. In that video, Weev wasn’t wrong. Anglin is being stupid, but I can’t condone any defense of Lauren Southern.

  8. Anglin is a dead end. Trolling had a brief moment of value during the Trump campaign, but it’s not the basis for a movement. Anglin creates a hostile environment for women especially. He’s a loser living off of donations. The majority of his beta-orbiting fans are trash.

  9. We don’t hide and we’re not scared. We need to seriously proliferate our message 100 fold in 2018.

    • Fairheaded blue eyed leftist woman. Doctorate in what looks like electronic surveillance. Reasonably attractive in her youth. Cuts her teeth protesting Bush as an anti-war activist specifically joining over Iraq. Then she shifts to OWS after being disillusioned with Obamas continued wars. Has a shitfit about Trump being elected. [Somehow she directly misses the Jewish hand in all of the foreign policy disasters.] Then she counter protests a small rally of fringe political activists dodges THE car crash of all car crashes and is in possession of a comprehensive list. Agent tier profile.

      How many times did she cross paths with Kessler when he was a leftist agitator? And how many times after?

      • For me, the only real unresolved question is whether or not this creature actually received an authentic un-coded LOTS membership roster. If she did, there’s no question in my mind that she is quite capable of doing the IT work necessary to accomplish what is being suggested in the Wired article.

        OTH, if she along with the deep pocketed SPLC screw up and DOX the wrong people, there’ll be lawyer payola the like of which John Edwards can only dream of.

        • The privatization of official government surveillance activity is the most interesting legal political issue here, for me at least.
          Why are you worried if the fair haired one is going to be sued?

          • I hope she does, but her net worth is very low for collecting a judgement. A successful law suit against her would, however, go a long way to delivering a long deserved major bitch slap to The Global Village of Elon University where she, her husband and a cadre of fellow travelers work. It’s that Grand Cayman SPLC bank account that’s the real Ghetto Lottery Powerball prize.

  10. As a Southerner,I support what you are doing.As an Alt-Righter,I support what Anglin is doing.We have been noticing a huge push to stir up division in the movement starting with Thotgate,just on the DS boards.I am sure it is happening in the wider movement as well.We need to refuse to take the bait,Anglin included,LoS included.

    A positive real-life project would go a long way to quash this nonsense and it should indeed be quashed.

    Keep your eyes open for people trying to stir up controversy.Do not respond to them,shun them,ban them if necessary.

    If this list is a hoax,then Anglin should publish a retraction and apologize.

    If it is not,then you need to find out who the mole is.Quietly.

    We are all brothers.Everyone who is White and pro-White is our friend.

    We can disagree about tactics and strategy without attacking each other.Let’s be gentlemen about this.

    • The fair woman profiled in the article sounds like an analyst who specializes in risk assessment for domestic right wing violence at the moment. Previously she monitored left leftwing wokeness to Jewish involvement in anti-war activity and OWS. The fair headed blue eyed slut policed opinion back then in public forums to make sure anti-war sentiments didn’t blow up into full scale anti-Semitic revivals.

      She will have an electronic footprint traceable to you know where.

    • The Daily Stormer has its approach.

      I don’t care that it has a different message, strategy and tactics. I grew tired of discussing the issue last year given the fact that it was mostly purely abstract. I could say all kinds of things, but it would just stir up unnecessary drama, which is why I haven’t been inclined to do so. I would much rather focus on our own message and what we are doing here on this website.

      Take for example the Weev is a Jew story. I saw that two weeks ago and let it pass without comment. It wasn’t my business and posting it here would have caused drama with another site. I didn’t mount my high horse to attack another group as a guardian of the movement.

      • Frankly, every group outside the South seems degenerate and infiltrated. I don’t trust Anglin, Weev, Spencer nor TRS. Why wasn’t Spencer banned from Twitter? Other people who attended that rally were. That’s one of their criteria.

        • Speaking of Spencer, he has “negotiated” a deal (after a court directive to negotiate) with the admin. to speak on the campus of the Univ. of Michigan. And his cheering section is ecstatic. I’m not sure why, since the speaking date was set on the first day of spring break.

  11. I can understand a personality clash between Hunter and Andre, but this conflict between them is going way beyond a personality clash. We can trust both Hunter and Andre for important news of different types, and for valuable commentary. I myself know nothing about anime, have no liking for K-Pop, detest North Korea, and can not for the life of me understand the appeal of a cartoon frog; but I do know that Andre is very good at rhetoric and at popularising Alt-Right ideas, so he is useful. Both men have much to contribute, and ought logically be allies, working together, each contributing in his own way to the rebirth of Christian civilisation. Should I meet either of them, I would be happy to say hello and to thank him for the work that he has done.

    • I am in agreement with your post…

      but we can’t be in the same movement because I don’t give a rat’s arse about North Korea. That’s a deal breaker for me…you should be drummed out of the movement. 🙂

      Oh, thanks for that deal with winding up the kikes 2,000 years ago. Think you could make an appearance and do it again…only with them bleeding out this time.

  12. How hard would it be for some oligarchs to control the movement with envelopes or even briefcases full of cash? Asking for a friend…

  13. Weev is a Jew, or at least half Jewish. I’m not against all Jews, but they should not be allowed to be in leadership positions for the white cause.
    The Daily Stormer makes fun of Jews, etc, in a way that strengthens Jewish group solidarity/ identity. I dont think most of us realize this. Jews do not fear being caricatured etc, but the one thing they are terrified of is sadly lacking over at the DS- scholarly Holocaust revisionism. This is why the DS is misdirected energy.

    • Dave Marshal: excellent point and the Jew bashing, as well as other ethnicities, at Daily Stormer is so difficult to take seriously. The Holocaust distortions and straight up lies are important to uncover along with 911 and other false flags (orchestrated by Israel/US intelligence) exposure. DS likes to take some obvious False Flags at the face value of MSM words and use them to push their race baiting rants never questioning the actual event.

  14. Andrew looks like a very feminine man with a drug or alcohol habit. Not surprised that he hates women so much. Looking like he does and being a midget, women probably don’t pay him any attention.

  15. I have to admit, I am getting a real good irony laugh from watching the DS boys white knight for a short Jewish man, especially after they cried so much about people white knighting for the trad thots. They got some tendencies, if you catch my meaning.

  16. Just use your real name. Say stuff you mean. Treat the internet as real people and be done with it.

    Lists? Hell, everyone that delivers my mail including uncle sam knows who is LS. I can’t believe the staff at the Killen post office doesn’t keep up with incoming and outgoing mail. Stand up and be a man about it.

  17. One of the best ways to counter this “movement” turning on each other is to do real world activism. Now, obviously not many people want repeats of Charlottesville. But other real world events in different types of places do work well and when people meet face to face it generally leads to people getting to like each other. Internet squabbles suck. I like the ideas of flash mobs – do a meet up, leaders are the only ones who know where the final demo will be – if the demo is under say ten minutes – you don’t need parade permits.

    How about dressing well, showing flags passing out literature to NHL hockey fans going in and out of say Nashville TV, Dallas, or Las Vegas?

    • I don’t recommend dressing in white polo shirts and khaki slacks if you’re going to demonstrate in an area that’s full of antifa goons and their pet darkies, waiting to stomp and stab in you into a bloody mess. Steel helmets, combat boots and fatigues would be more appropriate.

      • @spahnranch1969

        That is the great dilemma, show up non threatening or barbaric. Even showing up in anything looking as a uniform scares many folks. On the other hand, watching political activities in South Africa where the black political parties dress in official shirts look un-nerving as well. I think when representing our side we should just show up in good clean working class clothes.

    • Indeed J.R. And if your group is in a locale with enough White nightlife, I like the projection on sides of buildings tactic used by Antifa whet it wrote “Shithole” on one of Trump’s DC properties. This technique needs refinement.

    • @jack Ryan

      Why don’t we want another Charlottesville??? I am sick of people acting like those events don’t help us. I talked with several people at the Shelbyville rally that joined BECAUSE of Charlottesville. Man up!!!! I lost a good job because of Charlottesville and I am here to tell everybody…….
      COME ON IN THE WATER’S FINE. We had better be willing to lose our jobs today or our children tomorrow.

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